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  • The Help Line {Currently Unavailable}
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    {We are down for the time being. Thank you to everyone who was supporting us in this area.} Sometimes all you need is a friend. Here you can find a list of people who are always free to talk to you from all around the world who are just a PM away.

  • What Music Means To Us
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    This idea was inspired by @ProjectNotAshamed check out their similar quote book :) So basically us the admins will post music lyrics that mean something to us and what those lyrics mean to us. PM us if you have a suggestion or want to join in ;)

  • Letters To Myself
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    When I was depressed or happy I often wrote myself letters to read later as a pick me up and it would help me give advices for my own self . Here you can post any message you want to send either to a younger version of you or to the older version of you.