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    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Confessions
    845 36 1

    Lucy has a nightmare, and not thinking she can fall asleep again, goes downstairs to make tea. A tumble and bang cause Lockwood to wake up, and... a confession?

  • Blue (A Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    112 10 1

    What if the Eleventh Doctor met an 8 year old Rose Tyler? So basically this is my first time writing a fan fiction and it might not be good but I'm going for it. So far it's just a short story but if people like it I will add more chapters and keep it an ongoing thing. This story is about a new meeting of the Doctor...

  • Burning Stars {A Doctor Who Fan Fiction} [REWRITE IN PROGRESS!]
    100K 3.9K 38

    The Doctor - the Oncoming Storm; the last Time Lord; destroyer of Gallifrey; the hopeless wanderer. Annabelle Pond - one of the many who wish to see the stars; one of the few who've gotten the chance to encounter the strange rareties of the universe; clever, witty, and slightly smart-mouthed; the Doctor's newest c...

  • Saxon's Way
    178 17 5

    It's been two years since I traveled in a box that was bigger-on-the-inside, Two years since I met the man who told me what I am, Two years since my closest friend was murdered, Two years since I understood my messed-up life, Two years since I figured out what my father's real name was, Two years since my life made m...

  • Soul Mates (Dan Howell X Reader)
    27 3 1

    You're one of the most famous female YouTubers of all time with a total of 12 million subscribers! You live in London England and your life has been great so far and its gets better when you and your Idol Dan Howell get picked for the lead roll of a YouTuber movie.

  • The Married Man | joshler
    1.4M 70K 67

    josh is tyler's assistant. tyler is married, but he doesn't see that stopping him from getting what he wants. highest rank ✩#2 on joshler tag✩ ©agonyteen

  • Lie To Me (Frerard)
    942K 43.1K 28

    Gerard was late, and it was fucking raining. He'd missed the bus and it was fucking raining, and he was totally going to get dropped from the play if he was late again and he was so fucking screwed, but honestly Gerard wasn't all that keen on it when he'd heard the only main part he'd managed to get in this damn theat...

  • In which Frank learns to love himself just a little bit more
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    Hey super sorry If this is badly written. It's quarter to five am here and i'm tired af. Because Gerard is always the broken one and because I need some poor!Frank protective!Gerard in my life

  • In Which Frank Iero is an Adorable Homosexual
    432 24 4

    'Don't try to love me' 'Only if you don't try to forget me' Frank was raised to believe that being yourself was okay. High School, however thought otherwise. If you didn't 'fit in' you were beaten, shunned,thrown out. And poor Frank, the short shy emo boy that hermits at the back of the class, didn't fit in. But at le...

  • Time {Doctor Who Fanfiction}
    4K 271 5

    An 18 year-old girl with the ability to manipulate time and a 900 year-old alien with a time machine... What could go wrong?

  • Time Lord Biology
    207 19 6

    Dr. Alender is an expert on time lords. His day just got better when he came across an unconscious one, who was deliriously saying a name in his sleep. So they really do exist... Sadly, I do not own Doctor who or any of its characters, even though the Master would be fun to have around...

  • When You Wake Up Married to Dan Howell
    163K 5.8K 20

    I'll try to write a Dan x reader fanfiction. it was inspired by: @BoringStar's story - Waking up married to Dan (Danisnotonfire x reader) (AmazingPhil x reader). It starts with the same scene, but that's basically where the similarities end. :) I hope you enjoy the story!^^ (y/n) ~ your name (f/n) ~ friend's name (als...

  • Summertime (Frerard)
    2.2M 96.1K 59

    "You can run away with me, anytime you want." I want to get away. Away from the abuse at home, at school hell, but we're not friends. I could never be friends with Gerard Way. He's just some guy that fate seems to drive me towards. His brother may be even more of asshole than him, making my school life living hell and...

  • Wintertime (Frerard, Sequel to Summertime)
    455K 29.8K 36

    Frank is twenty eight: he's mentally stable for the most part, and well nobody has to know about pills he takes twice a day, do they? He's normal now, he's a person now, he's a fucking adult with an office job and he fucking hates it and that's fine, because he got out of the mental hospital three years ago, and these...

