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  • Feather's From Wings - Highschool Destiel AU
    85.8K 3.2K 19

    Just another Destiel/Sabriel au. You have been warned! My first fanfic! And I will hopefully update weekly.

    Completed   Mature
  • Talking Is Overrated - A Destiel FanFiction
    55K 2.7K 10

    Impala67 is typing..... ~~~ Castiel Novak has never spoken a word in his life and he is fine with it. He is in the school shadow and doesn't have any friends but he would rather read in the school library than socialise. He has had a very good and happy life loving with is father and older brother, Gabriel. Dean Winch...

  • Jensen And Misha
    48.8K 1.4K 32

  • Twist and Shout: The Sequel
    7.8K 156 13

    I do not own Twist and Shout and I did not write Twist and Shout. You can read Twist and Shout on Archive of Our Own.

  • Twist And Shout
    1.3M 27.9K 13

    THIS IS NOT MY BOOK!!! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BOOK!!!! The original book Twist and Shout by the author from achiveofourown (Gabriel (AO3)) ALL THE CREDITS GOES TO GABRIEL AND STANDBYME!!

  • Online Ties (Destiel/Sabriel)
    199K 14.2K 26

    What if our four loveable idiots were fanfic writers and that's how they met? Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel were all pretty normal people. At least in their normal lives they were. However each one of them would go home, get out their laptop, and either write or read. Gabriel happens upon the amazing fic of one of hi...

  • Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows [Jensen Ackles + Misha Collins | Cockles | mxm]
    260K 12.6K 51

    Jensen bristles visibly, straightening his back and squaring his shoulders. Looking so appalled that he maybe, possibly, almost kissed his best friend off set. "Fine," he says tersely. "You're right; this is...weird. I obviously need to get some sleep." The hope that bubbled up inside me congeals and sinks to a sour...

    Completed   Mature
  • That's When We Uncover [Jensen Ackles + Misha Collins | Cockles | mxm]
    168K 8.6K 51

    "Damnit, Jensen, listen to yourself - follow your heart? What kind of fucking Disney movie do you think this is-" "That's your problem right there, Mish. You think only Disney characters deserve a happy ending. You're not fair to yourself 'cause you don't think that fairytale shit happens to real people in real life...

    Completed   Mature
  • Play the D, Cas (A Destiel Fanfiction)
    53.5K 1.7K 8

    Student!Cas/Teacher!Dean Castiel Novak stares at his guitar his dad gave him before he left. His sister, Anna, says he should learn how to play. That's when he meets Dean, Castiel's hot guitar instructor. At first, Castiel thinks nothing of it, but eventually his feelings grow stronger for Dean. Will Dean return...

  • online // destiel
    3.6M 192K 163

    Cas is typing ... copyright © officialcastiel highest ranking: #1 in destiel triggers: worst grammar ever and spelling errors

  • offline // sabriel
    373K 20.7K 86

    Sam is typing... sequel for Online // Destiel , so read that one first for a better understanding !!!! copyright © officialcastiel highest ranking: #8 in sabriel triggers: bad grammer & spelling errors

  • Baby Pt. 3
    7K 426 26

  • Baby Pt. 2
    12.5K 696 30

    (Read baby first then come over and read baby pt. 2) Just lots of love. Fluff and smut and its funny sometimes and other timed they get into fights. Read it I will not damage you.

  • Baby
    31.5K 1.2K 31


  • Newborn x2 (Sabriel & Destiel)
    34.6K 2.3K 23

    ( sequel to Newborn ) Dean and Castiel have a teenage daughter named Mary, and now that they have a new house, Sam and Gabriel want to have a child too. But they end up getting two times more than they asked for. ((a sabriel and destiel fanfiction))

  • Newborn (Destiel)
    130K 7K 34

    Dean and Cas are given a newborn baby "by God." But raising a kid isn't as easy as it seems...especially when you're a hunter and an angel of the Lord, living with an archangel trickster and moosey hunter! ((a Destiel fanfiction))

  • Never Let You Go
    69.6K 5.7K 23

    Dean has had just about enough of Sam. Yeah, sure, he went through a break-up, but he's twenty-three for crying out loud! Sam has been driving Dean crazy, he never leaves, he never really moves, and Dean has been wasting away without his boyfriend Cas. Something has to be done. Sam just wants to know what went wrong...

