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  • GGO:Phantom Returns
    7.7K 177 15

    This is about everything that takes place after GGO and mother's Rosary. Kirito is trying to get over the death of his beloved Asuna..he had been growing close with Shino(Sinon). Shino decides to check out GGO again since she hasn't been back. Kazuto gets concerned about Shino and also goes into GGO. A tournament hap...

  • Glad We Met
    3.9K 83 4

    The story takes place around 5 months after mother's rosario. Asuna breaks up with Kirito who falls into a deep depression. Sinon stays with him to make him feel better. But when things start happening in their lives, what will happen? Disclaimer: I do not own Sword Art Online Note: The school days in japan is gonna...

  • I Will Never Leave U(kinon Lov Story Kiritoxsinon
    381 20 5

    This my first love story so don't judge if its horrible

  • Undeniable love (DISCONTINUED)
    2K 88 14

    This is after the GGO incident and Mother's Rosario Kazuto and Asuna haven't been getting along well in the real world after what had happened with Kirito seeing Asuna with another guy doing all the things that they did. With Kazuto not knowing what to do his first thoughts were to talk about it with Shino Asada. Then...

  • The Unhealable Wounds
    17.5K 212 10

    Please don't hate me for this but as much as i hate seeing our old aged SAO pairing of AsunaxKirito i wanna show some love and caring towards this cute couple KiritoxShino (and i have made my decision this story will include a full lemon, but just know that you have been fully warned early on) Hope you guys enjoy :3...

  • Girl wars Sao
    2.5K 37 3

    Kirito has a huge problem, all the girls he flirted with are fighting it out to get him. Sinon,Asuna,Sugiha,Liz, scilica and Alice (under world online) Are now in reality trying to sabotage and kill each other, what girl will end up with Kirito.

  • Unsure
    9.4K 203 9

    Kirito realizes he has started to grow feelings for Sinon. But he still wants to be loyal to Asuna. Which will he choose?

  • Kirito x Sinon
    31.3K 313 10

    This is going to be a story on my most favorite ship of all time Kirito and Sinon. I plan on making it more based in IRL but may do a few dive chapters if you would all like

  • ↪ ignition
    62.4K 1K 21

    known as: one blade, one gun, two hearts that ignite #1 - kiritoxsinon △ WRITTEN IN 2015, CONTAINS CRINGE WRITING AND PLOT HOLES △

  • Love In a War Zone Book 1: Laughing Coffin
    1.4K 34 8

    I didn't want to go to war. I didn't want to hear the tolls again. I'll I wanted was to be at ease, get rid of my fear, and see Kirito again. But everything that you wish for, sometimes doesn't come true. It's been 5 months since I came out off GGO alive. Even though the third death gun was still out there I was a lit...

  • Shino Asada's Story
    2.2K 48 12

  • Kinon one shots: Kirito and Sinon
    13.7K 285 33

    Hey everyone so since updating are a little slow with my other Sword Art Online stories (Guns, Swords, and Love and Love in a War Zone series ) I'm going to give you guys one shots of my favorite shipping in SAO. So there will be one every week starting this week and if you guys want me to continue a specific one shot...

  • Sword and Bullets(Kirito x Sinon)
    6.4K 73 5

    Welp, please other SAO fanatics like me please don't kill me...Im doing it for teh experience and because I feel like it :/ Love ya guys tho :D

  • The BlackSwordsMen and the Sniper
    3.6K 116 14

    A kinon fan fiction from SAO that I wrote over on my IG @legendary.kirito.kirigaya

  • The Moment
    1.9K 62 4

    Should this be a one shot? Comment yes or no. Read to find out more about this heart-wrenching tale about 2 teens, Asada and Kazuto. With the rather, pushy enemy, Asuna.

  • Falling for who?
    8.5K 95 4

    Asuna is getting married, not by Kirito. But someone else. Asuna has to say goodbye to everyone. Kirito has been depressed for the past weeks. So Sinon comes to help him feel better. Will it work, will something happen? Find out!

  • Forbidden Love
    39K 394 12

    This kinon story takes place after the death gun incident. But , I won't do what every other kinon writer does. So no losing memory, and no original characters. I will honestly try my best to make the characters act and say what they would really say.

  • Thankful
    37K 592 12

    Soon after the GGO incident was over, Asuna has been acting suspicious whenever Kirito is around. What is she up too? How will Kirito react to the issue? Read and find out. Yes if you can't tell by the cover of this story, this is indeed a Kinon story (Kirito x Sinon) (Terrible summary I know)

  • <|| My heart is forever yours ||> [ON HOLD]
    19.7K 337 11

    Hey guys! Another Kirito x Sinon by me... Kirito transfered to a new school with a new friend named Asada Shino. Some people call her the 'murderer' but Kirito didn't care. After a few unexpected events . Will their friendship be something more? See their journey together as they fight side by side through the death g...

  • The Healing of a Frozen Heart
    37.1K 826 14

    Soooo. Little Sinon x Kirito Fanfiction. Constructive criticism greatly appreciated. Hope you guys enjoy! ^-^

  • "I Love You"
    15.5K 276 9

    My first fanfic, don't judge plz( ^ω^ ) Shino Asada always had a crush on Kirigaya Kazuto. The moment she laid eyes on him, love at first sight (I know cheesy right?) He soon became her best friend, but that feeling never went away. It grew stronger. But what was this feeling? Does he feel the same way? Or will Asuna...

  • A Sinper's Love
    17.5K 247 10

    Kazuto Kirigaya is happy in life. He has cleared the death game know as SAO, saved the love of his life from her imprisonment in the new VRMMO, ALO. 7 Months have gone by, Kazuto has discoverd the identity of Death Gun. Life returns to normal, until one day Asuna has to leave and go somewhere far way.. forever. As Kaz...

  • Kirito+Sinon (Incomplete)
    54.1K 780 22

    Ever since Asuna passed away, Kirito has been agonizing over her death. Sinon, seeing this, wants to comfort Kirito. How will Sinon and Kirito's relationship work out? (Out of character, unfinished)

  • an unexpected love
    3.4K 109 7

    in this fan fiction kirito/kazuto is dating asuna and he thinks he is in love with her but soon realizes who he truly loves (this is my first fan fiction so if its not too good then I'm sorry and I'll try harder) (oh yea I don't own SAO but I wish I did)

  • Kinon Online
    5.8K 147 18

    An adventure dedicated to the most Holy ship in the world Kinon <3

  • Guns, Swords, and Love
    51.7K 743 28

    After the GGO incident Sinon starts on having these weird feelings towards her partner Kirito and she doesn't know what these feelings are. Asuna also starts threatning her and a new threat starts making its way to the GGO world. Would Kirito protect Sinon from Asuna and this mysterious threat that might be worse than...

  • Sword Art Online: Switch {Kinon Fanfic}
    85.9K 1.1K 20

    Kinon fan-fic cause, why not?! Summary: Shino was a young beautiful girl who was always shy. Her mother had been "killed" years before and the only place she could be free was in the VRMMO, Gun Gale Online, until one day a stranger appears and changes her whole world.

  • Bulletproof {SAO//GGO Fan-fic}
    109K 2.9K 44

    After defeating Death Gun in GGO, Kirito introduces Sinon to SAO. Sinon beguns to develop friendships with his friends and have a new beginning to life. Sinon and Kirito's friendship begin to grow even more as they stay partners. Though after an occurrence in events take a turn in Kirito's life, they are both put into...