  • When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU)
    94.1K 6.8K 36

    "A ginger! I'm finally a ginger!.. Thought it would be more exciting, honestly." Doctor!Gerard Companion!Frank A fun concept I wanted to explore :) I also love band/show crossovers.

  • The Bully (Frerard)(Completed)
    1.3M 53.4K 52

    Frank Iero has been picked on everyday in and out of school since he first came in seventh grade. He gets called all the same insults that he did in Maine before he moved. 'Faggot' 'Retard' 'Sinner' it never changes, and neither does he. But.... What if his bully does? !!!!Trigger Warning!!!! Contains self harm and s...

  • Pretty. (Frerard, Petekey, Ryden, Peterick)
    1.4M 54.2K 49

    ((Basically this is one big messy gay bandom AU, features just about every ship in the emo trinity and a few more)) Frank is the only gay guy he knows, stuck in the rather restricting and conservative world of Catholic school with his two best friends and their Catholic upbringings, where his daily adrenaline hits com...

  • A Splitting of the Mind
    3M 104K 23

    Gerard Way sees the world differently. Alone and institutionalised, Gerard claims that he is being hunted, and that his mind holds the key to existence. Does Gerard really hold such a powerful secret? Or is he just insane like everyone else in the institution?

    Completed   Mature
  • Just You Wait {Adopted By Lin-Manuel Miranda Fanfic[Rewrite]}
    31.9K 1.2K 57

    "Yo Jason! I heard the doors open what's up?!" A man about a foot taller than me trotted down the stairs. His pony tail bounced as he made his way off the stairs. "Someone had to use the phone! She's at the desk if you wanna say hi Lin!" The guard's voice came from the opposite end of the hall. The man- who I could...

  • Fighting With The Frenchman
    4.6K 330 76

    Britannica 'Liberty' Gates grew up as any other southern girl. Her family owned a plantation near the Laurens manor, and she often played with the young boy who lived there. But when the patriotic girls parents decide to stay loyal to the crown, and she goes off to war with her good friend, what will happen to her?

  • Ice Stained Blood (Yuri Plisetsky Fic) [EDITING]
    48.4K 1.6K 45

    At the age of nine, Emmy went to Russia to train under Yakov Feltsman. At the age of nine, Emmy landed her first quad. At the age of nine, Emmy was sent back to America because she was injured by the one thing she thought could never hurt her. Five years later, during the Grand Prixs, she is reunited with her former...

  • Royal Pain // Victuuri Au
    232K 13.1K 26

    Every guard who has ever tried to fill the role of Yuuri's royal bodyguard has quit after a month. Victor, his newest guard, is determined to stay. Started- 2/12/17 Ended- 3/3/17 (Unedited for now)

  • Neighbors // Victuuri Au
    153K 9.8K 25

    Yuuri thought moving was a terrible idea until he met the flirty boy living next door. Started- 1/29/17 Ended- 2/14/17 (Unedited for now)

  • Yuri x otabek
    264K 8.9K 31

    fluff I got tired of not being able to find any freaking otabek x yuri fanfics so I said fuck it I'll write my own. There are enough victor x Yuuri fanfics give the blonde a turn. All art I use for this fanfic I give full credit to original artist I do not own Yuri on ice or the characters.

  • Klance * song oneshots *
    4.7K 239 16

    a book of klance one shots written by me, //all are made from a song// //THERE WILL BE ANGST// :))))) (if one gives you inspiration for a full book please give credit)

  • | Klance One Shots |
    3.7K 68 2

    Just a bunch of random Klance one-shots with random AUs, coming right at you from the imagination of me

  • "" dare to fall ""
    338K 16.9K 44

    // Klance >> This is my first official fic and it's really bad. After being dared to fool around with Takashi Shirogane's little brother, Keith Kogane, Lance quickly learns that he has bitten off quite possibly more than he can chew. In the end, will he allow himself to fall in love or will he break the heart of someo...

  • Lavender Petals Locklyle/Lockwood And Co.
    4.6K 120 18

    Hanahaki disease is a disease of unrequited love. Lockwood loves Lucy, but Lucy doesn't return the feelings. When Lucy leaves his feelings only grow stronger, to the point that he contracts this sickness. No one at Lockwood and Co. can explain it though, and Lockwood refuses to tell any of them about it. George, h...