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  • Till The END
    6K 136 3

    AU. During a mission with the Strauss siblings, Natsu saves Lisanna from going to Edolas but in return he had to pay the price with his memories. Natsu proceeds to remember his past life, which leads him to a War with the Greek/Roman Pantheon. [Godlike Natsu x Mega-Harem] I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the other ma...

  • Betrayal Of The Dragon King
    136K 1.8K 18

    Natsu has been hurt. Not physically but mentally as well as emotionally. Fairy Tail is at war with Tartaros and in the middle of the war Igneel finally returns, but also Acnologia and Zeref. Will they tell Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail the truth that Natsu is E.N.D? And if they do how will the rest of Fairy Tail re...

  • Die For You (On Hiatus!)
    6.4K 230 3

    Edited; more information and better structure. After battling a dark guild, Natsu does something that'll save but scar his teammates, forever.

  • The Dragon and Knight (NaZa)
    2.1K 40 2

    This is about a women who like a knight and a man who is like a dragon. Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet 2 regular high schoolers till the day they meet each other everything starts to change.

  • Transcendent
    21.5K 418 6

    The story idea was presented by shadowwreaper2814. ······················································ Natsu Dragneel son of the Fire Dragon King Igneel, younger brother of Zeref and the strongest Demon alive and was a Fairy Tail wizard. But like a certain someone he too was banned from staying in the realm because...

  • Akame ga Dragon (Discontinued)
    17.7K 229 7

    Natsu "magically" gets sent to the world of Akame ga kill, during the fight against Tartaros. Natsu absorbs etherion and gains the ability to cast air, ice, and metal dragon slaying magic. Natsu must learn how to kill and eventually accept his destiny and kill Zeref and avenge Igneel by slaying the Dragon King Acnol...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vengeance
    168K 2.2K 24

    What would have happened if Natsu was the son of Chaos? At Tenrou Island Natsu was betrayed by most of his guildmates and left to die at the hands or claws of Acnologia. Natsu finds out about his origins, and his family. But when Natsu returns back to Earthland will he accepted those who had betrayed him or will he ch...

  • Shadows fill the memories(a fairy tail fanfic: book one!)
    14.3K 544 6

    Natsu wakes up in the fairy tail infirmary. But his only memories are: Name-Nastu Dragneel Magic-fire dragon slayer and demon heart magic He looses his memories of fairy tail but gains the power of a demon! And with zeref in his head, what kind of road will Natsu take? Read to find out!!!!! I don't not own fairy tail...

  • Sadist's Dragon: SALAMANDER
    58.5K 633 12

    I dont own Fairy Tail and Highschool Dxd. After the Tartaros Arc. Igneel died and and Natsu promise that he will become strong as he leave Fairy tail to train in one year.What if Natsu suck into dimensional gap as he met Great Red and he train in 100 years which is equivalent a month in earthland. Great Red sent him t...

  • Sabertooth's Dragon King
    69.6K 1.4K 6

    [ON HIATUS. NEED HELP! PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS!!!] After the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail began to enjoy their reclaimed fame. That is until another infamous guild brawls began to get out of hand. Gray blamed Natsu, who had barely arrived to the guild with Happy, to see...

  • Dragons Of The Dead
    6K 128 3

    After the death of Zeref and Acnalogia. Natsu and other first generations dragon slayers(Sting, Rouge, Gajeel and Wendy) vanish in Earthland. Instead of dying, they are sent to the world where the end is near and dead people are walking. How will they survive? Along with the survivors, they will be fight and survive...

  • Awakening: The Prince
    52.3K 873 6

    When Mavis use the Fairy Sphere and the people taking S-class exam are frozen for seven years. Natsu Dragneel memories about his unknown past revealed. After 7 years, he will look for an answer and become more powerful as his memories in the past will return. There will be an OC and adventure :)

  • FairyTail: Etherious Blood [Book 1/2]
    76.6K 2.8K 68

    *I do not own Fairy Tail nor most of the characters. I only own the story line. Takes place after episode 90 (2014)* *Beware of excessive cussing* (THIS IS MY FIRST FANFICTION, EXPECT IT TO BE KINDA CRUDDY) (UNDERGOING EDITING/REVISING) ----- After the fall of Tartarous, Magnolia was rebuilding a...

  • Dragon's HEART
    8K 137 5

    In the Kamikura Island. The Five Sekireis are assigned to be train by someone that will handle them as their new adjustor. What will it effect to them? Sekirei x Fairy Tail. I don't own Fairy Tail and Sekirei

  • Eternal Scarlet (Fairy Tail|NatZa)
    4.3K 74 2

    An AU where Zeref never gave Natsu to Igneel permanently and instead raised him himself. Four hundred years ago Natsu fell in love with a scarlet haired woman named Iris Okamara. When she died Natsu cut himself off from humanity, instead spending time with his brother and the other demons. Four hundred years later Na...

