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  • haememe || yeom haein
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    laboum's walking meme

  • Yoo So Hee
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    This is the girl in EXO's Wolf drama version mv! Check out this book to get to know me /winks/

  • The Steve Harvey Show
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    Back in da' game

  • random shiz
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    random shiz Cover made by @--Woozi-- ♡

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    [Work hard. Have fun and make history] {UNIQ's Li Wenhan rp account.

  • Flying Squirrel
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    For You(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)♥

  • Da Lyfe Of Juankook: My Daily Life
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    My life is very interesting. Since im being tagged alot, i should answer questions on here. Im ending this book with 69 chapters lol. See me as i tell you my daily life with Shrek, a crazy asian lady, A weird party like sis, and me as a onion ring. I frickin worship Jungkook's arms and Jimin's ass. XD im pretty funny...

  • C r y S T a L
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    《LoVe iS 4WaLl~♡》

  • Suga Dad[dy]~
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    I swear I won't wreck you, I'll be gentle~ Book: 1

    Completed   Mature
  • lee chan
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    -daily life of a dinosaur- cover cred : @_sonchaeyoung shes the best ok