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  • Random Stuff! Part Four!
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    "I'VE LOST MY MIND, BUT I DON'T MIND!" // WOWZA! Yet another random book by Dalvie herself. Good joB Inside are... - lots of tags (mwAHAHAHA) - rants about life - friend stuff yayyyy - random daily thoughts and stories - Dalvie fangirling like crazy (mostly aboUT MARVEL AND ASIANS YEET) - random pictures and scre...

  • Random Stuff! Part Three!
    13.7K 2.9K 200

    [COMPLETED] 🎉 Go check out Random Stuff! Part Four! // "I'M IN LOVE WITH BEING A MESS [...] I'M IN LOVE WITH BEING YOUNG, SO YOUNG" // Welcome to Dalvie's THIRD (wowowow) random book!!! Here you can find - tags (mwahahahha) - rants - friend stuff - daily thoughts - a fangirling Dalvie (mostly about xmen or Harry...

  • Random Stuff! Part Two!
    7.2K 1.9K 200

    [COMPLETED] 🎉 Go check out Random Stuff! Part Three! LOVE YALL !! // "HEY DO YOU HEAR DO YOU HEAR THAT SOUND? [...] IT'S THE SOUND OF THE MUTE GONE LOUD! IT'S THE SOUND OF A NEW START!" // So since I filled up my last random book...welcome to the new one! Enclosed are - tags - random fangirl moments - daily though...

  • Random Stuff with Dalvie!
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    { Completed } 🎉 Go check out "Random Stuff! Part Two!" Thank you everyone! // THIS BOOK'S PURPOSE IS TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH THINGS SUCH AS -tags (because, all of a sudden, people have been tagging me. Thanks frens) -graphics (because I got into photo editing woo) -fangirl rants -other random stuff that...

  • Elucidation
    5.4K 631 12

    I was meant to disintegrate to stardust; but instead, I was reduced to rubble of old buildings and broken skies. © Copyright 2017 by Lily White. All rights reserved.

  • Ethereal
    78 6 3

    Beauty doesn't ever go to waste. People will use beauty in the most innocent ways, yet, still seem to leave a trail of glitter wherever they go. Be careful of who your trail of glitter could attract... She was beautiful, innocent, and she lived in heaven. Where she lived, she could do anything, except sin. She craved...

  • Punica Granatum
    163K 15.3K 28

    Daughter of Goddess Demeter and the God Zeus, Queen of the Underworld, known for her naive yet kind nature, as well as her beauty. She caught the eye of Hades, the God of the Underworld, who wanted nothing more than to make the beautiful maiden his wife. After struggling to take Persephone away from her mother, Hades...

  • Unspoken Poeticism
    3.4K 507 10

    This is written as spoken word poetry that will, ironically, forever remain unspoken. © Copyright 2017 by Lily White. All rights reserved.

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    5.7M 408K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • Liquid Luck [Sirius Black]/editing
    1.2M 48.5K 130

    ❛We were always together, even if we didn't know it yet.❜

  • deep
    256 26 9

    I was falling... Into a sense of reality. Into the present. Into what felt like an eternal hell. Life gets harder and harder by the minute. No one is going to help you. Only you can conquer the thoughts and dreams your soul is being held captive by. Have you ever felt lost? Or like nobody understands you? I know I hav...

  • Therapy Letters - Words that Heal
    17.7K 2.2K 78

    A book filled of anonymous letters that express the pain, joy, and words left unspoken. If you ever wanted to express yourself, confront your bully, or finish unfinished business, you can. Expressive writing helps many heal and you can submit your own to start your own healing, or spread your happiness among others...

  • The Renegades.
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    Meet us Admins!

  • Cover Contests √
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    Just like the title says -- cover contests! *CLOSED FOREVER - CHECK OUT NEW BOOK* Highest: #632 in random

  • Secret Santa One Shot Exchange 2016
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    You read it right, folks! This is the holiday event for fanfiction lovers galore. If you'd like to participate in, and receive, a one shot this Christmas Season, this is the place to sign up!

  • The Mary Sue Awards
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    Welcome to the first Mary Sue awards! Where writing your worst wins you the gold! Where the spotlight shines on the worst of the worst!

  • Make Believe
    353 24 8

    Amelia Walker is a New York book editor. Adorable and bubbly personality, always smiling Amelia shares her life with her best friend and fiance Mitch Wilder. They are living, what can almost be called, a perfect life. But little do they know that there is a big secret soon to be revealed which might be the end of thei...

  • Koko's Nipples
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    When you can't think of a title and you aren't really sure where this book is going...Koko's Nipples will be there to welcome you home.

  • Daily Inspiration
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    Need inspiration for a story? Check out WritersClimax book to get daily updates to inspire you!

  • My Artsy-Fartsy Pictures
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    This is a book of all my drawings. Enjoy!

  • Kitty's Book of Random
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    Rather than spamming my message board with nonsense, I'll just put it in a book.