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  • Mianite's Shadow Prophecy
    154K 4.3K 63

    The first installment of the Mianite Shadow Prophecy. First Book: Mianite's Shadow Prophecy Second Book: Heart of the Origin Third Book: A Last Hope A new threat has arisen across the Land of Mianite, and an old prophecy has been rediscovered. One person has been Chosen to lead the war against this new enemy, but will...

  • Blood Stained Woods (SyndiSparklez)
    21.1K 1K 29

    AU/AH When Jordan arrived, sword in one hand, book in the other, he was told he was invited to destroy the menace lurking in the woods. A stable man, with the ideals of justice and balance interwoven into the seams of clothes is thrown into a state of chaos when the mystery of just who is the destructive force attack...

  • Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Teacher
    1.6M 52.2K 48

    The Giant war is over and Percy Jackson is spent. Finally there's a chance he can be with Annabeth for a while and he eagerly awaits the summer they have planned together. But when Hecate shows up and sends Percy on a new quest, it could be the by far stupidest thing he has ever done. He must be the new teacher at Hog...

  • Sea Dragon
    159K 5.7K 27

    Percy would never have predicted the events that awaited him. With his luck and the unforgiving Fates, he knew that whatever was planned for him would be agony. {In progress of editing and weekly updates.} Weekly updates is a lie, don't trust me in keeping scheduel. I'm horrendous in keeping up with updates. (Disclaim...

  • Turning Tides (Percy Jackson/HTTYD crossover)
    307K 9.8K 47

    Percy wakes up in a strange forest. It is not the forest in camp. He doesn't know where he is, but at least this time he knows who he is. He hears a shout off in the distance. "Hey! Stop it Bud!" --------------------------------------------------------- I do not own many of these characters. They either belong to...

  • Crafter High School AU: Revision
    903 82 4

    Follow their stories and how they survive -- Mitch has been moved around a lot and has finally found a home equal to him, maybe. Ty knows damn well if his secret is spilled, he's going to lose everything. Jason's just trying to get back on his feet, with that being impossible. Ian's trying his best, but keeps falling...

  • Headphones // Merome
    285K 11.9K 64

    Mitch doesn't take off his headphones. The little earbuds always understand him. Well, the lyrics playing through them. He sits back, struggling through senior year, alone as he likes it. But someone doesn't want him to be alone. Someone is tired of watching Mitch get beat up by life. That someone will find a way to t...

  • The Ender Heir: Book One of the Heir Series: Teamcrafted
    23K 950 37

    Ty has always felt a connection the ruins around Astina but that's all it ever felt to him. Just some feeling. His memory problems and supposed dyslexia were always seen as a curse in his eyes as nothing ever made it better. Until she appeared that is. Join Ty and his friends as they take a dive deep into Ty's hidden...

  • (On hiatus) Philophobia (Geno x reaper sans)
    26.7K 1K 9

    'LOVE, an anagram used to trick those who passed by the ruins, used by me to trick the unworthy ones. LOVE was poison, a drug. Once you got some, you needed more and they got exactly that. More LOVE, more determination.'

  • Scifell: captured
    8.8K 356 34

    Sci has been imprisoned all of his life ever since he was five he's been a prisoner then at thirteen his master decided to start using him as a sex slave. When a new person buys the house can sci truely trust them or will he be a slave again?

  • Stygian (Percico)
    11.6K 518 9

    I don't own these characters. To Nico's knowledge, Percy's dead. In actuality, he's closer than he thinks. Shortly after his boyfriend dies, Nico finds a dog on the streets if New York and brings him home. (This is a sad story but has a really happy ending)

  • ink!sans x error!sans
    7.7K 120 3

    error doesn't have social skills so here's an old story abt it ~ in this book, your comments and such are replacements for the voices in Error and Inks head! THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED BY @8unnyLover !! DROP EVERYTHING AND GO VIEW THEIR BOOKKSSSSS (PLEASE AND THANK YOU)

  • Sanders Side-Shots
    62.4K 2K 18

    Cute little one-shots about Thomas Sanders and his personalities based off of your suggestions.

