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  • Master And Servant
    532 43 5

    Au: Merlin is in need of money and the only enticing job is to be a Manservant in the Pendragon Manor. The legend about Master Pendragon is that he is a very cold, sadistic Vampire who hates magic after a sorcerer turned him into this beast.. Merlin is a warlock. As their relationship advances, they meet new enemies...

  • Home
    110 5 24

    When her parents go missing while on a exploration mission to the newly discovered planet Enov, Jam is determined to stop at nothing to find them. Joined with a family friend they explore the galaxy searching for them and get caught up with a alien war they previously knew nothing about. (Cover is drawn by me) Note: M...

  • Forever Lit
    24.3K 1K 11

    I had to save my brother. Now, I obey The Beast. Forever carrying the dark lantern. The people of The Unknown now fear me. All of my friends. No longer help me. I need help. I need someone to help me break this curse. Before I turn into The Beast. *Over The Garden Wall belongs to Patrick McHale*

  • Klance :: Not So Different
    201K 9.7K 42

    Lol, first Klance! Hope you all enjoy! Keith has been haunted since he fought with the Druid. His hand... It just healed... That wasn't a normal thing. Then Zarkon... The emperor told Keith he fought similar to his Galran soldiers. That had honestly scared him. So when the paladins are reunited after being spread thro...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unexpected Journey
    74.9K 3.7K 25

    Keith is Galran,who never expected to be a part of a heroic team. (I am planning to have Klance in it,so if klance is your OTP then this is the right book for you! Enjoy)

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Ask, I'll Never Tell
    515K 27.2K 46

    Keith is a bit off his game and the other Paladins are taking notice. Even Lance is growing concerned at his teammate's behavior.

  • The Big Four
    434K 4.4K 128

    (STILL EDITING) After a long long time, the darkness has been risen by Pitch Black, the Boogeyman and the leader of darkness who came and brought terror and horror to the people in the world. The beliefs of the people staryed to fade and their dreams are slowly crushed. Because of that the Guardians will vanish. The...

  • The Blind Bird [FINISHED]
    190K 9.5K 51

    Dick Grayson, Ward of batman, is what the young justice describe: strong and cunning. He may crack jokes and have a bad child hood, but he has always been strong. When a mission goes wrong, the team gets beat and Robin gets kidnapped by Deathstroke. When the team awakens by the justice league, no one knows what ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Phantom Justice
    10.5K 461 4

    He didn't know what to do. People were just surrounding his body trying to get him to breath. Off to the side was his brother screaming his name. 'You will always be our weapon.' Always a weapon huh? I maybe be powerful, but I belong to no one.

  • Joker's Little Boy
    41.7K 1.7K 8

    In this crossover it will be about Danny and how he deals with his sanity. His family and friend's are killed in the Nasty Burger explosion. Leaving Danny in a horrible and unstable state. Since he is now considered an orphan he would have to live with his mom and dads long time friend Vlad Masters. Even though Danny...

  • Secrets Never Stay Hidden
    49.3K 1.8K 12

    Sometimes, having a secret is hard, but if your in Danny's shoes, it's torture! After a stranger tells the news that Phantom is only half ghost, the race is on for Danny and his friends. Who will fine the answer to the town's question? How will they escape? And who is the Stranger and how did he know the biggest secre...

  • Running to the Enemy's Arms
    66K 2K 24

    He can't trust his friends. His parents are officially ghost Nazis. His life has pretty much fallen to pieces within the last twelve hours. However there is one person who might be able to help -- if Danny would only let him. Disclaimer(s) by MerciLani: There are three disclaimers here. First one is that I, in no way...

  • Choices
    148 12 1

    What happens when Danny is too dangerous and has to be put down? Clockwork has a big job ahead of him if he wants to do the right thing. What's this about alternate timelines?

  • Ghostly Justice
    116K 1.9K 12

    Daniel Fenton felt like he died along with his friends and family during the explosion. His spirit and wellbeing was crushed the minute the bomb exploded, leaving him alone with a thermos. Afraid for his future, Danny packed whatever he could and ran during the night. He's afraid of what will happen when Vlad Masters...

  • Choices: Alternate Ending For Take Back the Falls
    683 56 1

    Dipper Pines was going to make sure that the demonic Bill Cipher was defeated and never came back. Dipper wouldn't let the triangle win, not after what Bill did to his family. Or, more specifically, his sister. But more sacrifices are made in an attempt to stop Cipher, and it's time to see which Pines survive. ~~~~~~~...

  • Into the Falls (Gravity Falls & Danny Phantom) [[ON HIATUS]]
    1.7K 94 4

    In Cipher's game, he needs a pawn. Be sure to know which side you're on. ~~~~~~~~~~ After destroying the Reality Gauntlet, Danny Fenton is ready for an easy, relaxing summer. Now he's going on a roadtrip, and that won't be so stressful, will it? Unfortunately for Danny, he's a half-ghost that always seems to attract a...

  • Phantoms shall fall
    25.5K 1.3K 13

    In a peculiar twist of fate, 17 year old Daniel Fenton is whirled away to Gravity Falls on a family holiday to visit his mothers' estranged brother. The twins, now both 16, have decided to spend another summer at the Mystery Shack, and plan to tackle even more of the creature inhabiting the woods. What shall happen...