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  • The Archer Princess
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    "I told you. I never did anything wrong." Her voice faded into a weak whisper. The Prince's eyes grew cold. "Beat her again. Beat her until she spills." The prince walked and turned away removing all possibility of pitying or giving compassion to the girl. Angel wailed in pain. The prince blinked away a hardened look...

  • Everything Disney
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    Interesting facts about Disney movies and characters that you never knew before. All the greatest movies- from The Lion King to Frozen, there'll be facts about all of the best. There will also be news about upcoming Disney movies, some of my drawings, a couple one-shots and updates from the Walt Disney animation compa...

  • A Miraculous Fairytale
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    Marinette Dupain-Cheng is an average peasant girl growing up in a small village named Parisilia. It is strictly under the rule of King Gabriel. Since her father was murdered by the King's men years ago, she has learned to fend for herself with the help of her friend Alya. Living in the village isn't easy, especially...