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  • Ghoulish day
    73 9 2

    The story follows four character two human two ghouls Look I'm not really good at writing these things so if someone could sum up the book when I'm done thank and pease

  • Not Alone (A Skyrim Fanfiction)
    116K 3.6K 46

    I, Kisvar, the only known Dragonborn, have defeated Alduin in Sovngarde. I joined the side of the Stormcloaks in the Civil War, and the Empire is subdued once and for all. Skyrim is at peace, and I am renowned across the Nine Holds. You might think my life has slowed down some now, right? That I'm taking a well-ear...

  • A Dragon's Rider (Unedited)
    1.6M 81.9K 43

    UNEDITED VERSION ( edited version on my page) In a world where every year, five male children from each city and village between the ages 15-18 are chosen to become dragon riders, what happens when only four males get chosen from one village? And what happens when they test the girls and the fifth child is chosen? Edi...

  • The Awakening of James Island
    52K 836 5

    ISLAND LEGENDS is an epic fantasy adventure series set in a galaxy reeling from devastating wars, filled with countless alien species, a rich history of powerful magical forces, and the interventions of many gods and demons constantly at war. *** James Island was born two years ago as a fully grown man. While struggl...

  • Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMPLE OF NOW PUBLISHED BOOK
    7.3M 207K 84

    SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK THAT WAS FIRST WRITTEN ON WATTPAD. Fletcher was nothing more than a humble blacksmith's apprentice, when a chance encounter leads to the discovery that he has the ability to summon demons from another world. Chased from his village for a crime he did not commit, he must travel with his demon t...

  • Fight Or Flight
    48.1K 2.4K 30

    A tale of memory, loss and the tragic consequences of bullying. When Layla Keegan arrives at Brookvale High School, her every step is followed by whispers and gossip as to the real reason she left her previous school. Withdrawn and silent - and unknown to her new classmates - still suffering from the trauma of se...