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  • TSZ Magazine: December 2016 (Issue #4)
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    Abuse is an issue often whispered about in corners, or hidden behind through romantic movies and music. Depicted as the new normal, very few stand against it. This month we step out out of the shadows and we shine light on this topic that often leaves us with few words to say. As we leave behind 2016 and enter into th...

  • TSZ Magazine: August 2016 (Issue #3)
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    In the past few years, we have gone a long way from the society of only embracing girls who fit into size zero clothes. To the hip hop craze of 'big booties' and curves. Although our perception of beauty has changed our influence of what it means to be beautiful is still largely defined by society and the media. This...

  • TSZ Magazine: July 2016 (Issue #2)
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    Happy July everyone!! I know for some this means sparks and fireworks especially for all those Cancer/Leo children around. Happy birthday to all!! But in tune with celebrating life and all that it has to offer we would like to take this month to talk about suicide awareness and self harm. Self harm has been an issue t...

  • TSZ Magazine: June 2016 (Issue #1)
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    Happy Pride Month everybody! Last year we all stood proudly as gay marriage was finally legalized in all 50 states within the US, but this year let's stand and remember all four corners of the world where we are still a far cry from actual acceptance . In this issue of The Safe Zone magazine, we discuss what it means...