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  • In Omnia Paratus (AU) - Book 1
    36.1K 3.4K 200

    When unpopular girl Jenna Coleman moves to a prestigious boarding school Ashford her world turns upside down. She's ready for anything. Suddenly she has friends and a guy is interested in her. Only thing is the guy has a girlfriend. And the girlfriend is her roommate. What will happen when Jenna has to choose between...

  • In Omnia Paratus (AU) - Book 2
    12K 1.5K 201

    Jenna's been through the rough. She isn't coping very well these days and friends and family are struggling to get through to her. "I did this wrong. I did this all wrong. Maisie, Richard, everything...How could I have let this happen?" "How did I not see this coming? How didn't I step in and do something, and..." ...

  • Questions?
    2.9K 257 12

    "So she placed her hands in her coat pockets and began walking on her heels down the street. She was thinking about The Doctor. Her Doctor. It was weird what happened that night. But it changed their relationship forever." Eleven+Clara Mentions of rape and violence.

    Completed   Mature
  • The trick is, don't fall in love.
    7.9K 419 9

    Clara and the doctor go to a beautiful holiday resort and realise that something's changed.

  • Across The Universe: A Whouffle Fanfiction
    4.3K 157 17

    The Doctor and Clara Oswald were best friends as they travelled through time and space together. One day, the Doctor went on a mission by himself to find Gallifrey, and he never returned. Since then, Clara, with help from the Doctor's friends, goes across the universe to search for him. Along the way, she discovers h...

  • Chemistry
    10.2K 635 18

    When Clara and foreign exchange student Matt meet at Tardis High, the spark in inevitable... Will Clara be too stubborn to admit it, or will the plans of her friends Rose and Amy bring them together?

  • In Her Eyes (A Whouffle Fanfiction)
    116K 4.5K 33

    The Doctor and Clara. Inseparable travellers through time and space, always running, always adventuring, forever helping. Planets, civilisations, each other- it doesn't matter where or why. Wherever there's trouble they're close behind, solving and healing. Until one day. One dark, impossible day, when an impossible...

  • This Love: A Whoufflé Fanfiction [Paused]
    921 46 4

    The Doctor takes Clara away in The TARDIS and they encounter a mysterious, but also dangerous adventure. Along the way, many secrets are uncovered, and The Doctor and Clara find out things about each other that either ever knew about.

  • Somebody to Die For || #Wattys2015 || Doctor Who fanfic 10th/Clara/Allonswin
    21K 847 13

    Clara remembers. She remembers all the lives she had saving the Doctor. Some memories come on fast, while others seem to come in their own time. Until Clara remembers saving one Doctor that she fell in love with. One Doctor that would change everything, even his own future to save his Clara. 10th/11th/Clara/Allonswin

  • His Favourite Mystery [Doctor Who Fan Fic.]
    3K 125 6

    Clara is The Doctor's favorite mystery, for more reasons than one. Follow along as Clara discovers her multiple pasts, the Doctor remembers his past relationships with her, and they each requiem a long lost love that surpasses even the longest of distances.

  • Fading Out [Whouffle Fanfiction]
    428 30 4

    "You are saving me more than this" Whouffle fanfiction. Your always running, but you won't run forever, your always living...