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  • Episkey (Fred Weasley Story)
    1M 30.3K 111

    Paige Daniels is one of the most bookish students at Hogwarts, while on the other hand there is Fred Weasley, one of the most rebellious people at school. What happens when a frying pan catches his attention?

  • The Girl Marauder(Book One)
    485K 20.2K 26

    Days are getting darker, the world is falling apart, and Luna Swift is running out of options. She's been on the run for months, hiding from family and the Ministry alike. With nowhere else to go, she turns to a place her brother had guaranteed would be safe: Hogwarts. Hiding in the school, Luna prepares to sink unnot...

  • Gunpowder & Cinnamon {Fred Weasley}
    5.5M 337K 103

    Book 2 Everyone knew the story of the Boy Who Lived. But many weren't familiar with the story of the Girl Who Knitted. Eleanor Ross knitted her way to victory, her knitted garments protected those who fought against the Dark Lord and his followers, and to think it all started with a prank. Back in their fifth year of...

  • Along Came Trouble | Book 2
    66.9K 2.7K 20

    Riley's back, and super stressed out. Leaving Hogwarts early was definetly rough, and her time away was worse. Taking care of an infant, and a four year old girl isn't easy, you know! Especially when you're about to turn 14, and you're doing it on your own. But, when Harry begins feeling extremely guilty for his mista...

  • Spellbound | Book 1
    77.5K 3.1K 15

    Riley Grace Winters is a thirteen year old witch, who had just moved, once again. This time, to London, England, with her mother, and little sister, Amber. But, her life is a bit different. Her mother just can't seem to find the one for her, and won't stop until she does, even if that means putting her children in dan...

  • The Way We Fall | Book 3
    44.1K 1.7K 17

    Riley's back for her fifth year at Hogwarts. At first, things couldn't be going better for her. She had a wonderful boyfriend, her family, and a few very good friends. But, when a toad faced woman dressed in pink takes over the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, her whole life is turned upside down.

  • Little White Lies | Book 4
    41.2K 1.5K 25

    After the devastating loss of her mother and sisters, Riley doesn't know what to feel. Left with no other family, she only has one person to turn to, and that's Harry. Or is it only just one person? Having spent the entire summer in the Malfoy Manor, she begins to realize that she may still have feelings for a certain...

  • Once Upon A Time | Book 1
    114K 3.5K 23

    "Do you know what it's like to love someone so much, you can't stand it, but you know they'll never feel the same way?" " hurts..."

  • Whenever You Need Me | Book 5
    45.8K 1.2K 20

    The war is coming, and Riley knows it. With Voldemort growing more and more powerful by the day, it won't be long before he has the entire Wizarding World wrapped around his finger. Or, will he? Riley and the trio set out on a quest to find and destroy all seven of Voldemort's Horcruxes. But, Harry and Riley's lives t...

  • He's a Keeper
    148K 4.5K 23

    Violet Pine is just a shy girl starting her 5th year at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She isn't the best at making friends, so she decides to tryout for the Gryffindor quidditch team. There, she meets Oliver Wood, captain of the quidditch team, excellent keeper, and flat-out charming. When Violet meets...

  • True Love is Blind (A Charlie Weasley Love Story)
    130K 2.8K 21

    Though Charlie Weasley enjoys his job in Romania, he cannot help but feel alone. It has been years since he has seen his best friend, Katrina. Little does he know, things have changed greatly since then. Katrina has lost her sight in a horrible accident caused by Death Eaters. She had closed herself off from the rest...

  • Meeting the Marauders
    2.4M 88.6K 59

    Ariana Rebecca Dumbledore is the only child of Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. After being expelled from Beauxbatons, a school in France, she comes to the school her dad runs. She must fight against the fate she was given as a baby, all while falling in love with a marauder. [Sirius Black] [completed] [boo...

  • Dealing With The Marauders
    541K 26.4K 35

    Bex Dumbledore, back again for another year at Hogwarts is faced with many challenges. Juggling a relationship, N.E.W.T.s, friends, as well as new powers. It's a lot to do and so little time. The last year at Hogwarts is always the fastest to pass. But what happens after Hogwarts? A war is brewing and love is just get...

  • Knowing the Marauders
    1.4M 63.4K 68

    Bex Dumbledore, the girl with power and many secrets returns for her sixth year at Hogwarts. But after things were left with the Marauders how will it all turn out? Lily is as done with Severus and Bex is with Sirius, but things are destined to change. But then again, a lot of things are destined for Bex. Will she be...

