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  • The Coronation 2020 [Open]
    49.9K 5.4K 66

    OPEN Come and participate !!

  • The Ballad of Captain Irene
    269 52 15

    ❝Long live the sea❞ | |Unedited | | Part of the Wordplay Compilation || Irene's life has been hard. To escape the instability of her life, she proposes a mutually beneficial marriage to her mentor, a shipwright. At first, it seems to be alright, but when the lines of employment and marriage begin...

  • Defective Perfection
    176 38 5

    Kaona is Alpha-1: the top Enhancie. No one can even touch her. She has a lust for blood and breaking bones and is unmatched in combat. Until, nightmares start plaguing her sleep. Familiar, yet new, emotions start haunting her days. She can't tell anyone, not even her Beta trainee Xander, or she could be shut down and...

  • The Art of Her
    48.3K 2.7K 39

    {COMPLETE} I have every intention of sleep. Fatigue slowly engulfs me, yet, as I close my eyes, all I can see is the man from the bar. Liam. I see his dark eyes stare into mine. I imagine his lips parted slightly as he leans into me, his rough hands exploring the curvature of my body, mine roaming over the dark images...

    Completed   Mature
  • Persephone's Steps
    296 36 13

    "I would have been fed to the stars. Churned by the cosmic waves and forgotten in the stardust. Maybe that would have been better..." Kora awakes to a startling realization. She's dead. And not quite heaven bound to bask in the glow of angels; a pact made and forgotten long ago has come back to haunt her. Tangled in...