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  • Swaragini ff- Dilon mein hai pyar bhara
    17.4K 984 41

    Namaste beloved. So this story is going to depict something which the show promised but couldnt deliver. I really enjoyed the pre-wedding scenes of both the sisters and I feel so excited to bring to you their joys, their sorrows and their struggles as they bring their families together. In this story, the characters a...

  • Pyar hai?
    633 75 2

    A story of girl who's already engaged and going to marry. But she fall for a guy. Wat makes her fall for him? #1 in tevin on 6th April 2020 Cover credit goes to my dear friend jasmine😘😘 #1 in tevin on 21st April 2020

  • Can You Hold Me
    1.8K 222 2

    Mishti Ruhan Cover credit @redsnowfall. Thank you for making this.

  • Chibi Force!
    290 31 1

    Just an one-shot with some of the Swaragini and Kumkum Bhagya characters

  • My choices
    558 57 5

    If you are interested

    3.1K 61 2

    '' I want to be in bed with her. I'm not talking about fucking then passing out. No. She's better than that. I'm talking about just laying next to her. Rolling over and finding my way to her body. Holding her tight and protecting her from any bad dreams she has. Finding her hand in mine like uncontrollable attractio...

  • Trying to be Better Muslim
    104 16 2

    Here. There was some Advices for trying to be a Better Muslim. Getting ourselves better for Akhirah. Peep in to know more

  • Swaragini: The Power of Love (Discontinued)
    990 93 5

    This story is totally different from serial track. CHARACTERS :- SWARA GADODIA :- Elder daughter of Shekhar and Sharmishtha Gadodia. Carefree girl. Half modern and half traditional. And well mannered. Loves her parents and younger sister a lot. RAGANI GADODIA :- Younger daughter of Shekhar and Sharmishtha Gadodia. 1...

  • Haule haule ho jayega pyaar (COMPLETED)
    18.7K 1.3K 28

    It's a new college, a new city, a new life for Ragini Gadodia, a bubbly girl who just shifted to Mumbai with her family which she loves the most. Ragini's face-off with a brat, Laksh Maheshwari, and his opposite, Sanskar Maheshwari, will bring some twists and turns in the quiet of a middle class Gadodia's family and...

  • Only RagLak Readers
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    Some informations

  • Seldom of Love
    140 16 1

    "Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering." ---- It was least excepted the sudden twist , it broke her she got her love but she lost in battle with destiny ----------- it was not bed of roses it was path of thrones he w...

  • Newfangled Modish Awards
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    Freakss are back again with new authors and reader awards! To know more peep in

  • OS Competition Entries #freakss
    6.8K 702 51

    This will have the os Competition entries with reviews of jury

  • Note about Updates
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    Note about updates

  • Ragini - my journey of life (tejawsi birthday dedication tale by anaz)
    1.4K 156 3

    its an spl work dedicating to tejawsi praksh birthday

  • upcoming work sugestions
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    Guys.. u can tell me what should I post next..

  • True Blood(raglaksan)
    1.2K 161 6

    Blood... Blood... Blood.. Blood is everywhere the far I can see .. They came in my life like a tornado and change everything.. Everything which I believe and leave me with the one question.. Who are they??? I am Ragini Ravat and this is my story ...... A vampire raglaksan story❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Cover by TevarAnisha luv you sis❤...

  • Saath pheron se bandhe.. - diya yash ff
    513 45 2

    hey guys its me shilpa with an ff of diya and yash.. I dont know y.. seeing their bonding I feel they would have made a great couple.. btw r their any other diya yash fans .. let me know through the comments..

  • one shot
    12.5K 674 11

    this is a collection of one shot stories on ragsan and raglak

  • Readers Corner
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    A special place for the readers to share their ideas and for the writers to know what their readers want.

  • Ragini SS
    3.9K 233 5

    Well this is a sequel to Ragini - os. Ragini and Riya are happy in their lives. Jai is loving Ragini unconditionally. But Ragini will get her memory back and everyone will know the truth. What will Ragini do. will she forgive her sister? what about Laksh? Read this story to know.

  • Ragini os
    1K 70 1

    Based on swaragini story. But there is a twist. There are two Ragini one is in coma and other is pushing swara in river. Who is the Real one?

  • Need help for Ragsan story
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    trying to locate a Ragsan story. do peep in and let us know

  • Request os/ts
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    This is only for my friends.. Your requested track or storyline will be given in the form of OS/ts depending on the length of the concept ... PS: ANY COUPLE WILL BE ACCEPTED

  • Readers Choice
    2.5K 184 18

    Hi ur requests n I will try my best to fulfil

  • One love shot on Prem n Preeti
    9.1K 253 4

    Hi this OS starts when Prem (Salman) is leaving for his remain studies. It is the very intimate n private moment when Sadhna (Tabu) left the room giving Preeti (Sonali) n Prem the opportunity of togetherness. I was imagining thus scenario millions of times it was one of my fav bcz u could imaging whatever u liked. Hu...

  • RAGSAN - A Dare Changed life
    573 85 2

    Can Dare change someone's life???? To know more stay tuned- A Dare Changed Life Love, Monika💕

  • The Pride
    9K 424 10

    It's been 7 years since anyone saw Ragini after Laksh's betrayal. But a huge secret is uncovered when they finally do find her. But happiness isn't their in their lives yet. Everything starts falling apart as revenge comes into play. A person, angry and dangerous as ever, is back from the past to complete the...

  • Ragini' Life(Finished)
    12.9K 458 12

    Love hate story.

    657 23 1

    Stories of 4 different couples who r different in all aspects, only similar thing they have is this one problem. how will they react, how will they solve it, will that effect on their professional or personal life....... read to find more