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  • Insanity • lrh
    234K 9.1K 32

    "Hey Mackenzie?" Luke calls from the door. "Yeah?" "When you were on the phone with Michael, did you tell him to come in and find us?" "No, why?" Luke is silent for a moment, and when he speaks again, his voice is cold and full of fear. "Then um.." He stops, and I look up at him in confusion. He's staring down into th...

  • locker notes - luke hemmings au
    562K 18.3K 55

    Luke Hemmings is dared to leave a note in a girl's locker, claiming that he is her "secret admirer." He isn't supposed to fall in love, but love can conquer anything sometimes.

  • group chat + 5sos
    33.3K 1.2K 23

    mae jacobs: who the fuck are u guys ???

  • Reckless [Dean Winchester]
    1.3M 36.2K 55

    **Set in Season 8** "You a cop?" "You probably wish I was." ________________________ He knew it was a bad idea to let her in, but he did it anyway. She knew it was a bad idea to stick around, yet she stayed. Both of them are a lot of things: damaged, survivors, flawed, warriors, guardians, selfless. But the...

  • Run (Punk Luke Hemmings)
    9.6M 273K 79

    Allison Montgomery wasn't your average teenage girl. She liked punk rock bands and dressed in all black almost all the time. She already had a hard time fitting in at her school in Cleveland, Ohio, so she figured she would have an even harder time fitting in at her new school in Sydney, Australia. When she meets Luke...

  • :DAN | danxreader
    548K 20.6K 147

    How a single signature changed a life. *SEQUEL OUT NOW* DISCLAIMER: When I wrote this both Dan and Phil weren't out! 🏳️‍🌈

  • Wake me up. Dan X reader
    301K 9.6K 57

    You're just a nerdy teenage girl running from your family, hoping you can make it in the real world. Well the internet is real. The people behind the screens that you look up too are all real and they're closer to you than you think...

  • The Gay God (boyxboy)
    386K 11.5K 26

    (Cover by @Sandy_Phantomhive ) Lance may be the gayest boy in the world. He is the Gay God. He tries his damnest but, the only one he really wants is Spencer ....But Spencer may be the straightest guy in the world which isn't getting Lance anywhere. He flirts, he teases, he charms but, nothing can make Spencer sway f...

  • ♦Host Club Pictures♦
    4.3K 478 44

    ♦A random book of pictures and photos of the Host Club and stuff and things put together by, moi~! Remember! I said random! ♦

  • When You See It
    96.4K 3.8K 36

    Dun dun dun

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask or dare Kyoya
    1.7K 56 10

    Ask or dare me

  • Lost causes - Dan Howell x reader
    52.6K 2.3K 25

    Your parents have just died in a tragic car crash and you are immediately sent to an orphanage but you meet someone special.

  • The Day That Changed Everything | Male! Youtubers X Female! Reader **On HOLD*
    1.5K 29 7

    This is like my last X reader story(The Leader of the Pack). You are the most subcribed youtuber in the planet. 100,000,000 million subs. Is'n that insane? Youtubers: (Most are british) Zoella PointlessBlog Jim Chapman Tanya Burr Niomi Smart Marcus Butler Tyler Oakley PsychoSoprano Cameron Dallas(maybe the rest of OLD...

  • The Sugg's Sister.
    686 30 6

    Grace Sugg has never liked the internet or devices. It almost took her a month to figure out and remember how to turn her iPhone off. When her sister, Zoë starts her own blog Grace forces her to never tell anyone online about her. When her youtube started off Grace remained silent. Then when brother, Joe started one t...

  • There - Joe Sugg( FanFic) BOYXBOY
    917 12 32

    You move in with your dad in a remote part of England. After everything that happened in Reading you could no longer cope. You had a boyfriend Joe however he had a girlfriend; to keep his dad from finding out that he was actually gay with you! You had always kept it quite and promised him you always would. After his d...

  • my youtube boyfriend | dan howell x reader | [✔]
    198K 5.9K 50

    (y/n) is a regular twenty one year old girl with a great mom and dad and sixteen-year-old brother, austin. moving to london was a dream to her but meeting dan and phil was too. along with big brother, dallas, by her side, her best friends, and neighbors, THE danisnotonfire and amazingphil, it's gonna be quite an adven...

  • Youtube Sleepover (Youtubers X Reader)
    33.4K 545 7

    You where invited to a sleepover! A youtuber sleepover. You play many games and have fun ;) Stuff happens and it gets crazy. The reason you where invited was because everyone wanted to celebrate you reaching 1 million Subscribers! Youtubers inclued: Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe), Zoe Sugg, Dan Howell (Danisnoton...

  • The Ghost Files
    6.6M 151K 33

    Cherry blossom lipstick: check Smokey eyes: check Skinny jeans: check Dead kid in the mirror: check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway, this is her normal everyday routine. She's been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old. No way does she want anyone to know she ca...

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    50.5M 1.6M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • Anxiety Attack
    23.1M 864K 58

    In which a girl can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing

  • lights out » d.h [INACTIVE; INCOMPLETE.]
    153K 7.6K 35

    "Are you the devil?" "If you aren't a monster, then what are you? What can possibly be worse?" "A mad man." A Dan Howell fanfic. Warning Triggers: explicit language, sexual content, mental institutions, mental illnesses, drug use, gore. Mature content, some might find offensive. - Enjoy. ~ (Amazing cover by cliquot o...

  • Love Lasts Forever. Right?
    3K 126 13

    A Dan x Reader story. Dan faces something far worse than an existential crisis.... He faces love.

  • The day we met- Dan Howell x Reader
    26.8K 809 10

    A 23 year old and a 19 year old age just doest matter in my opinion you live in London moving across the hall from you favourite youtuber... and he likes you but you don't know.

  • Dan Howell x Reader
    95.5K 1.9K 20

    When the new boy moves to your High school he seems like a jerk but his life behind the label is more intriguing than you would think.

  • Howell's Got Me Hooked (Danisnotonfire x Reader)
    33K 568 4

    You are the cousin of the widely popular YouTuber named Zoella. One day, Zoella wishes you to meet up with her and her YouTube friends. Will you find new friendship...or maybe even love? Find out by reading here!

  • Promise •Dan Howell X reader•
    46.2K 1.3K 23

    This is the story of (y/n) a depressed girl suffering from suicidal thoughts,anxiety and depression, & one day accidentally falls in love with her hero. (Warning this story may have adult content and self harm if easily triggered do not read. )