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  • oneshot | haikyuu!!
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    ✧ Haikyuu! babes waiting for you ✧ ↠ send requests ☻ ;; {CONTINUING} ↠ I don't do lemons; but that's because I'm terrible at intimate scenes ↠ I do every characters because why not? ♡

  • 🌨 無题 « 甲 » 🌨
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    "I love you to the tsuki and back." "Lmao, get it?" - This book may be half-baked, but it has allowed me to grow as writer to explore writing styles. I'm not proud of this book but if someone has enjoyed it, it won't be deleted. Fresh starts don't always guarantee positive outcomes, so I'm not starting fresh, this boo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stubborn || 頑強 [Haiba Lev]
    33.4K 2K 5

    [HAIBA LEV X FEM!READER] [F/N] may have rejected him but that didn't mean he was heartbroken. "I won't give up until you say yes, senpai!"

  • Shortcakes 『Haikyuu Oneshots 』
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    A bunch of Haikyuu drabbles! Prompts! Oneshots! And stuff! AMAZING COVER BY SUGOIREE!! A Haikyuu!! ハイキュー fanfiction | Haikyuu!! | Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2016

  • honey 𒊹︎haikyuu
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    ↳ 𝐀 𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐎𝐅 haikyuu one shots. ( 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐬: hiatus - editing) ( ©𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐬 )

  • Log: Tsukishima Kei
    111K 4.9K 18

    It had not even been twenty-four hours since you've met him and yet there goes your silly heart beating like crazy. How can you possibly fall for a guy with that kind of shitty attitude? A collection of fluffy scenarios with the tallest middle blocker of Karasuno High, Tsukishima Kei. Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu...

  • Haikyuu!! x Reader
    3.4M 114K 95

    A collection of short stories, drabbles, etc. featuring various Haikyuu!! characters! I don't own Haikyuu!! or any of its characters. [COMPLETED! No further updates!]

  • Haikyuu!! One-Shots!
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    I contain one shots. Read me. Please.

  • Haikyuu!! x reader
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    haikyuu! x reader Just some cute one shots about our cute volleyballers! [request open] gender neutral

  • Haikyuu One-Shots
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    May contain Lemons or semi-mature content at some point. Also posted on my Quotev.

  • Haikyuu! Various x reader ~REQUEST CLOSED
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    Hello my people, this is a haikyuu x readers, you will be adventuring into your dreams, with your dream man! I hope you guys enjoy this story and what I'm going to put update for you guys to read. BTW NO OC , I will be taking request, all you need to do is comment below and I'd be glad to write about them. PLEASE DO N...

  • haikyuu!! one shots
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    you should know he's never gonna change, he's always gonna stay. when you call for him, he's right there.

  • Forget Me Not
    174K 9.2K 41

    It was supposed to be the usual. Aoba Jousei Volleyball Team would practice hard in the gymnasium. Oikawa's fangirls would be there, cheering for him. The captain himself would smile and wave at them. Iwaizumi would half kill him to make sure he focused on their practice. [Name] was supposed to be just another ordina...

  • Tsuki-Dayo
    1.9M 72.5K 62

    [Name] is a member of the Karasuno's Girls' Volleyballs team. Just like Hinata and many other volleyball players, she is passionate about volleyball and her adrenaline rushes when she touches the ball. She's in the same class as Hinata and is close to both Hinata and Kageyama. In a mixed practice with the boys' volley...

  • Haikyuu!! x Reader oneshots
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    Maybe it was meant to be, maybe it wasn't. Maybe it's love. It all begins one story at a time. -- Haikyuu!! and its characters belong to Furudate Haruichi. Gender neutral pronouns are used unless otherwise specified (beginning from halfway on). Requests are open, but no nsfw please.

  • Haikyuu!! One-shots
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    One-shots of your favorite volleyball dorks (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) --- I do not own Haikyuu or any of the show/manga's characters. They all belong to Haruichi Furudate.

  • Haikyuu x Reader
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    Enjoy reading with these adorable volleyball dorks ❁

  • Haikyuu!! One Shots
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    Leave comments of which Haikyuu!! boy you want to read next! WARNING: I do not write lemons/smuts. Please do not request for them because I do not feel comfortable writing that kind of stuff. Thanks! <3 [UNDER SLOW EDITING] Love you guys! <3 ~Melody

  • haikyuu!! x reader
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    Gather around, ladies and gents, as I bedazzle you all with my incredibly bad writing skills and angst filled oneshots //bows Enjoy!! ~ I do not own any characters in this book, nor do I own the book cover (taken from the Haikyuu manga) except for the reader, I suppose. All haikyuu characters belong to Furudate Haruic...

    628K 14.8K 19

    ❝好きだ❞ ━ just a bunch of reader-inserts with our beloved haikyuuties !! © NATSUUFT. all rights reserved.

  • Haikyuu Imagines. {Haikyuu x Reader}
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    "To strike past all obstacles...That's the Ace!" -Asahi Azumane ✸Lemons, Limes, Angsts, Fluffs!! All types of oneshot genres! You name it! ✸These volleyball dorks won't just be spiking the volleyball! They'll be spiking to win your heart! ✸Requests are always welcome!

  • Haikyuu One-shots [X readers only] [REQUEST CLOSED]
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    *Imported from my Quotev* Yes, I like him. Eh? No no no! It should be love ♡. Haikyuu characters X reader. Take requests. Sorry for wrong grammars!

  • Soulmate!AU [Haikyuu x Reader]
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    A collection of fics where the volleyball baes are your soulmate ❤

  • Haikyuu!! One-Shots [X Reader Edition]
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    [HEAVY EDITING, REQUESTS CLOSED] Quick in volleyball, but apparently not at love

  • Take Off ● One Shots [ haikyuu!! x reader ]
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    ❝ because we don't have wings , we look for ways to fly ❞ ●●● { DISCONTINUED . } multiple one shots featuring the characters from haikyuu!! x reader ! ●●● All copyrights go to Furudate Haruichi , the only thing I own is my writing .

  • Haikyuu!! x Reader
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    A collection of oneshots with the haikyuu characters!

  • Haikyuu!! x Reader Oneshots [CLOSED]
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    Haikyuu!! Various x Reader Oneshots ハイキュー Requests are now closed! A Haikyuu!! ハイキュー fanfiction | Haikyuu!! | Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2016