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    When Emily, a girl who suffers from depression, anxiety, and self harm, finds the guy she's been looking for, how could she not get closer? It's a difficult road, though, due to her depression, which keeps her isolated, anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to have contact, and her self harm, which she has to hide...

  • Daddy's Little Girl (Complete book- limited time only)
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    Harrison Kringe loses more than his wife when she suddenly dies after giving birth; he loses his mind. He blames his newborn baby girl for his devastating loss. She will pay the price for his insanity. Taught from birth to know only unimaginable horror, Harrison creates a monster. Can he control his creation, or will...

  • Poetry About Life, Help and Advice
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    Please Read This: This is a collection of poems about my life, my feelings and my emotions as I'm not able to say these things aloud. It could be classed as a little insight into my mind and most of the things said in these poems, are things that I've never said aloud to anyone. Some of these poems could also help oth...

  • Damaged Together
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    Everyone has a past. It's what makes us who we are today, however, Alyssia's past is not a road she likes to travel down. But it haunts her every day. The scars she sees when she looks down at her legs and wrists. The constant insults she hears in her head every time she walks in front of a mirror. She feels alone. Lo...