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  • Heaven can wait
    511 66 30

    Tell the angels no, I don't want to leave my baby alone I don't want nobody else to hold you That's the chance I'll take Baby I'll stay, Heaven can wait No, if the angels took me from this earth I would tell them bring me back to her It's a chance I'll take, maybe I'll stay Heaven can wait Adam Lambert lived with his...

  • So cold /On Hold/
    194 42 20

    Oh, you can't hear me cry, see my dreams all die. From where you're standing on your own. *** After Adam lost his husband, he became a bloodthirsty and cold-hearted vampire. He kills for pleasure, and create fear wherever he goes. To put an end to all the killing, Adam's brother betrays him to the vampire council. He...

  • Tears from the moon /On Hold
    638 126 45

    Couldn't sleep so I went out walking. Thinking about you and hearing us talking. All the things, I should have said. Echo now, inside my head. *** Adam lives in Germany with his husband and their two kids. They have promised each other to stay together, no matter what happens. But everything changes when they are ta...

  • Glamily Questions/Poems
    2.3K 189 61

    I decided to do a questions and answers book where all of the glambert can ask Adam Tommy and Sauli questions and they will answer the questions. The questions can be anything from supernatural to favorite activities and you all can even ask them funny questions. I hope that you all will enjoy the questions and answer...

  • A darkness in the bayou(on hold)
    160 10 5

    Everyone that you loved will be destroyed The darkness is our kingdom Adam, his husband, and their children have moved into a gorgeous house in New Orleans and the reason why they moved is because Adam wanted his children to have a better life. As they are moving into the house a man who's walking his dog tells Adam...

  • Comin in hot
    326 72 35

    Comin' in hot, comin' in hot, no chill for me Comin' in hot, comin' in hot, red wine and weed *** Adam runs a bar together with his husband. They're both drugs dealers. They've also two kids. One day, a drug deal goes wrong and Adam is sentenced to 37 years in prison. His children are placed in foster care. Years pa...

  • Velvet//on hold
    88 8 4

    Just like velvet And I knew and I knew it was cool the first time I felt it I got that feeling tonight Be my velvet 'Cause I can't get enough of your touch, I'm crushin' I got that feelin', I, I got that feelin' tonight Adam lives in Los Angeles with his two children and he's a famous fashion designer who designer clo...

  • Sweet dreams are made of this
    1K 216 70

    "I've invited a friend for dinner." I said. "You really love Tim, don't you?" asked Robin. "I have invited Vlad." I said. *** Adam lives with his two children in Los Angeles. He lost his husband in a car accident. His son took it hardest and his daugther doesn't understand that her father is dead. His son Robin has a...

  • Aftermath(on hold)
    226 19 8

    I will always protect you. You're my son and you mean the whole world to me. Adam has a very rough life due to his foster mother abusing him and so after taking so much of her abuse toward him, Adam run away from home. After doing some paperwork on the different cases that she had to do, Olivia leave work for the day...

  • Love the way you lie
    1.2K 133 60

    On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright. Then this thing turned out so evil. I don't know why I'm still surprised. *** Adam lives with his family in Los Angeles. He loves his daugthers and his husband. He has everything he wanted. Everyone who meets him is drawn to his charm. But behind the perfe...

  • The prince's tale
    1.7K 114 63

    "You have to leave him away!" said Esmeralda. I looked at my son, while tears filled my eyes. "I'll never forget you!" I replied. "I love you...Severus!" said Esme before she took her last breath. *** Adam lives with a foster family after he was adandoned. But his foster partens are very strict and it gets worse when...

  • Night of the damned /On hold
    490 53 27

    "You're risking your life by protecting me!" said Javi. "I'm willing to take that risk!" I replied. *** Adam lives in London in the late 1800s with his two twins daughters. His husband died in a tragic accident. He works as a detective and help police solve murders. The city is hit by new murders. Young boys are fou...

  • Prince of Darkness
    1.9K 227 80

    "Everyone will remember my name, I'm the most feared vampire who have walked on this earth!" I said. "Goodbye my king!" replied Jonathan. *** Adam Tepes lives in Transylvania. He saw his family being murdered by a vampire slayers. His heart was filled with darkness and hate after that day. Young boys and men suddenl...

  • I'm just an ordinary girl
    1.3K 111 53

    I really love the role I play. The songs I sing But with all the fame. The things that seem so simple, suddleny, so far out of reach. Wish that they could see the underneath. I'm just an ordinary girl. *** Adam lives in LA with his dog Pharaoh and his new boyfriend Javi Costa Polo. He has just released his new single...

