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  • Volcanic || Emmett Cullen [1]
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    "You were too late. She fell in love with someone else. Funny thing is, you were not even an 'almost' to her. You were just the right amount of heartache she needed to learn that she deserved someone better." (Eclipse) (Book 1) (Violet Uley Intro) COMPLETED T W I L I G H T S A G A (OC X EMMETT CULLEN)

  • The majors swan 1 (Jasper love story)
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    Elena swan is the little twin sister to Bella swan there parents divorced when they were both 10 and their mom got remarried to a baseball player named phil. What happens when the girls move back in with their dad and they meet the Cullen's? When Elena becomes friends with almost all of them? When Elena gets feeling f...

  • The other swan sister
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    What if the famous Bella swan had a older sister? This is a story about two sisters that move to forks Washington and their life start to change forever. Well it be good or bad......

  • The other Gilbert 1
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    Victoria is the twin sister to Elena The twins are very very close they can feel what the other can feel and they have a little secret they can talk to each other in their heads but no one has ever found out what happens when the Salvatore brothers come to town? Stefan falls for elena and becomes Victoria's best frien...

  • Transmute | Emmett Cullen
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    Olivia was born into the world knowing it's dark secrets. The dark secrets of the fact that there weren't just humans occupying the Earth. It was vampires, shifters, and werewolves, too. Creatures that were thought to be just myth were real, and Olivia was one of them, too. One of the secrets that were supposed to kep...

  • Princess ♠ Emmett Cullen
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    ❝They say fairy tales are true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us the dragons can be beaten.❞ ❝And who is the dragon in this particular scenario?❞ ❝I'm still figuring this one out.❞ ♠♠ Twilight fanfic, I OWN NOTHING BUT ALMA

  • The adopted swan 1 [jasper love story]
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    Caroline swan was adopted by Charlie and Rene when she was young when Rene and Charlie got divorced she stayed with Charlie instead of going with Rene and Bella when Bella moves back to forks to live with Caroline and her dad a lot of things happen Jasper and Rosalie tell Caroline their vampires,she is the mate to Jas...

  • OUAT Watches Disney
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    This is the thing that I've been told you didn't know that you wanted until you read it. The title is rather straightforward, you're getting what you think you're getting; Once Upon a Time characters reacting to the Disney movies that were made about them. Have you ever wondered how Snow would react to see herself sin...

  • OUAT texting
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    OUAT characters texting

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    You have seen you're favourite fairytale characters in the real world, but you haven't yet seen them in the online word..

  • Ouat texts
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    Texts between the Once cast! Cover by:abbyscomp

  • OUAT Texts
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    Just a little book with texts from OUAT characters. I hope you enjoy and they make you laugh!

  • Once on Instagram II
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    What if...I fought the system and Once on Instagram had more than 200 parts..? THIS IS PART TWO FOR A REASON! PLEASE READ PART ONE FIRST TO AVOID MASS CONFUSION! [PART THREE IS UP] Highest Rank: #323 in #fanfiction

  • The Once Upon A Time Characters Texting
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    Belle: Hey readers! This is an AMAZING book filled with our AMAZING texts. Emma: Yeah we are defiantly AMAZING!! Gold: Oh plz girlfriends let's not get narcissistic... I'm the best here! Charming: And I wonder how we've been able to save the world so much... Regina: ^^^^ Henry: Just read this awesome book where yo...

    113K 3.2K 66

    [BOOK ONE] Tahlia Kennedy's life was finally heading in the right direction until she moved to Storybrooke. It was a shock to learn about her families past and the gift she possessed. But what shocked her the most was that the boy she once dreamed of was real and looking for blood. With the help of her childhood best...

  • Always - Killian Jones {1}
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    The One That Should Have Died Series - First Book: In the Enchanted Forest, her name was Katherine Pierce. She's the Evil Queen's daughter, but she didn't knew. She's a good and kind person and she even meet the love of her life, Killian Jones. After the curse came, her name was Elena Swan. She was orphan and she was...

