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  • Love is Blind: Shin ah x Reader
    10.5K 291 4

    Darkness that's all you see and know, everything's dark. Ever since you're tribe had been attacked everything became dark. You were adopted and raised but then separated in the darkness. Overwhelming Loneliness that's what you felt, until you met a young princess and her subordinates. One of them catches your interest...

  • Believe X Believe [Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V ]
    5.9K 151 5

    [Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V] [Various X Reader] Happiness and Smiles. The key to dueling. Being an Entertainer like yourself was what you did during your duels. Meeting Sakaki Yusho was your first step in becoming the person you are now, dragging you away from your dark past and into the world of Smiles. However, stopping the In...

  • Yugioh x reader
    65.5K 1.9K 80

    This book contains lots of yugioh x reader from all series!!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V x Reader
    23.1K 427 10


    Completed   Mature
  • Yu Gi Oh! One Shots
    63.3K 1.2K 47

    Request is closed for now because of the ton of requests. Yugioh, Yugioh Gx, Yugioh 5D, Yugioh Zexal, Yugioh Arc V.

  • Yugioh Zexal - The Teenaged Agent (Yu-Gi-Oh Watty Awards 2017)
    3.2K 103 7

    N has no memories of her childhood or who she is, all she remembers is the letter N, her unique set of skills and dueling. Now at the age of 17, she's in Heartland city, serving Mr. Heartland himself as a secret agent and a number hunter. Because she has no memories she is easily manipulated, so Heartland uses that to...

  • Yugioh x Reader (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED)
    316K 4.9K 36

    Just a collection of one shots with various male Yugioh characters. Includes characters from all generations (Minus Sevens but that may change in the future).

  • Yugioh Gx special season 3
    43K 792 51

    A sequel to Yugioh gx season 2. Tara and Jaden had finally saved the earth from the light of destruction and is back to start the third year at the academy. However when Sheppard invites a strange teacher to the school, everything changes. The twins is going to face more danger and problems like ever before, which lea...

  • Halloween special Yugioh special.
    1.1K 21 3

    Yuma and the Zexal team is on the way to a halloween party thinking they just shall have fun and enjoy themselves. well apparently that is not the case. Fun as well as interesting. or so I hope! I do not own anything from the series of Yugioh. It belongs to it's rightful owner "Naoyuki kageyama" and are not...

  • Yugioh One Shots
    3.7K 81 8

    a book of one shots... Need I say more

  • YuGiOh gx special season 2.
    36.9K 579 33

    A sequel too yugioh gx special. Tara and Jaden Yuki, the twins are back at duel academy to start their second year. However a new evil arises. The light of destruction alias the society of light! They are trying to infiltrate the world and duel academy. Can Jaden and Tara stop them? There is surprising events, love pr...

  • Yu Gi Oh Zexal One Shots ( REQUESTS OPEN! )
    39.4K 707 15

    Hey guys just message me which Yu Gi Oh Zexal boy you want a one shot with and tell me what you want the one shot about like, Kite X Shy!Reader Shark X Tsundere Reader These are examples so messages me and i will get right to it!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal/Arc-V One Shots [DISCONTINUED]
    104K 3.1K 68

    !THIS BOOK HAS ENDED! "It's time to duel!" One Shots with your beloved duelist!❀ From Imagines to simple One Shots I don't own any characters, only the story ideas. [Old username: hailwanda]

  • Smile! [YuyaXReader]
    1.6K 65 3

    Yuya loved to duel to make people smile. You always admired his skill and always cheered him on with the rest of the gang. But the main purpose why Yuya liked to make people smile was to see your smile more often. [Important note! Reader might be slightly yandere at times too!]

    57.3K 651 25

    Yo Guys!~ Right I had to make a book two from the previous one because I lost my wattpa password and I fogot it (Baka!) how ever the requests I got from the last book I am writing them all and putting them in this book!

  • Book 1. Changes for good or worse?! A Yugioh Zexal story.
    34.2K 701 38

    It's about a homeless girl who get's her life changed dramatically, when she meets Yuma and the gang! She is gonna have adventures, surprises, and even friends and family? and maybe there is a special someone waiting for her? at the end of the line! Oc x shark. Follows most of Zexal 1 with changes. Other Pairings ment...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V x Reader (ONE SHOTS) (ENDED)
    64.9K 889 22

    Reader can be male or female! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Completed   Mature
  • YuGiOh gx special.
    56.9K 866 26

    What would the series Yugioh gx be like, if Jaden Yuki was having a Twin sister. we gonna follow most of her story. There will be adventure, duels and romance with a special someone. but do that guy love her back? wait and see. Zane x oc, I do not own Yugioh gx or the characters! The only thing I own is my own Charact...

  • His Smile YuyaxReader
    4.7K 195 7

    (Y/N) = your name (F/N) = first name (L/N) = last name (H/C) = hair color (H/L) = hair length (F/C) = favorite color (S/T) = skin tone That's all you need to need to know to read this book Please don't write any rude comments, this is my first X Reader!

  • Magic of a Smile [Egao no Maho] Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V
    2.2K 96 23

    There were two Entertainers. One who duels for smiles, and the other dueling for freedom. Both with a similar mindset, but each with different purpose. They are the unbreakable Entertainment Duo- Sakaki Yuya, Entertainment Duelist, and Kichiro Nozomi, Magician of Freedom. Basically following the adventures of Yuya and...