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  • Witch War
    170 20 3

    To be unified. To be one. And to be none. For a war that cant be won For a girl that cant be cured. For a boy who isnt sure how much of himself remains. For a girl who is a foreigner on her own land. For the child who runs from a shado...

  • Mcloving you (Reader x Ronald Mcdonals)[NSFW]
    11.6K 727 9

    [[NSFW]] join urself on a romantic n mysterious journey w/ ronald mcdonals idk if itll get steamy but maybe

  • Broken Battles I
    1K 37 8

    After grouping together, The Guardians have more threats. For instance, a black four pawed silver eyed creature becoming a Galaxy Wide threat as an Assassin. The Guardians accidently bump into the creature and capture her, bringing her with them. Not only that, but a certain gun-lovin' Guardian has a crush growing on...

  • Johnlock Texts.
    483K 24.7K 46

    Johnlock's everyday texts.

  • Art book
    63 6 3

    My art book I gusse mates

    25.8K 2.6K 204

    Second art book. Don't like my art? Don't hate on me, just go find another book. I take constructive criticism, not plain rude criticism. Requests? No, sorry! Style swaps? Sure Art trade? Probs bro Competitions? YESSSSSS Cover by: Me --------------------------------------- oh god that is the original description OLD...

  • His Kitten - Sebastian x Reader
    1.4M 48.8K 17

    First Book: His Kitten - Second Book: That Kitten, Kidnapped - Third Book: His Kitten, Falling Down First place in the Kuroshitsuji category in the 2014 AWA's I was a maid that was left behind in the middle of the night left with no place to stay, until I ran into a very dashing butler and his young lord. The butler's...

  • нeтalιa ѕlaѕн (cloѕed)
    35.6K 678 11

    Hetalia Lemons, friends. What else? )(New Cover, sorry for any confusion)(

  • That Kitten, Kidnapped - Sebastian x Reader
    916K 34.7K 24

    This is the second book of my series! Oh, you thought things were going well with living in the Phantomhive Manor with your beloved Sebastian? Get ready because it seems like a few demons, and maybe even a reaper have their eyes on you! The first kidnapping was just the beginning.

  • His Kitten, Falling Down - Sebastian x Reader
    877K 31.5K 34

    Psst! This is the third book! The first and second books are on my profile~ New trouble has brewed up in the Phantomhive Manor, Ash is still on the prowl, and an annoying blonde haired brat is enraged with the death of his beloved butler seeks out revenge. Will your relationship with Sebastian carry on, or hang by the...

  • Random Doodles and ETC.
    13K 685 214

    (I HAVE RECENT ART BOOKS OUT THIS IS OLD) Just some stuff I do when I'm not doing anything else Lol Enjoy This includes: Digital Art Traditional Art Stupid stuff that comes up in mah mind I don't know, other stuff?

  • Hetalia lemons! (TAKING REQUESTS!)
    714K 10.2K 41

    uhhhh, lemons, das all XD Taking requests! R-18+

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel x reader
    7.8K 165 2

    Multiple Marvel characters x reader~ including bucky barnes, rocket raccoon, etc.

  • Percabeth Drabbles A-Z
    478K 12.6K 34

    So, this is a collection of little drabbles to go along with the alphabet. I wanna warn you in advance though, these are not in chronolgical order. Anyways, enjoy!

  • Hetalia Oneshots (ReaderxCountry)
    46.7K 1.3K 22

    A bunch of oneshots of readerxcountry stories. Some can notice how much I've improved. From the beginning to the very latest update. I hope you enjoy/please do not request. Slow updates

  • The Face in the Window (Jeff the Killer love story)
    1.4K 106 1

    My new JTK story. I don't THINK it will be unoriginal. o.o

  • Anime One shots! ~mostly lemons
    114K 1.4K 13

    Hey guys! Today is the day (10/28/2016) that this officially changes over to anime one shots rather than just Hetalia! Yay! Hope you guys don't mind the shift

  • Spoopy & Beeb's art book!
    67 7 2

    Why do you need a description? You read the title, didn't you? Nah bro I'm just kidding, if you couldn't tell from the title...this book is basically an art book shared between the both of us. Requests for Shosho (Spoopy): CLOSED ❎ Requests for Jay (Beeb): OPEN ✅ (Please message me on Wattpad or my; kik: MyRealNameIs...

  • Citrus-Scented Hetalia (Reader insert)
    81K 1K 4

    Smut for the anime Hetalia, extending into the recent episodes. Feel free to request! [SLOW UPDATES]

  • The Elites
    55.9K 3K 5

    e·lite- a group or class of people seen as having the greatest power and influence within a society, especially because of their wealth or privilege. Alexandria Wentworth's summer plans are thrown out of the window when her father suddenly wants her to spend the summer with him in the Hamptons. Because she hasn't spok...

  • Rambles of A Fangirl
    913 78 19

    Little rambles about anything and everything.

  • We Remember You (A Five Nights At Freddy's Fanfiction)
    292K 8.1K 9

    Little Sadie never knew the secret behind Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. She always thought the animatronics were the friendliest things she'd met since birth. But then came the bite. The Bite of '87. Little Sadie didn't understand why he did it, why he hurt that poor little girl. Sadie continued to visit Freddy Fazbear's...

  • Mi drawings
    3K 412 52

    This is just a random book I made where I put my drawings and such.They're mostly doodles and sketches so dont blame me if there isnt much colored art.Anyway,enjoy this art book of mine!

  • Hetalia OneShots
    37.8K 933 15

    These are a bunch of Hetalia oneshots. They are reader inserts. Requests are allowed. I do NOT own Hetalia.

  • I got the Air FRESHENERS.
    23K 3.3K 130

    So, hey. I'm Chrissy. I like to draw stuff. *ALL ART IS MINE, PLEASE ASK PERMISSION TO USE* Thanks!

  • Hetalia Oneshots
    75.3K 2.1K 19

    Requests taken broskis!