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  • MCYT: Short Stories
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    "Life is short," he began, sitting down in the rickety old chair. "If it were a book, it would be even shorter. Life is described by three words. Birth to death." A pen clicked, followed by a wistful sigh. "But what goes on in life, is what fills those empty pages. You write the chapters in your book of life, and the...

  • The Minecraftian Tales: Rise of the Sky Army
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    "I understand that this new council member... has never been able to see eye to eye with some of you, but I believe in forgiveness." Techno stated, "May I present King Squid of the Southern Oceans!" "WHAT?!" The remaining ex-members of Team Crafted shrieked in unison as the killer of Commander Skylen happily waltzed i...

  • Mythical Guardians
    2.4K 216 45

    Welcome to Peramis, a world filled to the brim with magical wonders. Yet, the majority of humans live their lives in complete ignorance of the so called mythical creatures around them. While the dominant species still forged on, causing catastrophic harm to the magical world that they barely even know about, carrying...

  • Stuck: a ssunkipz story
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    Note: this story is based of the youtuber's minecraft SKINS, not the actual people. Ian and Quentin are fused together into one being and must find a way to un fuse. Note: this story will contain some angst, hopefully lots of comedy, and swearing. (For the use of comedy and drama). Also some blood. Very little blood...

  • Minecraft Short Stories
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    Hey everyone, this is a place for Minecraft short stories, which will include some back stories for Hybrids of Team Crafted and The Legend of Herobrine universe, so this is kind of a companion book if you wanna know more about the characters within. This is also where most of my tags are, and I will post news on updat...

  • Welcome to the Manor
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    Basic Summary: Adam = Dead Note: This story will contain swearing, blood, and of course, murder. So if your sensitive to that, go read Stuck. Or some other book. This story will be told in a comic book style. With colored pages! But keep in mind that this will mean that it will take longer to update. Written by: xShad...

  • Fallen Gods
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    Gods, supreme beings of immense power, often thought to be all knowing and all powerful. But little do people know, they are often just shadows of what they were portrayed to be. And yes, they do lose their way, quite often, in fact. Caught in a tricky situation between two gods who had been holding a grudge against...

  • The Legend of Herobrine
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    PREQUEL TO THE HYBRIDS OF TEAM CRAFTED SERIES After the creation of Minecraftia, Brine was created. Notch called him his brother, and made him immortal. Brine strived to be as good as Notch, to protect the blocky realm from threats that threaten to take over or destroy it. And indeed, there is a threat that stirs. ...

  • The Struggles of the Soap *ON HOLD*
    2.1K 120 13

    Four groups. One war. Neutrality is a lie. The land is not ruled by one or the other, but by misunderstanding. Gods clash. So do the people. Everyone picks a side. Neutrality is a lie.

  • End Of An Empire: A Skydoesminecraft/ YouTubers Story (Old Version)
    7K 465 26

    When it comes to the Skaldia Kingdom, the King could care less. But his son does care, Prince Adam Skylen. Adam knowns his home is in trouble and is willing to do anything to save it. Even if it takes going against his own father, but his father finds out about his son's intentions and gets someone to 'take care of' A...

  • Dkhzdjsjejwjejjw
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  • Hybrids of Team Crafted
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    When a trip to the End goes terribly wrong, Team Crafted found themselves in a peculiar situation...when the hybrids guardians of Minecraft arise at the summons of what had chosen them in the first place. An even worse news is that the crimson eclipse is about to occur, and a figure with glowing red eyes will stop a...

  • Random One Shots.
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    I have no idea how to describe these little scenes so just read. XD

  • Changed.
    1.7K 191 30

    Meet Amethyst. Herobrine's daughter. Read about her simple joys and sad grievances. See how she picks herself up and gets on with life. When she was a girl, she was kidnapped by a hero, and tortured. Changed. For a long time. Escape came. But would she pay the price? This is a fanfiction but it can also be classified...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brines (#Wattys2015)
    47K 1.6K 38

    One normal day of squid hunting goes horribly wrong when Sky gets kidnaped by the evil Herobrine to conduct an experiment on him. Now he is Skybrine, a remorseless killer intent on helping his master conquer all of Minecraftia. It's up to the rest of Sky's friends to rescue him before he ends up killing everyone he c...

