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    Billie and Faith - As you know the author for this never continued the story so my friend and I decided to make another chapter - it's pretty raunchy ;) I'm not sorry

  • Tom Delonge Fan Fic
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    Some kinky Thomas Delonge for all those who need it. Read away sinners, I'll catch y'all in hell;)❤️

  • 《 7 Minutes In Heaven; Avengers Edition 》
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    Tony decides it would be a great.. "bonding moment" for the Avengers to play 7 Minutes In Heaven. Read the Prologue and pick a character. ×Steve Rogers ×Bucky Barnes ×Sam Wilson ×Tony Stark ×Clint Barton ×Thor Odinson ×Loki Laufeyson

  • Summer Heat (Tetsutetsu x Reader)
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    A friend of mine requested a Tetsutetsu x Reader fic which there seems to be a lack therein of on the Interweb so I wrote one for her! It seems our young Tetsutetsu is developing feels for his close female friend (YOU!) Should be a three-part series.

  • The girl at camp green lake. (A holes fanfiction)
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    Gloria Evans isn't getting what she bargained for when she's sent to camp green lake where she meets the D-tent crew. A little romance breaks the surface as suspicion rises. Why were they sent there? Who are they? What will happen?

  • Won't show it (Spike X Reader- Cowboy Bebop)
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    I just started to watch Cowboy Bebop- so plz give no hate!

  • Perfect (bo burnham fanfiction)
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    "I love you just the way you are, but you don't see you like i do. You shouldn't try so hard to be perfect. Trust me, perfect should try to be you." - Bo Burnham, Egghead

  • Yandere x Reader (1)
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    Hello, Lovies!! My book is about a male Yandere pining after a female. You are a Junior in high school. A recluse who likes to draw and read quietly in the privacy of your room . You live with your older brother but he is barely around and when he is he's preoccupied with the women he brings home. At school, you are b...

  • Dad/Daughter fandom preferences
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    I've been wanting to write a book like this for a while so here it is! The fandoms are: -Supernatural -Marvel -Sherlock -Doctor Who I may be adding more in the future I OWN NOTHING ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE CREATORS OF THESE FANDOMS

  • Gaming Youtuber Imagines
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    I wrote this when I was really young but if you guys wanna check it out, I'd really appreciate it! Hopefully it's not too cringey and you guys like it (: Its mainly going to be people like: Bryce Games, Ohmwrecker, H2O Delirious, Cartoonz, Vanossgaming, and well pretty much the Vanossgaming crew + a couple others. I...

  • Daughter of the Legend: Breaking Fate
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    I've lost everything I have ever had. I'm trapped in another world and its up to me to get back home. With my life turned upside down I'm not sure I'll have the strength but some how I'll get back. I'm coming home. Copyright of TrueSupernatural13 Copyright of Supernatural and Warner Brothers. AN: this book contains an...

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    So you know what an imagine is? Its where you create a scene, preferably romantic n stuff, about you and someone else. It can be anyone, most people use someone from one of their fandoms. This one is for Supernatural and I might do more stories for other fandoms. Enjoy!

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    Imagines and one-shots for the characters of SPN

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    Supernatural Imagines! Yeah, I know another one no big deal, except mine have gifs and add are pack full of feels. Happy and sad. So no big deal I guess... Please feel free to comment ideas or message them to me!

  • Supernatural Imagines and One-shots
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    A series of short stories about the Supernatural characters based on my fangirl dreams and your requests I do not own any characters or plots from Supernatural. Some ideas and characters are mine though. Go check it out! It's an awesome book made by an awesome writer. Highest ranking: #1 under "Supernatural Imagines a...

  • Sam Winchester x reader Imagines
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    Short stories starring you and Sammy , enjoy :) Smut, funny, cute stories

  • Confetti it's a Parade Book 2
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    This is the continuation of my first set of Supernatural imagines. Imagines and one shots for mainly Sam, Dean, and Cas, but will also write for the other characters when ideas hit me. Some are short, some are multiple chapters, and I hope you enjoy them all! Requests, ideas and comments are always welcome! Picture t...

  • Spn Imagines
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    Requests are open! This is a book made up of imagines including the characters of supernatural and, if requested, the reader/you! If you make a request please include what characters you want in the imagine (Ex: Team Free Will and Gabriel), the imagine itself (Ex: Imagine getting caught checking out Dean's ass), and...

  • Team Free Will » spn imagines
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    Supernatural Imagines & Preferences I do not own any of the characters from Supernatural, only my plots and OC's. All of the writing in this book is my own unless otherwise specified. *COMPLETED*

  • A Steady Blade
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    [Reader/Overwatch] The matter of life and death depends on them. The girl, who is mattered between clan to clan. What makes her so special? With no recollection of her parent's reason death. They never got to tell her who she really was. What she really is. . . Throughout her journey, she learns of her true purpose t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Youtuber One-Shots
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    One-shots of Youtubers. If you have any Youtubers I should write about, please tell me. *I do not own Youtubers/YouTube, pictures, or any other types of media

  • My Roman Girl 《Bazza Gazza》
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    "Wait, wtf, was that latin?!" Bazza's single, has been for a while now, been waiting to meet someone special. He never knew she'd be the right hand man of Roadhog.

  • Confetti It's A PARADE! Of Supernatural Imagines.
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    This book contains different Supernatural stories featuring mainly Sam and Dean but also different characters/actors from the series. Anything and everything I can think of to write. Hope you enjoy, and I will always welcome comments or suggestions!! P.S. Cover photo taken by me at VegasCon 2015 :)

  • Supernatural Imagines for The Soul
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    Hello. I was feeling bored and I have like the biggest infactuation with the men of Supernatural so I decided to write some imagines of my own. It will always be in second person and feel free to send in requests.

  • SupernaturalxReader: Imagines
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    SPNxReader Oneshots/Imagines, Requests are open, Updates every Saturday/Sunday. Enjoy 40+ chapters of fanfiction written by yours truly, vote, comment, and enjoy the ride! {highest ranking: #951 in Fanfiction}

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    Just some Supernatural imagines. I do not own anything! They get better as you read I promise! Please feel free to comment and share and like and enjoy to your hearts content! I don't post very much anymore, my life has taken a different turn, but I do hope to try again soon! (UPDATED 11/24/20)

  • {Supernatural Imagines} /REQUESTS CLOSED\
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    Comment a Request for an Imagine of your choice and I will publish it with your name on it!! Shoutout includes... •A Follow (if I'm not following you already) •Your Own Imagine •I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS•

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    (completed) just some random supernatural imagines and preferences that I decided to write. (the first few imagines are really crappy but I swear they get better) {characters are not mine}

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    I will be writing any kind of imagines. I will write for any character. You can be a: Angel Demon Human Hunter Any Supernatural Being Note that I'm probably only going to write about Sam, Dean, and Cas unless the others are requested. Also, a lot of these are freaking cheesy romance imagines, so if you don't like th...

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