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  • Betting Boy
    17.8K 1K 15

    Kian is set on becoming part of the elite Cheaters Club. When he moves into a dorm room opposite Isabelle, and starts a blog about the Cheaters Club, his opportunity to join is closer than he thinks. But will he risk his relationship with Isabelle for a place in the Cheaters Club? Written by Beth Reekles

  • Billionaire Brother
    12K 677 9

    Carol Willoughby Sainton the tenth has it all. Money, women, looks, even a castle with its own ghost. Not to mention he's set to inherit the family title. But what he doesn't have is Cicily-the only girl he ever loved. Sent to New York to spend time with his "perfect" older brother, Holden, Saint discovers Cicily is...

  • Bad Babe
    9.9K 480 7

    Two years ago today, Mackenzie Dowland's younger sister went off the rails after she was betrayed by some guy claiming to belong to a "Cheaters Club". Today, Mackenzie has finally unearthed the location of this mysterious club, and she's about to bring it down from the inside out - one arrogant jerk at a time. Writte...

  • The Cheaters Club
    137K 4K 35

    Finn Harlow lost everything the moment he walked in on his fiancé in the arms of her lover. Just when he thinks life can't get more complicated, he's invited to join a club of gentlemen who specialize in seducing women. It's the last thing he wants, but when given a bet he can't refuse, Finn finds himself over his hea...

  • British Boy
    14.1K 788 16

    Berkley's a writer and prefers a simple lifestyle to the one he grew up with. When he's approached by none other than Holden Drake about an offer he can't resist, he gets pulled into the world of The Cheaters Club and a girl he'd never thought he would see again. Written By: @amandaJtommo

  • Billionaire Bryde
    14.7K 861 8

    Faced by life-altering choices... Bryde Watkins, former playgirl and heiress to a billion-dollar empire, prefers a simpler life, living under the radar...until her family's business is threatened by one powerful man--Bryant Osgoode. When Bryde finds him at the exclusive Cheaters Club, Bryant names his demands: marry h...

  • Broken Boy
    30.7K 1.7K 23

    A.J. Kinsey knew he was never meant to love until he meets the one woman he'll break all the Cheaters Club rules for...even if it leaves him broken. written by @MarriedtoArod Updates on Fridays