  • LightxL: I'll make it...
    10.3K 461 23

    (AU!!!) There has been a lot of theories that Light Yagami is adopted, so I came up with this idea not long ago ^-^ (by the way I had to change the ages of a few characters so in this story L and Light are the same age) Light's mother, Aika Hayashi, a 24 year old Japanese prostitute works long nights to suppo...

  • Secret Admirer (Skylox) (ON HOLD)
    942 82 6

    Adam has been receving letters from a stranger who calls themselves 'Secret Admirer'. Will he ever find out who it is? Or will he be too late? Read and find out... (Bad with summaries)

  • Unique
    20.6K 975 44

    Perfect. That's what everyone in the kingdom has to be. That's what Adam isn't, and he knows it. Golden eyes are no normal thing, they aren't perfect, and to Adam they're his curse. Everyday since he was a child he has worn a pair of sunglasses to hide his eyes, to keep himself safe from the kingdom, his home. Anyone...

  • News and Comits~Newscapepro Fanfiction~Book 1
    7.8K 221 14

    Cory was forced to leave his old home.When he meets his old primary crush how will he react?Will the experiments being done on him affect him?

  • Redney and Mithross Oneshots
    32.1K 990 31

    You can give any recommendations!

  • Marigold
    12 2 2

    My friend said that there isn't that many Marigolds so i'm making one so yeah.

  • Hunger Game slave; A Setosolace and Merome story
    12.2K 421 20

    In this world Jerome and Brice are wild champions in hunger games and every champion needs a slave Mitch and seto have been slaves ever since they could remember when wolds collide will things change?

  • Youtuber One-shots!
    131K 2.1K 35

    Any shipz is welcome! Make sho to read first chaptah peepz! March ooooonnnnn! ~Breh. Breezefictions Copyright 2014 Currently Writind and Editing! :)

  • My little team crafted
    96 3 3

    What happens when team crafted get sucked into my little pony.

  • My Little....What? ( MLP/Team Crafted FF) [Kitteh]
    6.1K 139 6

    Ever wondered what would happen if the one and only Team Crafted got sucked into the magical world of My Little Pony? You're about to have your questions answered.

  • My Little...Team Crafted?!
    258K 8.6K 23

    When Sky, Deadlox, TrueMu, SSundee, Jerome, BajanCanadian and HuskyMudkipz come together to play a parkour map with a mysterious creator, they're sent to a bizzare world, and have to go on a quest to get home. The world they're sent to? Equestria. (Cover art by me :3)

  • Redney oneshots/imagines
    3.4K 90 6

    What the title says, no smut/lemon :p

  • The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet
    123K 3.1K 30

    Completed, Book One. Best Place: #268 in Fanfiction The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet {Good Grammer, Written Hopefully Well!} ••••• When Jessica ran away when she was 17 from her friends, it all changed for her. She started a HighSchool called Phoenix High under the name Aphmau. A few years later when she turns...

  • Lost and Left Behind
    16K 533 22

    Ross has always been bullied until the most intimidating guy in the school stands up for Ross and scares away his bullies. But one day Ross disappeared without a trace. What will happen throughout the story of romance, bullying, and mystery? Did I do good on the description? This is my first actual fanfic so if you sh...

  • I Hate You (Greenflame)
    37.6K 1.1K 20

    We were in eachothers faces, screaming. "Why the fuck do you always have to be such an asshole, why are you so mean to me?!" "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that you should never hurt the "chosen ones" feelings, because he is a fucking little bitch! I can't believe you're the Green Ninja..." I snapped. I slapped Kai. His f...

  • Secrets...Greenfire
    9.8K 471 7

    After Lloyd's parents send him to an all boys boarding school, he befriends Kai, who's hiding a secret that should have stayed hidden. And might get his heart broken along the way... Copyright© 2015 | nerdycliffxrd