  • Gone!
    54.7K 1.4K 16

    Fairytail FanFiction!!!! Natsu and happy go on a mysterious mission that no one knows much about. All they know is that it was directed for Natsu Dragneel. The mission was supposed to last one week. Happy came back after when he was supposed to, but he was not with Natsu that causes the guild to go into panic mode...

  • Natza: Love That Only Ends In Heartbreak
    54.7K 1.2K 40

    Fairy tail has always been about protecting your family with your life. Natsu Dragneel is thrusted into a situation that he isn't prepared for and will have to make a choice. Defend Fairy tail? Or defend the one he loves.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Protection
    713 15 3

    What if natsu wasn't only a fire Dragon slayer but also a light and shadow Dragon slayer. What if he was sent by sting and rouges Dragons (I can't remember there names) to protect them and what if he was trained by them find out in this story.

  • Legend Of The Dragneels
    144K 1.9K 32

    Ever since Igneel had died he felt alone but then he had Lucy, his girl friend, what could go wrong? The day he decides to propose to Lucy was the same day he found out she was cheating on him, with his best friend Gray. He runs away only to bump into the most unlikely person to be bumped into. Follow this story and s...

  • A Dark Secret? (Discontinued)
    12.2K 170 35

    This story has been discontinued if you want to read it go ahead, but the rewritten version is on my profile I highly suggest that you read that version as it makes much more sense than this one. So please be patient on the new fanfiction and I hope you enjoy it. ~Maddie

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon's Assasin
    80.8K 1.1K 20

    What If After fighting Ikatsunagi. Natsu was sent to another world where empire is corrupted and ruled by young emperor and a corrupted prime Minister. How Natsu will come home? how he will survive in the land full of corrupted people?

  • Fairytail: E.N.Ds Awakening
    110K 3.4K 42

    It's getting near the final battle with Zeraf. Natsu has practiced his magic excessively for a whole year to be able to beat him and Gray trained to destroy Zeraf's strongest demon E.N.D. When all the guilds, light and dark, in Foire band together as the end of the world begins.

  • Bound by Fate
    8.3K 336 22

    Natsu and Lucy have been dating for about two years and everything is perfect until one day a girl named Lisanna shows up at the guild (Lisanna and Natsu knew each other when they were kids but later in the story that's when they will remember) she had no interest in being In a relationship until she starts hanging ou...

  • Scarlet Nightmare (Fairy Tail Erza S x Natsu x Erza K/OC) [On Hold]
    8.7K 131 7

    Her name is Ember Knightwalker. Identical twin sister of Erza Scarlet. After Erza is kidnapped to be a slave for the Tower of Heaven Ember was found by the guild master of the Dark Guild Edolas and joined under her sister's real name as Erza Knightwalker where she is known as the 'Fairy Hunter' as she has killed many...

  • Crimson Salamander [BOOK 1]
    103K 1.2K 23

    Fairy tail x High school Dxd cross over The story of Natsu Dragneel and two other dragon slayer Gajeel and Wendy. I do not own fairy tail or High school Dxd, only the OC. It will had at least 2 girls that Natsu will pair. The story will focus on Natsu. (Fairy tail): it will start in Tenrojou Island Arc where fairy ta...

  • Faries Do Exist
    3.3K 173 24

    Mavis made a mistake separating Natsu from the other fairy tail members on Tenrou. She was devastated when she found his body floating in the ocean thought to be dead. He awoke, but with no recollection of his life. Mavis returned the memories she finds in his heart, but the others are scattered. She vows to stay by h...

  • Natsu's Little Dragoness
    146K 1.7K 12

    Natsu is known in the guild as Immature, irresponsible and childish attitude. What if Natsu has a secret that no one knows except Happy? After the Tartaros Incident and failing to become S-class. He will be have no other purpose in life other than to be get strong. Who is it other one that will give life to him?

  • Quitting Being A Fairy / FORSAKEN // FAIRY TAIL FANFICTION
    54.6K 1.9K 44

    "𝕋𝕠 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕨𝕒𝕤 𝕒 𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘, 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕖, 𝕚𝕥 𝕨𝕒𝕤 𝕒 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕖." Change was terrifying. Everyone knows that it would someday come without fail, it was inevitable, after all. Most of the time, change makes a lot of things better. It just so happened that the change that Natsu...

  • Dragneel's Heir
    29K 327 4

    Rias Gremory is the heir of Gremory household. She is engage with the house of Phenex, which she hate so much. What if she will also be engage to someone heir who is said to be the lost house. What will be her fate in this new discovery and wjat she will be feel to her new fiance?

  • The Missing Prince
    2.7K 78 6

    In a land far, far away lives the kingdom called Fiore. 400 years ago lived dragons. The dragons went missing along with the prince of the kingdom. Now that there are no dragons, there is only guilds. A guild is a place where magicians go to find job requests to make money.