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  • Discovery
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    We would like to Congratulate our winner Caffeine_Dreams! Welcome to our first contest of 2020! We hope to take you on a great adventure. All members are welcome and encouraged to join us on this our first Adventure of 2020. You will find all the details inside.

  • Pub Chatter Poetry Prompts
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    In the official Pub newsletter, The Pub Chatter, each week we provide poetry prompts. This is were you can find the results of those prompts.

  • Pub Chatter - 6th Edition
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    Welcome to our weekly newsletter. Published every Sunday, you can find here, all the latest news and updates on the activities of the Poets Pub.

  • Lyrically Speaking - Poets Pub March 2020 Contest
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    Hello and Welcome to our March 2020 Contest. This month is all about music, lyrics and free-verse poetry. Come on in and join us for this month's contest!!