  • The Sacred Blades
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    Long ago, Notch divided some of his power amongst 8 warriors, placing the power in 8 sacred blades But war arose against a great evil The war was won, but 7 of the warriors were killed, leaving only 1 To protect the blades of the lost from those who would abuse their power, Notch used his magic to hide the blades in...

  • Remembering To Stay
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    Hello. I am, not normal. Everyone tells me so. But I don't remember why.

  • Book 5: Forever Immortal
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    You didn't think the adventures ended with four books now, did you? Welcome to the book of one-shots, extra info, and behind-the-scenes stuff :3

  • Secrets Revealed [Discontinued]
    3.5K 197 27

    Original, non-canon book of the Immortal Chronicles Maybe if they had been more careful, he wouldn't have been found. Maybe if they had actually tried, he wouldn't need to run. It's too late now. There's only a week left. Now they need to watch their steps. The truth mustn't be told. They just can't know. After all, w...

  • Five Tips on How to Write a Good Story
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    Lots of people have asked me for advice on writing. And so I thought I'd offer five simple tips that a beginner (or even a more-seasoned) writer might find helpful. Hope you find something useful here.

  • despondency ; setosolace
    1.3K 96 1

    "He is real, and I know it." | setosolace one shot | | the drawing of seto and brice does not belong to me |

    Completed   Mature
  • NetherCraft School - Kid Creepypastas
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    This story is about some creepypastas starting at NetherCraft school!

  • A Deadly Coma (A Skybrine story): Book 2 to the Sky Army Series
    51.3K 1.7K 34

    After everything is fixed. Everyone is having a good time. It seems like the evil in the world is gone. That is what they think. Sky does not feel alright for some reason. He feels sick and weak. Then one day he passes out. His friends take him to the hospital and it turns out that he is in some deadly coma. Everyone...

  • Enderlox: Book 1 in the Sky Army Series
    46.8K 1.6K 20

    Ty and Jason want to go to the End. Sky tags along with them. Once they get there everything changes. Ty is affected by the Enderdragon. Sky tries to save him. But Ty figures out the truth about his past. He figures out the secrets Sky has been keeping from him. That Sky has been lieing to him since they first met. Th...

  • You Can Change {Papyrus x Chara}
    15.6K 372 5

    I did this for me. If you don't ship, BE GONE WITH YOU!!! Plus, this may be about 4 or 5 chapters, but I'm trying to make the story and romance good. ~ LEMON FREE ~

  • Remind Me
    24.1K 1.2K 27

    In a jump map gone wrong, Sky loses his memories of his friends, the Sky Army, and his hatred for squids... He also forgets that 'budder' is actually gold. OH NO! *This was originally posted on, but I figured I'd post the series here for ease of access.* **No, there are no gay ships in this. There are i...

  • Breaking the fourth wall: Bloxie's book
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    Pretty much going into a book (breaking the fourth wall on the way), saving the characters and ultimately ruining the ending originally created by the author. This is going to be fun. The book we are ruining is written by @Bloxiegirl123 and it's called Sky Army's Defeat. This book starts at chapter 19, so I HIGHLY re...

  • Young Team Crafted
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    Tiny Sky is only four when his mommy tells him to run from the zombies attack them. Sky now has to survive on his own in the big, scary, Minecraft world, at only four. Can he do it?

  • Teen Team Crafted
    242K 7K 40

    (SEQUEL TO YOUNG TEAM CRAFTED) Ty is gone. That's pretty much the only thing that matters in Sky's mind. He's determined to find Ty and bring him back safely. But what happens when someone unwanted breaks free? Find out what happens in Teen Team Crafted. (Cover made by: @DemPenguins , go check them out! :D)

  • Unpredicted: An Adesa Fan Fiction
    2.1K 125 24

    Alesa left everything behind to start a new life in the Sky Army. This leaves the girl different from the others. But Sky sees her differently from the others. He starts having feelings for her; Something he hadn't felt in a long time. So he decides to make a move and go out, but things don't go as planned. Little di...