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  • Trump: The (NOT) Musical
    1.5K 120 3

    It has been two years since Obama: The Musical has been created. As a tribute, I bestow upon you, Trump: The Musical. Also known as, the sequel that shouldn't have happened.

  • Building Our Love (Donald Trump x Bob The Builder)
    54.7K 1.9K 4

    In another dimension where Donald Trump is elected president, it comes time to build a wall. The wall, the wall that will save this country. And only the best can build this glorious wall, Bob The Builder. Donald falls in love with the wall, and soon with Bob. But how will this forbidden love work out?

  • Speechless [bxb]
    2.1K 124 4

    "you don't talk much, do you?" in which a mute boy meets his polar opposite and learns that a high gpa isn't everything he needs in life. » ongoing