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  • SwanQueen Shopping
    1.2K 65 1

    Emma and Regina are very competitive. And what better way to show this competitive side... while grocery shopping? Some silly SwanQueen oneshot. Enjoy!

  • Saviors Need Saving Too
    7.8K 268 7

    Emma starts having flashbacks of her past. Regina finds the blonde suffering through her past and she soon realizes that she is in love with the blonde. Things are discovered and Emma is faced with doubts and fears as one tragedy occurs after the other. Will someone be her Savior? Will Regina stay with Emma even thoug...

  • Loving Evil's Queen
    16.8K 686 9

    Swan Queen fanfic!!!

  • Mrs & Mrs Swan-Mills
    52.4K 1.4K 17

    Emma and Regina are in love. But in like every relationship there are obstacles Read this and find out how they overcome them. SWANQUEEN fanfiction.

  • One-shots
    3.1K 128 3

    A serious of multiple one-shots relating to SwanQueen ship. Depending on how each one-shot revives fav. I'll turn them in to actual full length stories. Just let me know.

  • Remember Me
    52.4K 2K 17

  • All About Us
    2K 60 6

    Seamus-Quinn/Robin Hood and Belle. And some SwanQueen love.

  • Making a House a Home
    773 32 1

  • Drunken Kiss
    21.4K 974 13

    It started with a drunk kiss, that led into drunk fucking. But now with their new development in their relationship, Emma and Regina need to protect StoryBrooke from the crazy evils that are lurking in the dark. Not to mention from their own relationship. This is a crack fic, meaning I don't take anything that I write...

  • Wait for Me
    971 14 1

    The Wicked Witch only seemed defeated, but instead has only just begun. Can Emma save the town and find her true love? The answers always come from the past. (Swan Queen fanfic)

  • A Forbidden Love Affair
    48.7K 1.4K 21

    This is my first time writing...I think...ever. Please be kind. This is a SwanQueen fanfic. It's the story of how Regina and Emma fell in love with some twists along the way.

  • Outlaw vs Saviour
    29.3K 1.1K 20

    When Marian comes back Regina is worried that Robin might leave her. Emma might have ruined her only chance of trying to win Regina over. As Robin and Emma realize that they are both fighting for Regina, they will stop at nothing to try and win her over. Which one will succeed? Find out now.

  • Aoife (Once Upon A Time FanFic)
    2.2K 50 3

    (SPOILERS FOR 02x16) After the Events of 'The Millers Wife' and Cora's death, Regina feels as though she has nothing left, no parents, no love and no Henry, so out of a desperate act for some happiness she crosses the town line, looses her magic and gains a new Curse identity. But when Emma goes under a sleeping curs...

  • Senior Year
    420 17 1

    Senior year was suppose to be the best year of my life. I was suppose to go to football games and prom. Go to parties and have fun. Start looking at colleges and get ready to start my life but instead my life turned upside down.

  • Bring on the Rain (Emma/Regina)
    3.9K 93 4

    The tension between them finally became too much. It was a night neither would ever forget.

  • Silently Dreaming
    1.2K 47 2

    After the curse is broken Regina is violently attacked. The whole town wants revenge on Regina. Emma saves her and loves her. A lot. SWAN QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This story can also be found at

  • My Feather of Hope
    713 34 2

    For Lana Parrilla. For showing me that there is still good in evil and that during my darkest hour, something so bright could still shine.

  • I was the HighSchool Bully
    29.7K 1.2K 22

    16 year old Regina Mills returns to StoryBrooke and by thus StoryBrooke High a place were she terrorize almost everyone. Especially her crush, Emma Nolan. Swen-Swanqueen HighSchool AU No Magic or Curse

  • SwanQueen: An Enchanted Love Story
    6.2K 181 7

    This is a FanFiction of SwanQueen story. I've read many different versions, so, I thought of putting of own story together! Hope you enjoy!

  • Dreamland
    542 28 3

  • It's Complicated
    4K 175 6

    SwanQueen AU where Henry's mothers are constantly being bombarded by their meddling parents. All told from Henry's POV.

  • SwanQueen
    33.7K 1.1K 16

  • The Power of Weakness
    1.6K 35 3

  • Stay The Night (swanqueen)
    45.1K 1.3K 14

    Imagine if Emma and Regina bonded as soon as they met which followed by a trail of events which made their bond stronger and some sex scenes

  • A Castle on The Edge of The Hill
    829 20 1

    In the aftermath of the curse that destroyed Storybrooke and turned all of the fairy tale characters back into nothing more than bedtime stories, the characters return to find things much darker than before they left. In the meantime, native New Yorker, Emma Swan is content to dream of far off worlds, with beautiful q...

  • MAGIC INCIDENT (GxG)(Emma x Regina)(ONCE UPON A TIME)(GirlxGirl)(Lesbian Story)
    125K 2.3K 46

    True Love is the most powerful magic of all. It can even add a body part to fill the void in Emma and Regina's marriage. WARNING: Swan Queen sexy times with a male body part until chapter 19. -Mechanicsofheart1