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  • What's behind these walls? (A Maze Runner love/drama story) (NOT FINISHED)
    55 8 6

    A girl named Ella woke up in a box in the glade with Thomas. Who sent her there? You guys say what you want to happen in the comments, if not I just choose. WARNING BORING STUFF: I´m thinking about making more endings, but thats up to you guys. Yes, this is a love story. I dunno, I felt like it. It´s a story about Ell...

  • After the Death Cure (IN EDITING)
    101K 2.7K 48

    Read The Death Cure or else you won't know a thing. You have been warned After The Death Cure is based off The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. This story takes place after the remaining gladers have escaped WICKED'S hands. Trying to live in Paradise isn't always easy you know, especially if the one you loved cam...

  • Adopted by the teen wolf cast
    27.5K 561 16

    Aspen- a 14 year old girl from a small town in Austin Texas. One day her parents left and never came back. Now she's in a orphanage in L.A. Out of no where 2 boys come ad adopt her. What will it lead to? Read to find out...

  • Just To Lose Him{UNDER EDITING}
    13.4K 380 13

    Yeah, we all know the story of the Gladers who came in the box, escaped the maze... But what if it never happened like that? Thomas came up in the box, covered in his own stomach contents... Only to find he was surrounded by a large group of boys, one of which he was... in love with?? (Cover art: Mine) (Characters: J...