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  • 2: I Won't Give Up On Us || DH
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    *this story is a trilogy. please read the first book - no matter how big of a trash pile it is - before reading this one (that's ten times better than the first I assure you)* Join Victoria Lester and the others for the continuation of their adventures. After receiving a letter in the mail, Victoria waits for a confir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fakers » Daniel Howell AU
    82.2K 3.1K 21

    After telling her friends that she had a boyfriend, just so that they would stop trying to set her up on blind dates, Riley Addison has to rely on her childhood best friend, Dan Howell, to help her get through her lie. That lie soon turns into something more. Something different. [First official Danisnotonfire 'fake b...

  • Viral
    117K 5K 22

    Elise Mitchell is an Internet person. She used to watch from the outside, but two years ago she began a YouTube channel with a modest number of subscribers under the alias javastorm, a part of her life she has hidden from her friends and family so far. After a video of hers gradually goes viral, everything changes. S...

  • bad boy howell
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    DISCLAIMER AS OF MARCH 2017: i wrote most of this over 2 years ago when i thought i was all that and was still very young and kinda cringy but still, i hope you like it !! -- daniel james howell. the one who's always trying to get you in bed with him. every girl at ashlen high is in love with him and slept with him, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lightweight (A Danisnotonfire fanfiction)
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    Rebel Macklamoor was born with a famous mother. She had a famous aunt and famous cousins. Although most people dream of fame, she does anything to avoid it. She isn't happy with life and hates herself with marks on her skin to show it. That was until she was looking for an apartment and found two men looking for a roo...