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  • The Ashford's Fall ( #1 Beau and Grace)
    85.1K 4.9K 30

    Beau Ashford was your typical southern cowboy. He wasn't looking for love, far from it. His one goal was to expand his property and maybe invest in a couple markets in the city. But all that changed when he was assigned an agent: Grace Williams. Grace Williams thought her job was going to be easy. Show the hunky, some...

    Completed   Mature
  • Orange Is The Color Of Untamed Urges
    168K 8.5K 19

    Featured Story April 2018 Trinity Baudin was the spitting image of her mother or so she had been told. She was free spirited and wild. She took things in stride and constantly had a smile on her face and laughter on her least until she was angry and then she was a whole new person. Artair Buchanan was known...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Is The Color Of Seduction
    435K 18.4K 27

    "You can not deny me my right to love. You may have taken my body before any other man but that does not mean you have my heart." After saying her piece she averted her eyes. Her heart pounding in her chest. Her body always seemed on constant alert whenever Adam was near. "I have not denied you your right to love. How...

    Completed   Mature
  • White Is The Color Of Intimacy
    207K 11.2K 25

    Angel Hugh wanted adventure before settling down. She wanted to travel the world and live a little before finding her perfect someone but things don't seem to be going her way... Viktor Mikhail Lemontov is third in line for the throne. Members of his family are mysteriously being poisoned and he is on a mission to fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hotline Bling
    69.5K 4.4K 34

    Essence was just trying to make it. Struggling to keep her head high in the tough, cruel streets of the damp ghetto that was her neighborhood. Her life was far from perfect but is a facade really that easy to hide behind? Roman had made it. He had risen to hood royalty years ago and through much dedication, fought his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dopamine
    41.1K 2.1K 15

    Dopamine: A chemical, a neurotransmitter, one of the very things responsible for the abundant happiness you feel when you're doing something you love. It is a main factor and contributor to love, lust, sex, and addiction. To Lawrence that's exactly what Ebony had always been. Since the first day he met her, she had be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pink Is The Color Of Infatuation
    185K 8.3K 21

    Alexander Hugh was his grandfather reincarnate except for one thing...he was much more lustful. His quiet, calm demeanor gave those around him the illusion that he was exactly what he seemed. Handsome...harmless but little did they know that beyond his demeanor and his striking good looks was a man filled with carnal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuchsia Is The Color Of Love
    151K 8.4K 21

    Andrew Hugh aspired to be a rogue. He chased women with lustful eyes and poetic words. Making it his life's mission to never truly settle down with just one woman. At least that's what he had told himself before he met her. Hany James was a working class girl. She was a cook and prided herself at being an excellent on...

  • Purple Is The Color of Passion
    171K 7.5K 15

    "You're spoiled." He snapped at her as he moved toward her, fire in his caramel colored eyes. "And you're a lecherous rake!" She snapped back just as he yanked her forward, kissing her hungrily. She melted instantly. Turning into mush as his hands traveled down. One of his large hands squeezing her bottom. She gasped...

  • You Got It Bad
    199K 8.5K 26

    I suddenly felt the need to explain. "I did not say that I hated you! I said that I didn't like you! It's totally different! Besides I didn't even mean it, I had been embarrassed. It was so obvious that I was in love with you, even a stranger would have realized it!" He stared at me and I stared back. "You were in lov...

  • Dave's Choice
    115K 4.8K 70

    Copyright © Ingeniousmindoftune All rights reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means-electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise-without prior written permission of the publisher, except as provided by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Surrender to The Healing(#1)
    193K 9.3K 18

    "Malika, I'll help you. But you understand that I need something in return don't you?" Malika nodded. "But, I already told you, I don't have anything-," he cut her off, "I want you, Malika. I want what you denied me four years ago. I'll pay off your father's debt but only if you marry me." ----------- She had been hu...

  • Becoming His
    603K 26.4K 33

    Cover by: @Enny101 Christian DeLuca is a very successful businessman with little regard for anyone he doesn't consider family, he's found work and life easier this way. What happens when he finds himself consumed by one thing, or rather one person, Alesha Moore. His plans are to get her, keep her and never let her fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love's Resignation
    21.7K 1K 18

    McKayla Hamilton is a seventeen-year-old plus size girl who from the outside seems to have it all together. She lives a very privileged life with both of her successful and wealthy parents. A somewhat insecure girl Kayla is, but with the help of her best friend she steps out on faith and meets the star of the football...

