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  • Morbid's Members
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    The members of Morbid's ever growing empire. Feel free to join, all you have to do is fill out the form ~Mistress

  • deadly
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    a teen falls in love with a serial killer in weston high

  • Whispers in the Dark | Criminal Minds |
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    Danielle Gray is dating Spencer Reid. The BAU team doesn't know, cause they'd tease Reid, since he'd never been able to even talk to a girl, let alone date one. So, the relationship is a secret to the team, and Danielle's okay with that. When the team has a case on an unsub that kiddnapps women and kills the husband/b...

  • Breathe Under Water - Shadows of the Night 1
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    They are born in the darkness, and they own it like no one else. Anna Johnson stays clear of vampires. She knows what they are capable of. As a witch of the air she is working for the Circle as a researcher, closing her eyes to that which lies in her past. Until one phone call changes everything.