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  • The Ignorant No More
    83.8K 2.7K 20

    When that PERFECT ending is just the start of a CHALLENGING BEGINNING. The Ignorant Princess Sequel

  • My Gangster Love
    4.4K 75 3

    What if your life is in danger because you're a gangster? They wanted to get your rank, but they can't defeat you, and they decided to kill you so that they can get it. Will you fight back or just hide in a safe place where you will live like a normal person? - - - - - - Story by: TwinYul_48 (sheneverlands;kwonyulie19...

  • Yeah!! She's Back!!
    916 26 2

    Yeah!! She's Back!! ang babaeng mahal ko ..... [koreaneyegirl|c|] ~~

  • Love Between Us --EXOSHIDAE--
    32.7K 973 31

    Join the four goddess in taking their journey to find their true love, but how ? If there are so many problems to encounter ? Will they found it or just keep their love between the boys ? ^^

  • First Snow (ExoShidae Fanfiction)
    24.2K 711 20

    ExoShidae Love Story

  • She's My Ideal Girl [ON HOLD]
    21.2K 582 25

    Will you do everything to be His Ideal Girl? | ©CloudyCharm | 2013

  • Teen Academy (School of Gangsters)
    789K 13K 34

    What if nakabangga ng apat na amazonang babae ang apat na Ex-Gangsters na lalaki?Hahayaan na lang ba nilang matalo silang ng mga 'to?

  • Operation : Be His Girlfriend
    2K 33 4

    A Story Of Humans (Alangan Animals Diba? XD). And Another Humans. 24 Humans To Be Exact A Story Made By @thecuteone173 Thanks for @MissRawr24 for the cover

  • The Arrogant Prince (Kingdom University, #2)
    12.6M 230K 56

    Kingdom University Series #2 || Arogante. Mayabang. Hambog to the fullest. Ang prinsipeng unknown particle ayon kay Jessica Morales. ( completed )

  • He's a Trouble Maker ( ON HIATUS )
    6.4K 565 36

    This story is about Loving a person despite of his personality . A girl who suprisingly inlove with a TroubLe maker guy . A heartless gangster is falling in love with a almost perfectly lady .

  • Kidnapping An Exo Member [REVISING]
    1.2M 28.6K 55

    REVISING WAG MUNANG BASAHIN [ April 5, 2013 - April 5, 2014] So..Dancer + Singer = Performer pwes ako KIDNAPPER! Reminder: this is a fanfic of a kpop artist ^^ but you can read this even tho you're not a kpopper ^^ ^^ and please, BE OPEN MINDED XD

  • [DISCONTINUED] Living Under One Roof (EXOSHIDAE FanFic)
    12.3K 257 5

    21 casualties. Living under one house. Big and beautiful on the outside but scary and creepy on the inside. Will they survive living their life in that hell? ----------------- Keep Calm and GET SCARED. -Arianne

  • Mr. Teeth
    775 19 1

    Ang mga babae daw ay mahilig magbigay ng nickname o kaya naman ng code name. Siya si Yui, ang nagpapatunay ng salaysay na iyon.

  • What THE What? (ExoShidae FanFic)
    183K 4.1K 59

    Anong mangyayare kung ang Mundo mo ay puno ng Problema? Mag-isa lang ba niyang haharapin yun? © BaekFany

  • Need A Girl?
    779 28 6

    Estorya ng mga fafa sa kwentong We Got A Boy~ Dito mo sila mas makikilala at mas mamahalin~ Tingnan naman natin kung paano rin umiikot ang kanilang mga buhay~ Alamin kung ano nga ba ang kanilang mga nararamdaman sa mga bida nating mga babae~ Kung ang We Got A Boy a kwento ng kashungan, eh mas lalo na ito~ Let's find o...

  • SOMEONE LIKE YOU [Editing]
    4K 64 15

    I will always love you...... I will always stay true... there's no one who loves you like I do come to me and I will never leave you till the top of lungs from the bottom of my heart I love you JENICA GAIL MENDOZA -RENZ DANIEL DELOS REYES_

  • Life With The Boys (Hiatus)
    234K 2.9K 108

    WARNING: Not a novel. Contains facts about the members, some made-up jokes and full of brotherly love. DISCLAIMER: This book was written around year 2013 so I am sorry if it contains a lot of childish stuff. There will be lots of emoticons and letter dragging. Please bear with it until I can find time to finally reva...

  • I love you, CRUSH
    687 6 1

    I love you daw, pero crush lang? PEE BEE BEE TEENS? hayaan niyo na, mana sa author -___- | All Rights Reserved 2014 | ©melovechocolates

  • My Lifetime Savior
    1.9K 33 7

    "Akala ko huli na ang lahat. Pero hindi pa pala. Tama nga sila, nothing is never too late, lalo na sa love. After all, love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness." -Leighton T. Date Revised: May 13, 2016 Enjoy Reading!

  • I Will Never Leave You [On-Hold]
    21.9K 1K 25

    Hindi lahat ng bagay ay madaling kunin. May mahirap at may imposibleng kunin. Ang mahirap kunin na bagay ay ang mga bagay na alam mo sa huli eh makakamtan mo din. Basta't may tiyaga at tiwala lang. Samantala ang imposibleng makuha na bagay eh yung mga bagay na alam mong hindi mo makukuha kahit anong hirap pa ang gawi...

  • My Eternal Love (Luyoon Fanfic)
    45.1K 1.2K 19

    Prologue: What happens when Xi Luhan and Im Yoona meets?, they both have a complete different attitude and came from a strict and rich family ; studies at Yonsei University .They both have the same dream of being normal , away from their parents who controls them, and away from their rich world ; especially body...

  • Luhan Is My Classmate /One Shot/
    3.2K 51 1

    When you're bias became your classmate :D

  • Hugs And Kisses, Please? [EXO Sehun FanFic]
    122K 1.8K 28

    FanFic for EXO's Maknae Sehun Oh. :) To all the readers, Sehun and the rest of EXO is not an Idol here. :) I hope you like this story. :D PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE MY STORY. This is Original.

  • Girls' Generation Lyrics
    30.6K 220 39

    Just for fun...

  • The Crime Scene Reenactment(On-hold)
    7.5K 165 8

    An Extraordinary Love Story!!! Nagmahal ka na ba ng taong hindi kayang suklian ang iyong pagmamahal? May nobya na ba siya o asawa at hiniling mo na sana ikaw ang nasa katayuan nito at siyang minamahal ng taong mahal mo? Ito ang kwento na makaka-relate ang kahit sinong nagmamahal: Dahil sa misteryosong pagkamatay ng k...

  • SNSD University
    18.5K 319 14

    This Story is about SNSD going to university featuring Minho of Shinee and Baekhyun of EXO the main cast here is Taeyeon but it wouldn't be a good story without the other help of the other cast.... hope you'll read it...

  • I'm dating my Kpop Idol ❥
    14.1K 346 13

    Are you a KPOPER? Well if yes, this story is right for you! ^___^ Enjoy! *u* Azalea is a big fan of a famous Kpop Star in Seoul, Korea. What if she found out the DEEPEST SECRET of her Idol? Will she spread it? . . . . Or will she keep it as a secret for the sake of her Idol's career?