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    7.5K 119 22

    What if Hawkfrost fell in love? with Thunderclan's new medicine apprentice cat? and they had kits later that changed the outcome of the Last Hope? well this is that story! follows best i can the events in Midnight to Sunset of the New Prophecy LeafxHawk.

  • Alive (Snily) [COMPLETED]
    37.5K 1.2K 13

    Severus Snape is upset that he has lost the women he loves. One year later he is visiting her grave in Godricks hallow and something strange happens.

  • Danny Phantom: Clockwork Apprentice.
    8.9K 309 6

    "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff" After an accident in his parents Lab Danny Fenton became a half ghost, half alive half dead, suspended between both worl...

  • Ectober
    17.1K 285 7

    Danny gets home late on Halloween and ends up grounded. Sneaking out to Sam's party doesn't seem like such a bad idea, he had to go figure out what ghost was setting off the alarms anyway. What could go wrong? (It's a COMIC) Ectober is not my own creation, credit belongs to Ghost-chicky on tumbler, I'm just putting it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Danny Phantom: I Changed For You!!
    6.6K 238 11

    Dan escaped and was met by Clockwork "Aren't you going to try to stop me?" Dan asked getting his ecto blast ready."You aren't a threat so no." Clockwork said."Not a threat. Clocky you have no idea what I will do." Dan said and Clockwork turned to him as he switches to his middle aged man form."And what do hou feel for...

  • Sam's A Fairy?!
    8.4K 310 16

    A Danny Phantom and The Fairly Oddparents crossover....where one wish in Amity Park was a big mistake in Fairy World.

  • Peter Parker Oneshots (field trips only)
    787K 21K 27

    I do not not own any of these oneshots and I will say who the authors are. Most of these I read on Archive Of Our Own. If one of these is yours and you would like me to remove it than message me and I will do so. Sometimes it can be really hard for me to find more field trip fanfics -which I LOVE- so I thought I'd put...

  • The killer branch
    1.8K 33 7

    Branch gonna on Traveling To the Forest for 5 days and The Green Trolls with Light Yellow hair was talking to Branch about the Evil/Killer potion. Branch didn't want to be Killer, But The Green Trolls Give a Quickie Drink To Branch And Branch Drink a Potion, He feel dizzy and headache. His Eyes turn to Bright Yellow...

  • The Blood Moon Bond ( A Starco fanfic)
    74.9K 1.2K 27

    Book completed: Jan 12, 2018 After the incident at the blood moon ball, Star and Marco have gotten closer. From awkward hugs to blushing to.........well you know the rest. What will become of Star and Marco when they go on a class trip to the beach and stay in the same hotel room? Will they become more than friends or...

  • Ideal (Star vs The Forces of Evil AU) (editing + finishing the "next episode")
    3.8K 149 8

    Most little girls grow up watching princesses on TV, or in movies. Princesses have fairy godmothers that grant wishes, and princess with magical kisses. Most girls dream to meet of one of these magical girls, but Star was one of them. Princess Star Butterfly was a graduate of St. Olga's academy for wayward princesses...

  • Lost Brother (part 2/3) ***COMPLETED***
    16.6K 443 22

    A sequel to the story Lost Prince. Danny has left Amity Park with his older sister Jazz in hopes of protecting himself and his friends. Who or what will Danny find in Jump City? Will Danny stop being a hero all together? A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY SISTER @D_walk72 FOR THIS AMAZING COVER ART!!! Disclaimer* I do not own Dan...

  • Agent Phantom
    75.3K 2.3K 38

    Shield is looking for more Hero's to protect earth form any threat. Nick Fury has files on all the possible talented people who can join the avengers. Shield sends agent coulson to get someone special to join the team. Danny phantom will he join the avengers or will he not accept. Read now to find out.

  • The Philosopher's Stone
    19.4K 668 20

    Four years. That's how long Danny had been captured, tortured and experimented on. Danny finally breaks out and flies as far away from the facility as possible. He soon finds himself in London. Soon he receives a strange letter. It says that He is a Wizard and his brother is as well. Follow Danny as he goes to Hogwart...

  • Stow Away
    3.7K 100 19

    DISCONTINUED (The grammar does get better as the story goes on.) Danny Fenton (Phantom), Sam, and Tucker were having an eventful summer with the rest of Amity Park, chasing, fighting, and helping ghosts. When Danny was fighting another attack, his victim vanished without a trace. Bewildered, Sam and Tucker find a plac...

