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  • you matter to me (karamatsu x reader)
    44.1K 1.8K 19

    "why do you put on this facade, Kara?" "because if I don't then nobody will pay attention to me. they don't anyway. I don't matter. I'm not important." "you matter to me." //angst

  • Shy! Reader x Karamatsu - New Neighbor
    34.7K 1.1K 6

    • Requested by @whereislaurita • Anime: Osomatsu-san Rating: PG Pairing: xReader

  • Karamatsu X Reader-You Are the Light in My Life
    27.9K 1.1K 10

    You were never very good at making friends. It wasn't that you were an unlikeable person, in fact when most people got to know you they seemed to really enjoy your company. No, the reason you weren't too good at making friends was because you were a huge introvert, and you preferred to stay shut inside, watching anime...

  • Karamatsu x Reader {Fluff}
    26.3K 794 5

    • Requested by @NoodieKittie • Anime: Osomatsu-san Pairing: Karamatsu Matsuno x Reader Rating: PG (Sugar, Spice and everything fluff)

  • Karamatsu X Reader
    4.2K 158 3

    Yeeaaaaah. The reader is non-binary and idk. It might lead to some explicit stuff but right now it's just like fluffy one shot type stuff with no real story line. Just some easy stuff to write while I work on my main story. (Cover ain't mine but the rest of the art is. Ask permission before use.)