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  • Harry Styles One Shots
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    Just Harry Styles one shots. I will be inviting friends to submit their one shots here if they wish. It will be like our little fair. Friends sharing one shots and having a good time. an invitation to people around the world to contribute a piece.

  • The FanFair
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    The FanFair is a place for you to find and connect with people who love the things you love. It's a place to immerse yourself in all of your favorite fandoms, discover lesser-known fanfiction writers, and geek out with your fellow Wattpadders. We'll have essays, interviews, advice columns, writer spotlights, and every...

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    Winners of our 1D one-shot competitions will be published here.

  • 「 Guida Fanfiction › Fanfair 」
    9.3K 887 39

    Guida al mondo delle Fanfiction e dei Fandom, per chi è già dentro i feels fino al collo e chi non ha ancora idea che sta per aprire il vaso di Pandora. Why fanfiction? Because the story is not over until we say so.

  • Wattpad Author Interviews
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    Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of your fav fanfic writer? Ever wanted to know a little bit more about what makes them tick? So did we! So we asked, and here are the answers....

  • Interview Book (English)
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    Well , I do interviews I guess! Come on in! All Rights Reserved © magioula 2018