  • A Remus Lupin Fanfiction~My Wolf.
    379K 11.5K 45

    Aurora Black is the younger sister of Sirius and a Metamorphmagus. She is rather like him, as in she does not believe in traditional pure-blood ways, that's why she had him as her role model. When she joins Hogwarts, she breaks the Black traditional once more after Sirius and gets sorted in for her intelligence by be...

  • More than one || HP [DISC.]
    139K 5.4K 71

    Hi everyone. I'm no longer updating this or the prequel to this. I'm just not as into Harry Potter anymore and I keep getting comments about this being very similar to Gracie Style. It is and I apologize immensely. I would delete the book but it's been requested that I don't- so that's why it's still up. Thank you!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Other Uncle (a sequel)
    1M 32.2K 35

    Anna Lupin can't wait to teach with her husband in Harry's third year at Hogwarts, but everything is not all magic and unicorns at Hogwarts. With Sirius Black's escape, Anna is still unsure if she thinks he's guilty. Severus and Remus must compete for their favorite redhead's attention. On top of this, the Lupins must...

  • Defiance (Harry Potter)
    236K 6K 38

    Skylar Potter, sister of James Potter. They're in the same year, but he's a whopping ten months older. James is the favorite. He's older, better at quiddich, smarter, and he got the family looks. Having Slytherin friends doesn't help much either. What will happen when Skylar finds out that not one, but three boys hav...

  • James Potter's Little Sister(Severus Snape Fanfic)
    139K 3.8K 24

    In the Marauders third year, James Potter's sister is finally 11. She is sorted into Ravenclaw, and James says that she is the smartest girl in the school. When she develops her first crush, will she have her heart shattered?

  • Amelia Lupin
    111K 2.4K 15

    What if the famous Remus Lupin had a daughter? What if she had his genes? What if she can choose to shift? Meet Amelia Alex Lupin. The daughter of Remus Lupin. What if she starts going to Hogwarts in her third year after being expelled from her old school? What happens when she find love?

  • The Female Durmstrang
    139K 3K 15

    It's Rose's first year of Hogwarts and she is already leaving. She wants to go to Beauxbatons, but her parents refuse, saying she needs a school with discipline. She ends up becoming the only female student of Durmstrang.

  • If you had to choose *marauder love story*
    40.6K 1.7K 13

    Lily evans laughed along with her best friend, "But really! If you had to choose between Remus and Sirius, who would you pick?" the red head questioned. "I don't have to pick and I never will!" Carter laughed along with Lilly. Carter Potter is James Potter's twin sister. They are exactly ali...

  • Sky Black (Sirius Blacks daughter) (Unedited)
    120K 3.4K 32

    (So people have asked me to keep these stories up so im going to rewrite them somewhere else and post them here at some point.) (There are a lot of spelling mistakes and things that happen that shouldnt be possible so please dont comment i spelled something wrong because i already know and get a ton of comments that i...

  • Abby Potter, The Chosen One's Blind Sister [Complete]
    217K 4.9K 18

    Harry Potter was left with a scar the night Voldemort lost his power. His year younger sister, Abby, was left with a scar and blindness . She has never been able to see read or write until she goes to Hogwarts the year after her brother but is mysteriously put up into Harry's year. They don't know who each other are...

  • The Little Potter (Re-Written)
    310K 8.8K 22

    On the dreadful day of Halloween in 1981, James and Lily Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort - leaving their two children behind. Harry James Potter, one year old at the time of their demise. An ordinary young wizard who was sent off to live with Lily's sister and her family, the Dursleys. But, there was another c...

  • Harry McGonagall
    62.6K 2.3K 25

    What if professor McGonagall raised Harry? Things would definitely be different! In this story you'll find letter T beside numbers, these are twisted chapters meaning they have a different storyline compared to the regular chapter. There is more explanation on this as you read through Cover does not belong to me, mer...

  • Another Potter
    4.5K 43 7

    Klara Potter knew a few things for certain in life. 1. Her parent's died in a car accident when she was just a baby. 2. She was an only child. 3. Her aunt was the one who raised her. 4. She would always call Ilvermorny home. 5. She would never fall in love with a wizard. What does a person do when everything they t...

  • Golden Snidget (Harry Potter Marauders Era) *COMPLETED*
    243K 9K 27

    {COMPLETED} She gave a sickening laugh and turned to stare at her four friends. "I was never normal! Do you hear me? Never! I will never be normal!" "Gracie, that's not true," He said quietly. She turned to glare at him. "Shut up, Sirius. You know nothing about me." "Gracie-" "Just, just forget it. Forget I ever exist...