  • Dumb Teenagers (BEING REWRITTEN)
    51K 2K 16

    Destiel & Sabriel High School AU! Dean Winchester. The boy all the girls talk about. (some guys too) When new kid, Castiel Novak hears of this playboy bully's existence, it scares him to his very core. And one day, Dean just so happens to pick Cas to bully.... Warning: Includes violence, teen drama, heart-break, and...

  • Daycare Dilemmas - A Destiel Fanfiction
    36.2K 1.6K 7

    Both Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are single fathers with young daughters and absent mothers. When they meet dropping their children off at the local daycare, they form a fast friendship and even something more. When the harsh realities of pain and suffering effects everyone, their friendship and relationship wil...

  • The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️
    93K 5.8K 51

    In which Sam Winchester develops cancer and is placed in hospital with a roommate by the name of Gabriel Novak, who has a bucket list. ~If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms And if you like having secret little rendezvous If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn't do Then baby I'm perfect for you...

  • The Trickster | Sabriel Highschool AU
    282K 16.9K 25

    Everyone who goes to Redwill High knows of the trickster Gabriel. His antics were legendary among the students, and everyone was always talking about the next big thing he might do. Sam really didn't care much for the gossip. But, he might be forced to when Gabriel's next idea land both him and Sam in detention.

  • How are you here? [Sabriel/Destiel FanFic]
    115K 4.5K 25

    With Gabe “dying" and the War in Heaven, Sam and Dean Have enough to deal with . But after Gabe returns and the Winchesters realize they are... Different. They don't want to tell anyone, not even each other.

  • Snow Never Falls Alone | Sabriel Highschool AU
    67.1K 4.3K 23

    When Gabriel comes to town, Sam's life is turned upside down from the eccentric and...tease of a new neighbor. Still, it doesn't take him long to fall into the sneaky grip of Gabriel's shenanigans, and Castiel might have bit off more than he could chew when he took Gabriel into his home.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sabriel Stories
    57.3K 1.7K 13

    This book is a collection of Sabriel [ Sam x Gabriel ] stories and mainly Sabriel, there might be a few other ships such as Destiel or Samifer mentioned but not a whole book on it.

  • Destiel: University
    43.3K 2.1K 7

    Castiel Novak couldn't think of a worse way to spend his time in England. After ruining everything back in America, Cas decides to start again in London, where he meets his best-friend, who carries a dark secret, and the hottest soul he'd laid his eyes on. Profound bond or not, it was going to be difficult to keep his...

  • Let's Swap for a Change
    86.6K 3.7K 23

    Sam and Dean wake up to find that they have been put into each other's bodies. Little do they know, Cas and Gabriel have been put in the same situation. Bits of Destiel and Sabriel are added in. // Disclaimer: This was the first fanfic I ever wrote and published so I'm sorry.

  • Hopelessly in Love (Destiel/Sabriel)
    20.1K 959 34

    Cas and Gabe have just moved to a new town and a new school. They meet Sam and Dean Winchester but will everything be as they hoped? Disclaimer: I do not own the Supernatural franchise all credit goes to Eric Kripke

  • Rejected
    91.2K 6.3K 29

    Sabriel (SamxGabriel) Supernatural HS AU ~~~ A nerd, a prankster, and a thirst for revenge. After being rejected by their crushes, Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak team up to extract vengeance. Through ping-pong balls, silly string, and spray paint, they make the girls' lives miserable. But soon their friendship turns...

  • A Sabriel Fanfic
    160K 6.8K 22

    Just possibly a fanfic over Sam and Gabriel, no big deal. I hope you enjoy! This characters are not my own, they belong to the show "Supernatural." Have fun reading!

  • Talk to Me | Sabriel AU
    175K 12.4K 26

    When Gabriel hears there's a new kid in town, he's desperate to make a good impression and have one friend through this hell they call school. Instead, he is greeted with a completely silent teen by the name of Sam.

    Completed   Mature