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  • Sabrina Petrelli
    616 17 11

    Book 3 to my Sabrina Gray books. After the kids save the world what happens next? Will Peter and Sabrina have another child? Will the twins real father appear causing yet another fight? Is the family still split up? Where do they live? The answers are all in this book. I don't own Heroes or heroes reborn therefore I...

  • The lost girl
    2.1K 58 15

    Kat Hunter is a 16 almost 17 year old girl she lives in London with her mom and abusive step dad. Peter Pan saves her and brings her to Neverland.

  • The "Secret" family
    122 1 11

    A 12 year old boy is on a some what dangerous adventure looking for lost family. If Thomas stops thinking of them of his family his little step sister will disappear. Thomas has to stay on his trail without getting distracted from the people who don't want him to find his family. Once Thomas finds his lost brothers an...

  • Sabrina Gray
    1.5K 21 18

    Read about Sabrina as she continues to battle and over comes things. This story takes place four years after the last book ended. Sabrina and Peter are still together actually they might be engaged... And Claire and Sylar finally got together after Claire got her self in a bit of trouble and Sylar had to save her and...

  • Sabrina Gray
    5.3K 120 15

    Sabrina Gray is the daughter of Gabriel Gray aka Syler. Sabrina doesn't know her father only knows what her mother had written about him in a note that was left when she died a day before Sabrina's first birthday. Sabrina has been passed between foster homes and has almost lost hope in finding her father until one day...