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  • The Muggle Experiment ~ Draco Malfoy
    795K 25.5K 59

    *COMPLETE* Megan Payne is the average potterhead. She is completely obsessed. She has Harry Potter clothing, all the books and movies (and has read and watched them numerous times), has trinkets, and even writes Harry Potter fan fictions on a website called One day, after walking home from school she fin...

  • Serpentine
    2.7K 276 44

    Tom Riddle meets Ximena Lane his first year at Hogwarts and spends the next seven pretending he doesn't have a crush on her. Tom Riddle/OC. Updates every 2-4 weeks. Slow burn. Long fic. Wizard Politics. LGBT Themes. Girl Power. Obsessive Behavior. Amnesia. Characters of Color. Crossposted. The cover image was photosho...

  • Lost | Tom Riddle ✔
    2.7M 102K 123

    "Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he moulded their lips together, sealing their fates permanently. (Chapter 20) ~*~ She was a girl who wanted nothing more but to fade away in surroundings, he was a boy who wanted to be known by...

  • [2] The Zero-Fucks Squad | JAMES POTTER
    24.9K 1.8K 29

    ❝So, you give zero fucks and I GET zero fucks ... what do you say we team up and change that?❞ ❝Sure, hanging out with the 13th hottest boy in school isn't the worst way I could spend my evenings.❞ ▬▬▬▬ Bubbly and perhaps a bit too excited about Sugared Butterfly wings, it was easy to mistake Coral as the caring type...

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐧 ⟶ Harry Potter AU
    396K 42.6K 54

    ❝If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.❞ The Chosen One is kidnapped from the Dursley household and it turns out to be the best damn thing that's happened to him.

  • Dying Heart • J. Potter {Book 1}
    260K 5.6K 53

    | Just Because You Look Beautiful On The Outside Does Not Mean You Are Good On The Inside | <>•<>•<>• "You really don't know anything do you?" "Yes I do!" "Like what, Rudolph?" "That you love me Tony the Tiger." <>•<>•<> A cancer survivor, at least that's what her parents call her. To everyone else, she's just a...

  • The Marauders: Year Seven Part Two
    838K 43.4K 102

    Join the Marauders for their final months at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as they fight for their friends and family, revise for their NEWTS, and make the crossing into the next chapter of their lives.

  • Little Riddle | James Potter
    2.2M 78.1K 65

    [ EDITING] James Potter was a skilled and talented wizard, his name a renowned one amongst Hogwarts students. Many knew him because of his outstanding Quidditch skills, most because of his infatuation with Lily Evans, but everyone knew he was a key member of the infamous Marauders that tormented the cas...

  • stars | sirius black
    2.9M 106K 50

    "SHE LOOKS AT YOU AND SEES THE STARS. YOU LOOK AT HER AND SEE THE MOON. IT'S SUCH A GODDAMN TRAGEDY BOTH OF YOU THINK THE OTHER IS LOOKING AT THE GROUND." - REMUS LUPIN TO SIRIUS BLACK ... in which arabella arroway and sirius black are two friends who keeps the population of hogwarts asking, 'why aren't they toget...

  • OF SERPENT AND ANGEL ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎➝ tom riddle ¹ | ✓ |
    461K 17.8K 52

    ❝ When I was in the orphanage, I never got to play with the nice toys ... but now I get to play with you all day long. ❞ [Tom Riddle] [first book of the Immortality duology] [not a romance story] [highest rank: 22 in #tomriddle no. 1 in #voldemort]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Good, the Bad and the Hungry | REGULUS BLACK
    144K 9.8K 54

    ❝What do you mean, you came for the food? ... why would we have snacks here?!❞ ❝You were called the Death-EATERS, excuse me for jumping to conclusions!❞ ▬▬▬▬ There was a fine line between brave and stupid and Georgie Humphreys took pride in crossing it on a daily basis; from wandering into the Slytherin Common Room to...

  • [1] Exie Attia is one of the Boys ✓ | LILY EVANS
    107K 7.7K 43

    ❝So we've got Messrs Padfoot, Prongs, Moony and Wormtail ... and Madam Despa-three-toe. What the fuck, Exie, WHY?!❞ ❝My Animagus is a three-toed sloth! It's hilarious, put it on the fucking map, Black.❞ ▬▬▬▬ Nobody was quite sure how the Marauders came to be (although Exie Attia would like to take full credit for inv...

  • Emily Potter - Book 1 - The Sorcerer's Stone
    514K 13.6K 10

    This is the story of an extraordinary little girl. Orphaned as a baby, Emily grows up as a peculiar ten-year-old with abilities that not only frightens the other children but also herself. Read along as she lives her life as the now adopted daughter of a powerful woman, a professor of Hogwarts, A school of Witchcraft...

  • Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/1990s}
    2.1M 86.6K 88

    #180 in Fanfiction || In the language of literature, there exists a seemingly-concrete, antonymous relationship between good and evil, light and dark, hero and monster. And yet, we often disregard the transition from one to another, in which the 'bad guy' becomes 'good.' Perhaps it was the cruel mistreatment...

  • The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O'Neill
    48K 1.6K 27

    Nellie's life was pretty simple until Izzie threw that quill at Sirius Blacks head.

  • Wizards and the Mirror of Emulation
    1.6K 119 4

    Liam Clark has seen the extent of crazy and has had to redefine his definition of "ordinary" - especially when he was told that wizards really exist - however, nothing has baffled him more than seeing another boy through a mirror, a boy named Ron Weasley who claims he knows nothing about the legend of the Boy Who Live...

  • Strange Desires ↬ O.W.
    343 33 7

    Book One of the Quidditch Pitch Series Oliver Wood would rather die than not be able to play Quidditch. The rest of the team thinks he's a bit crazy, but not Slytherin Seeker Artemis Acciai, who fully agrees with his views. She's been training to be a Seeker her whole life, and now she's got her heart set on catching...

  • Enchanted [Fred Weasley]
    2.1M 89.6K 97

    Grace Kellner is a small Ravenclaw who's always seen carrying a certain journal. Most people assume it's a diary, but she knows it's not. It's a book full of ideas. Ideas that seem impossible. Fred and George Weasley become interested in the book when Grace's friend Reese let's something slip. "Diary? Oh Merlin no! S...

  • palette ⁑ james potter
    18.7K 1K 4

    while most feared any utterance of he-who-must-not-be-named's proper name, she feared the incoherent whisper of baxter. the name she had cowered from for the past sixteen years of her life. as fate seemed to have it, severus snape knew of her cowardice ways towards the word, and he manipulatively used her fear to his...

  • Harry Potters Twin Book One
    374K 10.1K 24

    Join Nixie Potter, Hermione Granger, and Bonnie Heart as they go through their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. She faces trolls, arrogant jerks, bludgers, cruel teachers and Voldemort himself, yet she still manages to keep a brave face. Seriously, who would...

  • The Prankster (REMAKE)
    987 58 2

    Marsha Grey was, admittedly, boring. Simply boring. Not ugly, not weird or anything, just boring. Chrysalis Adams was fun and energetic. She was lively, and perhaps that's why no one ever suspected that boring Marsha could be the lively Chrysalis. After five years of keeping her secret, someone may finally figure...

  • Along Came Sirius (s.b) WATTYS 2017
    4.6K 245 7

    Hogwarts was such a big school, Savannah Hood was completely ignored by everyone. She never had any friends, and was simply just overlooked by the entire school. But then, along came Sirius.

  • Oh go Suck a Duck, Sirius Black
    129K 4.2K 18

    Freya Griffin is a little bit crazy, She has had a crush on Sirius Black for years but always manages to embarrass herself when he is around, but what do you expect when her motto for life is 'Without crazy people, the world is a boring place' but will Sirius fall for her clumsy ways, or will he side with his best fr...

  • The Other Potter: Book 6
    269K 10K 34

    And Willow comes back for her sixth year, in a bad mood. I don't know what's going to happen this year, and I'm writing this shit. May the odds be ever in your favour, Miss Willow Cover by weirdhyperinsane! :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Blair (A Voldemort's Daughter Story)
    5.6K 259 14

    Voldemort never loved - but he did understand it; he understood how someone would do anything to save the one they loved, and he understood that if someone truly loved another, then the love would be unconditional. This is why, in the height of his power, he had children. Blair was destined to be Voldemort's most loya...

  • The Other Potter: Book One
    877K 23.9K 28

    Not everyone knows that Draco Malfoy has a sister; not everyone knows that Lucius Malfoy had a daughter; not everyone knows of the constant abuse she received. Apparently Albus Dumbledore knows though, so she's brought to Hogwarts. Follow Willow Malfoy as she struggles to find her way as a small girl in a big school...

  • The Prankster (Marauders Era Harry Potter)
    417K 13.1K 43

    {COMPLETED} "I'm the Prankster. I'm the best of the best, Potter. I always will be." Chrysalis Adams. Beautiful, arrogant, cocky, the Prankster. Sometimes it's nice to let lose, have fun. Chrysalis Adams does that more than the usual human. Chrysalis Adams likes to have fun. Perhaps too much fun. At the age of eleven...