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    What if Harry wasn't the only one. JK Rowling said that Lily was pregnant during her death, well what if her baby was actually born on 30th October 1981 and sent off to Dumbledore. THIS STORY IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN IN ANOTHER BOOK ON MY ACCOUNT PLEASE READ THAT ONE

  • One directions body guard..?
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    My dad was a secret agent, my mom was off to kill him. My moms mission to kill my dad.. Took an epic turn once they fell in love. 4 years passed, my mom and dad pulled of my dad's fake death so the agency my mom works for didn't find out. After 2 years of them being together, I came along. I was only 13 when my paren...

  • Life As One Direction's Bodyguard
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    When Darcy Cambridge stirs up trouble with some of her father’s enemies, he decides to punish her by forcing her to be a bodyguard for a boy band. Not only does she have to watch over these boys, but she also has to protect them with her life. Who are these boys? Well, they are just five pop sensations named Harry Sty...

  • Hidden From Love
    72.6K 2.2K 10

    The Cullen's have been hiding Bella from her true mate, Demetri. But how can you hide her form the worlds best tracker? Will the secret be uncovered? Edward is not with Bella. AND NEVER WILL BE!

  • Rosalie and Emmett's daughter
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    what if Bella had two daughters? Caroline Cullen is the unwanted twin sister of renesmee Carlie Cullen. Rosalie and Emmett adopt her and slowly without even knowing it she wins over Edward and Bella

  • Destined Diamond ( Renesmees Twin ) #Wattys2015
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    First off, pretty aggrivated with Wattpad! Read Introduction for the summary, I had it down, but it deleted! also, as you read, please make sure that you look at the chapter numbers! Thanks! ©Belongs to me, so please don't copy down, and let me know if someone has copied my idea! thank you all! Cover credit; @Bad_Appl...

  • Renesme's Forgotten twin sister
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    I'm not going to love them when they don't love me! sorry but it's not happening. they left me when I needed them I'm leaving them now.

  • Damon's Little Angel
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    THIS FIC IS BASED ON THE BOOKS, IT USES NAMES AND CHARATCERS FROM THE BOOK (IAN IS A GOOD FIT FOR BOOK DAMON WHICH IS WHY HE'S DAMON'S FACE CLAIM) Something powerful has fallen from the sky, and has captured Damon's heart with her big baby blue eyes, tiny fangs and Midnight black wings. How will Damon and Bonnie Cope...

  • The Minister's Princess
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    People said I was ugly, pathetic, a piece of shit, useless, a bitch, a slut and many many more that hurts. Little did they know I would be the youngest Auror in history. I am Claire Bonds and this is my hogwarts story

  • 𝕀𝕟𝕟𝕠𝕔𝕖𝕟𝕥 ⇾ Harry Potter
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    ʙᴏᴏᴋ ᴏɴᴇ "You are not weak. You don't realise it yet Miss Weasley, but you are going to be a phenomenal witch." "I don't see how, Professor Dumbledore." "You're still growing, every day is a new step into shaping your future. That goes for every one of my students. Myself and many of the other professors can see your...

  • Catastrophe~Harry Potter
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    catastrophe kəˈtastrəfi/ noun 1. an event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering; a disaster. Life is unfair. Of course it is. I actually would have considered it a miracle if it wasn't. "Catastrophe" in which a girl is suddenly pushed into a life of tragedy and havoc, and she is bound to accept it for...

  • The beauty of the Rose (Elena love story)
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    Rosalie hale is Katherine best friend but she is a different vampire she is faster,stronger,way more beautiful than any other vampire but she is a animal drinker that makes her as strong as she would be drinking a human. What happens when she comes to town with Katherine and meets the doppelgänger and the Salvatore br...

  • Desire » Elena Gilbert (ON HOLD)
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    ❝Wherever there is desire, there is a flame. And wherever there is a flame, someone is bound to get burned.❞ _____ [s e a s o n 1 - ?] [under construction] [on hold] [read at your own risk - yes, it's that bad]

  • Human || Katherine Pierce & Caroline Forbes
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    Alivia Donavan is a regular human, just like how everyone used to be in Mystic Falls. In fact, besides Matt Donovan she's the only human that's still alive after everything that'd happened. Being the only other Donovan meant her reputation was based on her brothers; sweet, kind, gentle, strong. All of which she was e...