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  • Is it bad for a guy to like Yaoi?(ohshc fanfic)
    1.8K 133 8

    Kyuto Minoko is a sweet and caring boy who watches anime every day, in other words he's an otaku, he has a weird fetish for anything revolving Yaoi, his looks pretty average for a male, unfortunately his looks match those of a girl but he hates being mistaken for one Kirita Minoko, Kyuto's older sister is the same a...

  • Someone like me? (Honey X Oc) (discontinued :(
    24.1K 731 6

    Cute little Kimika Yukinozuka is as sweet as can be. She is Japan's back up weapon of mass destruction, and loves to eat cupcakes and sweets She Carries a little bunny named Ina-chan she loves it dearly for it is a gift from her late mother. What happens if this cutie meets the famous Honey-senpai? Read to find out!