  • Stay {BWWM} C.Evans
    132K 4.2K 31

    Short description: Simone is a single mother who met Chris at the gym after he tore his shoulder muscle. This is not my book‼️ all credit goes to the author of this book that I found on Tumblr. All I know is that her name is Simone. I don't think she has a tumblr page because this story was posted on someone else's tu...

  • Loving Jori
    56.2K 3K 20

    It's a Thicklit, I guarantee you'll LOVE IT!

  • To Pimp A Caterpillar [COMPLETED]
    272K 11.5K 43

    She was comfortable in herself. Everything was peferctly imperfect. Being raised alongside her schizo bro and baby sis by a single mom and peek-a-boo dad, meant that she had to grow up real quick. He basically didn't give a fuck. All he wants is to get outta the hood ASAP. Without a tag on his toe or cuffs on his wr...

  • Melanin
    111K 6.2K 31

    Lola has been bullied her whole life, she just wanted people to accept her for who she was. She began modeling but fell into depression and decided to stop. Tremaine is a sex symbol the world has already decided on who he should be with. He makes a comment that sends his career in a tornado. They soon realize they ca...

  • Benefits Package (AM+BW)Interracial
    132K 6.5K 13

    Completed   Mature
  • Different
    279K 11.5K 56

    does being different make you any better?

  • Learning to Love All of Her
    15.8K 834 8

    Who knew that a fan and a Celebrity could be more than just a fan and a Celebrity? She has demons He has demons She's finding herself He's losing himself She's the support system He needs the support She needs the love He has love to give One concert encounter, exchange of numbers, and an open mind...... Neve...

  • Lovin' All Her FLAWS
    54.4K 2.9K 18

    Cassandra James grow up with the fear of her father, for years it was either do as I say when it was said or feel the consequences. Which left her hard around men in general. Only feeling at peace when she held her camera taking pictures of the world as she saw it . Elijah Smith a youngster doing what he knew best, su...

  • Together ( Urban Fiction )
    61.2K 1.2K 17

    No one would ever expect that the captain of the cheer team straight A students Yvette would be even slightly interested in the biggest king pin in the west coast area. But what happens when Yvette begins to fall head over heel and there is no way out but the way she came in. Read to find out what happens in Together.

  • To Love As One
    31.3K 27 2

    Two messed up Lives, A teacher with a dangerous obsession and a Student with the intent of not being his prey. JoyceAnn Kimberly Banks was a straight A student who stayed to herself and took care of her daughter. She didn't give a damn about a man trying to keep her happy because all men ain't shit and t...

  • Shattered
    356K 12.5K 21

    Erykah was just your regular 17 year old girl with lots of love and generosity.When she was just a baby her parents split up causing her to live with her mom and her adopted little brother. Erykah never let her parents fued get to her. With her mom being single for years she was so accustomed to it just being that. B...

  • The "IT" Factor
    50.4K 1.9K 37

    Iman is just a young woman from Atlanta who's fighting her own heart when she finally decides to give in. Will she regret spilling her feelings out to Nick (a longtime friend) or will this be the love story of a lifetime? (Disclaimer) I own zero rights to the images used to create cover photo. No copyright infringemen...

  • Band-aid On Your Heart
    10.3K 569 5

    (NOT A CLICHE) Faith and Azai grew up together. They were best friends. Faith would beat up girls for Azai and he would protect her from boys. When you seen one you seen the other. They protected each other like siblings but both hid major feelings. The night after they confess their love for one another, Faith doesn...

  • His Form of Love #wattys2016
    62.3K 3K 21

    Love never dies , Just lives on long after The relationship is gone .

  • Wrong Way || #Wattys2016
    226K 12.9K 27

    Book 1|| Which Way Series She had a crush on him, He barely noticed her. She stared at him as he passed by, He'd scoff and ignore her. She loved him, He had no intentions of loving anyone especially her. He is the bad boy thug people try the hardest to stay away from, the further the better but he seems to intrigue on...

    Completed   Mature