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  • Wanted a Bad Boy, but got an Asshole - 13 Reasons Why Spinoff
    107K 1.4K 80

    Gabrielle Parker recently moves back into town after leaving many years ago, attending Liberty High she knows no one an no one knows her, until after receiving Hannah Bakers locker. She meets the 'crew' of Liberty High and starts to realize who the good & evil are, until she meets the guy of her dreams, Montgomery de...

  • ~Can You Fix The Broken~ [Monty De La Cruz]
    37.3K 726 18

    "You can't fall in love with me, Sadie." He whispered into my ear, tucking a thin piece of my blond hair behind my ear, "I'm bad for you. I'll ruin you." "You can't decide what's bad for me." I replied, bringing my lips closer to his, and I could feel his breath against my skin before closing the space between us. __...

  • Rules reverse~Montgomery De La Cruz
    10.9K 104 12

    Zoey Andersons liberty highs sweetheart. But what happens when she is dared to brake Montgomery's heart and what happens when someone from her past shows up

  • Your Love Is A drug.
    1.9K 106 15

    Your in a happy relationship with your boyfriend. But what happens when you still have feelings for your ex when you all of a suddenly become friends agian. Will there be a triangle? SHIPS: MAYA AND LUCAS FARKLE AND MAYA ZAY AND RILEY

  • sweater weather ↠ markle
    11.6K 529 17

    in which a snarky, rebellious girl comes to school in the snow with holes in her sweater, and a surprisingly sweet boy slips one into her backpack. ↠ markle au ↠ grammar nazis will be pleased, i'm only using lowercase for the description ↠ will include the other characters of gmw, but they may be altered ↠ i d...

  • Close // Riarkle
    3.5K 157 17

    They were meant to be, until distance tore them apart. Now he's back, but new problems stand between them. All she wants is to be close to him.

  • Bright ☓ Riarkle
    143K 6.3K 55

    "you shine bright like the stars in the night sky." Farkle said to the brunette girl in front of him.

  • All Too Well- Riarkle
    10.5K 331 11

    It's not easy raising a little brother all by yourself and having only one friend to rely on, and Riley Matthews knows all about that. She just didn't think she would ever go back to the optimistic thirteen year old girl she had once been; that is, Until Farkle Minkus comes back around. FarkleXRiley

  • once again • [f.m. + r.m.]
    39.7K 2K 21

    After finding herself in a predicament with her baby, Riley Matthews drags Maya Hart back to Midtown Manhattan to reunite with their wealthy, socialite exes a year after their nasty breakups. Riarkle/Lucaya

  • Girl Meets World
    36.5K 893 125

    High school