  • A Second Chance/Corpse Bride 2
    8.1K 133 3

    It still surprised me to no end that Victor came here, just to see me. I still can’t figure out why one of my butterflies would go out to see Victor. Ever since I got back, people have been so protective of me. Especially Bonejangles. He’s been all of me 24/7. I understand if they are trying to protect me from Barkis...

  • Phantom Edge
    9.9K 376 8

    Danny, Sam, and Tucker were hanging one day, when Skulker suddenly attacks. They fight and fall into a portal that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Before they could try and get back, the portal closes leaving them in an unknown time and place. They stumble around until they find out that they are in a completely dif...

  • The Dead Hero{Old}
    66.3K 2.4K 14

    {Original and older book of the rewrite Forgotten Miraculous. Check profile to see the newly improved version of this story} Danny's parents and only two friends, Sam and Tucker, has died in the explosion. He defeated Dan but wasn't able to save them, and other people inside on time. He reminded himself what happens i...

  • Dinner with the Manson's
    6K 175 6

    Dp season 4 epi 2 Danny Phantom season 4 episode 2 must read The Earth's Savior first otherwise it wont make sense Dinner with Pamela! oH NO! How will Danny get through this. Along with A attack by Spectra who still needs Danny's genes to lock in her new self! how will he succeed well with the help of Sam it shouldn't...

  • Remember My Name
    8.6K 254 10

    This story is about, when Danny falls in love with Sam, the transcript of ''Fanning the flames'' ....enjoy...

  • Curses of the night
    286 50 16

    Every hundred years a baby is born in the night but these babies weren't normal.Some had powers over the elements or could talk to animals but they can't show their powers for they are thought of as a curse.The people of the land Arelend called these gifts of the children the curses of the night the gifts of course we...

  • Phantom of the Chamber (DPxHP crossover)
    67.5K 2.9K 19

    AU, Orphaned from a lab accident, Danny Fenton was taken in by Vlad Masters. During an attack by Death Eaters, Danny miraculously survives, bringing his identity as a halfa to the attention of the Headmaster of Hogwarts and the Dark Lord. Professor Dumbledore sent for him to enroll at Hogwarts as a 2nd year for his sa...

    30.2K 827 22

    It has always been a great day since Poppy and Branch had their life-changing adventure to save the Trolls from being eaten by the Bergens. But all of a sudden, the Trolls became weak and sick. Plus, Creek came back to the Troll village and apologized to every one of them. Poppy and her friends got a mission to get th...

  • Twisted Fate: Severus and Lily Snape
    12.3K 323 10

    What if Lily Evans lived?! What if she married James Potter and he was killed and Lord Voldemort thought he killed Lily Potter. What if her love for Harry protected her and her son. What if Snape found Lily and Harry and brought Lily home after she was pronounced dead?! Harry Potter doesn't know his mother is alive.

  • Phantom On Lockdown
    9.7K 342 12

    What will Danny do when his enemy is not a ghost.(anymore). But another human with actual psychotic intentions. How will he defeat the crazy rival without giving away his secret and without endangering literally every single student in Casper high. When the whole school I on lockdown because of the insane sociopath wh...

  • The Field Trip
    13.3K 325 4

    Danny Fenton is not a normal teen, he is also Danny Phantom. He is a halfa. Half human, half ghost. He fights the spirits that escape from the ghost Zone and wish to harm the human world. Only his friends, Tucker and Sam, and his sister, Jazz, know. For 4 years he has been able to keep his secret safe. But when his cl...

  • In Your Father's Eyes
    78.7K 2.5K 8

    Four years after James and Lily's death the truth is discovered. A Severitus fanfiction (Severus is Harry's father)

  • Nobody Cared
    253K 5.9K 27

    11 yr old Harry misses the Hogwarts Express. Snape is sent to find out why. What he finds changes any preconceived notions he might have had about the Boy-Who-Lived. AU, manipulative!Dumbledore, DE's, Voldy, but no horcruxes.

  • Shadows of a Slytherin
    87.5K 3.1K 21

    Book 3 of the Son of the Dark Lord Series. by HarleyPotter19 This book does not get updated often, as soon as she posts a new chapter i will post it.

  • Brothers Again
    82.5K 2.2K 25

    Robin from Teen Titans and Danny from Danny Phantom are actually brothers. Find out what kind of chaos ensues in "Brothers Again"

  • Familiar Darkness (Sequel to Brothers Again)
    14.9K 323 12

    Everything seems to be going well for Danny, Robin, and the rest of the titans but what happens when the evil older self of Danny, Dan Phantom, returns. How will Robin and the Titans react if they find out who Dan really is? Will Danny be able hide his secret or will the titans find out? Will they still want to be fri...