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  • What the stars said
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    Highest Ranking : #13 in poetry "You've awoken the devil inside of me that now has sinned, I'm sorry baby, it got carried away with the wind, The wind of our exhaled lies, look up my love, even the sky cries, It pours tears with endless pain, I guess loyalty just doesn't bleed in our veins."

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    the first is always the hardest, my love

  • ᏟᏞᎾuᎠ ᎳᎥᎶs
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    alternatively known as : m i s t f a k e h a i r

  • just a thought || oceans
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    " my words are like the oceans, deep and mysterious, having many double meanings. and i am a ghost, drowned in the words that had once been my solace." follow @gonegguk wtf is this bullshit i made this when i was in the sixth grade my bad created november 22, 2016 - to be determined

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    ❝THE HUMAN SPECIES IS DYING.❞ in which the shnayzelle company explains the most deadly and contagious virus while documenting people's words of how to express themselves. 2017 © shnayzelle #752 in HUMOR graphics by @annoyinglyval

  • The Cake Girl and the Cat Guy |
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    "Hello, this is Cherries&Berries, how may-" "HELP! There's someone on my windowpane!" "Must be a bird, sir." "I wouldn't have called you if it were! Seems like a cat to me!" "Are you- are you scared of cats?" "Well, in my defence, it has paws and nails that can scratch my eyes out!" ...

  • Blame it on our Fates
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    ♡ His gaze was deep, deeper than the purest oceans, fixated on my every move, making me squirm under the heat. If it were not for my helplessness, I would have never even been here in the first place. But yes, I needed his help before it was too late and my grades and the ground-level were equally at height. So I...

  • The Fatherless Child
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    The story of one child who has lost respect for his "father"

  • Misfits | ✓
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    about them who decided to lose pieces of themselves just to fit in. © 2016 mxttdaddyrio #thepeopleofsociety

  • Me and Him (UNEDITTED)
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    [Warning: I wrote this book when I was, like, thirteen, so it's pretty cheesy and it might be a bit shitty] With her mother now gone, Raina is forced to move in with her father, who left Raina and her mother when she was born. Now, situated in a life she isn't quite used to, she finds herself unable to enjoy it especi...

  • The Curious Mind of Kirianna Blu
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    When school gets off for break, Aryan Taylor expects to have a nice, relaxing vacation but his mother, however, has different plans. She spontaneously invites a girl to stay for the whole length of summer, a girl whom Aryan quickly realizes isn't just your average teenager. Kirianna although peculiar by herself, is a...

  • Ember
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    [c o m p l e t e d] A girl, a fire, and one dark secret...

  • Loving Mirabelle
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    "She went from ready to marry me in the blink of an eye to a victim of amnesia... She doesn't want me. She doesn't love me. She doesn't even remember who I am. And you want to know the worst part? She's in love with another man" . . . Introducing Mirabelle, a girl who's forgotten all about her past love, and Set...