  • Tell me you love me
    1.1K 68 39

    Moonshine on the bayou Love shrine break the taboo I wanna know what's in your potion Bound by total devotion Adam is the son of The Dark Lord and Bellatrix and he's also the god brother of Harry as well as the godson of Severus. Adam is also a evil sassy wizard and he's apart of the Slytherin house. Tommy Lupin is th...

  • Neon Lights // Demi Lambert
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    Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert are struggling artists in LA. When they both meet, sparks fly. They decide to join forces and rise in fame together. Join Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert in happiness, Love, Anger and frustration as luck goes up and down. Especially when blackmail is happening

  • Adam Lambert One Shots
    5.3K 112 13

    I wrote a bunch of one shots on my instagram _1877_ and I just want to share them with you :)

  • Behind Closed Doors
    138 5 1

    She laughs until it hurts, her eyes shine with the glow of a flashlight, and she's always there to pick her friends back up. But no one knows that she cries herself to sleep every night dreaming of what she could be. Bullied in school for being herself, her family life in the ruins, and no one there to save her. Welco...

  • Runnin' From My Heart (Adam Lambert Fan Fic)
    8.8K 500 27

    I've been standing here my whole life / Everything I've seen twice/ Now its time I realized its spinning back around now/ On this road I'm crawlin/ Save me cause i'm fallin/ Now i can't breathe right/ Cause I keeps runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin/ Runnin from my heart. ~Runnin' by Adam...

  • For Your Entertainment
    11.4K 652 57

  • Voodoo (Wattys 2016)
    9.4K 576 36

    Amelia Grace, a 20 year old girl who works at a hotel for living. She really doesn't complain but her big goal is to meet Adam Lambert and become a great famous singer. Little does she know how her life will twist around.

  • Staying Strong
    1.4K 49 46

    This is a story about the baby Salvatore Arizona and she will fall in love and deal with life as the baby Salvatore. Will she crumple or stay strong

  • Boy don't cry//on hold
    180 14 5

    We'll always support you in everything that you do. Our love for each other will never ever fade away. Adam is born transgender and he feels that he wasn't meant to be a male because he's meant to be a female. When Adam tells his twin older brothers Tom and Bill, and best friend Sutan about his decision about being a...

  • Another bites the dust
    2.1K 120 41

    "I know I should stay away from you!" said Tommy. "You're a smart guy!" I replied with a smirk in my face. "But I can't!" he said. *** Adam and his kids has moved from Transylvania to London. He looks forward to starting a new life and forget the past. A few days later he met a guy named Tommy. It's love at first sig...

  • See you again
    654 101 30

    "I'm so done with lies!" said Charlie. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you!" I replied. "I want to know the truth!" she said. "I'm a werewolf!" I replied. *** Adam lives in Tennessee with his daughter. They were once a happy family, but he lost both his son and husband in a tragic accident. Adam has started drinkin...

  • Son of Maleficent
    5.8K 143 23

    "Have you ever fall in love?" asked Tommy. I looked away and sighed. "I don't know how love feels like!" I said. *** Adam is the son of the most evil villain in history. The witch who tried to kill Aurora a long time ago. Her name is Maleficent. Adam and his sister Mal grew up on The Isle of the lost. They both lov...

  • Masquerade
    1.1K 87 35

    "Please father, don't kill him!" I begged. "You have brought shame over our family!" he said coldly. The axe fell and I let out a scream. *** Adam is a prince and he lives in a beautiful castle with his family. He loves to play with his little sister and go to the village. His parents think it's time for him to fin...

  • My heart will go on
    2.4K 201 45

    "Excuse me sir, do you know if my husband is here?" I asked. "What's his name?" asked the capitan. "George Dawson!" I said. "I'm sorry!" he replied. *** Adam and his family wants to start a new life in New York. His husband buys third class tickets to Titanic. But nobody knew that the ship would soon face a tragic fa...

  • Feel something
    1.2K 107 47

    I've grown with the pain, bathed in the lonely. All I want in this moment is someone to hold me. *** Adam lost his husband and their daughter in a horrible car accident. He falls into a dark depression. He's dating guys who uses him. He stats drinking and takes drugs to cope with the pain. One day he finds an uncon...

  • Can't be tamed
    2.4K 120 53

    Every guy, everywhere, just gives me mad attention. Like I'm under inspection. *** Deep down underground rule vampires. Adam is the head of a nightclub. He enjoys drinking blood from guys until they die. The parties are wild and there are no rules. But one night he accidentally draws too much attention. As punishmen...