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  • Crazy For You
    65.7K 3.4K 76

    In a creepy and strict asylum of New York is held the most notorious criminals too monstrous for Jail. Being convicted of murders and robberies is Donatello Hamato, the worst of the worst patients at this particular asylum. Next in line is his younger brother Michelangelo Hamato, who's been insane ever since their you...

  • TMNT meets the fangirl
    27.4K 1K 21

    The Turtles find themselves in a new world where they meet one of their fans. A shy girl with an abusive mom, what will they do? And how will they get home?! **completed**

  • Swap
    3.3K 182 5

    Master Splinter decides that the turtles could benefit from a different type of training. Raph-centric.

  • A Brother Brainwashed
    3.3K 139 3

    The Kraang shot Mikey with some kind of weird ray gun and now the youngest turtle is completely brainwashed. Well...almost completely. He knows a few things, and what he doesn't know he figures out. Stuck with the mind of child, Michelangelo forms an attachment to one brother in particular. But what will happen when M...

  • Bully! England x Bullied! Suicidal! Reader- Why Do You Hate Me?
    69.8K 1.6K 6

    You have been bullied for three years years now. Who is your bully? Arthur Kirkland. One day, Arthur takes things a bit too far and you snap. That's when things change. Will they be good changes or will they be bad changes? Read to find out!

  • Ocean's Song (Pirate!England x Reader)
    69.1K 2.8K 24

    I don't see very many "Good" Pirate!England X Reader stories, also there are not very many. By no means am I saying that mine will be good but I hope that it provides a good read. But Hanahaki Disease is here to make your angst day.

  • Hetalia x Reader~ Oneshots!
    6.3K 161 6

    EDIT (2018) : y'all this is old and cringe af. read at your own risk This is a series of Oneshots for the lovely Hetalians out there. Characters with reader-inserts written so far: -America -England -China -2p!America -Canada -Russia Requests so far: -Italy x Reader -Romano x Reader -Prussia x Reader -2p! Italy x Re...

  • The Cat Witch.
    2.9K 109 7

    [Sebastian Michaelis x fem!witch!Reader] genres: drama/mystery/romance Yet another day in late 19th century London for Ciel Phantomhive and his devilish butler, Sebastian. Well, up until a fated kitten picked up by the latter in a dark alleyway turns out to be a witch in disguise.

  • America x Reader: One shot - Sweet Summer Break
    2.4K 89 1

    America x Reader! Yay ~(•3•)~ [Insert cool description here] - Cover art [as well as any other art shown in here] belongs to original artist(s)/owner(s)

  • Not your Marionette
    272 42 7

    this is a stroy about a girl thats lost and has no where to go. a boy takes her in but turns out to be overprotective and demanding. when she asks to leave he holds a tighter grip afraid to loose control, her only choice is to run but she runs straight into the toughest desicion of her life. will she be his Puppet? o...

  • England x Reader: One Shot - The Lovely Bookworm
    7.9K 304 3

    My *not really* first one shot. Please, try to enjoy it ;-; - Cover art [as well as any other art shown in here] belongs to original artist(s)/owner(s)

  • Childhood friends (England x reader story)
    21.8K 1K 19

    Little Arthur and little (y/n) meet one day and became the best of friends until (y/n) moved to a new location. What will happen to the two friends? Will they ever see each other again? Read to find out. The characters and pictures are not mine.

  • Whispers of the Heart (England X Reader)
    14.2K 593 3

    Rain. Nothing but rain fell around outside, pounding against the pavement, splashing up dirt, washing away every muddy/dirty thing away. You find yourself in a slightly filled bookstore drenching from head to toe trying to warm up from being rained on. Recently you and your friend had moved to the city of London and w...

  • CanadaxReader lemon
    2.6K 37 1

    While walking home from a world meeting, (name) runs into a familiar Canadian. She walks home and things get steamy at her house...((;p))

  • Magic~ England x Reader
    14.2K 652 4

    I'd say that England's ultimate weapon was Magic, more precisely Dark Magic. Well, it was, anyway. Until she changed everything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Treasure ( Pirate!England x Reader )
    154K 5.6K 22

    Being kidnapped and forced to be apart of Captain Kirkland's crew, you are promised to never see your beloved country and family again. As you go on adventures with Arthur and his crew, the captain opens up more to you and you soon realize your love for him. * I do not own the pictures or Hetalia *

  • Pirate!England x Princess!Reader A Flying Dove
    65.5K 3.2K 19

    You are a princess, yet you dream of nothing except going out to sea. One day, you get your wish except... you have to dress like a boy. Oh well, just so no one figures out right? Just that, you didn't count on falling in love with your captain...

  • New Girl ~ England x Reader
    12.8K 485 2

    Gauken Hetalia reader insert story. As you have recently moved to a new neighborhood and school, you're the new girl. Your friend introduces you to a boy named Arthur, and you start your journey through Hetalia High.

  • Love The Rain ( England x Reader)
    3.7K 167 1

    At age 19 you decided to take a much awaited trip to London. What happens when you and a certain Brit get in the same taxi? (Hetalia one-shot)

  • Dark Forest (Watty's 2017)
    183K 10.8K 32

    *Now a featured Wattpad story! Zara was never meant to be an outcast. Once upon a time, she was a Red Cape- a member of the respected forest guard. That was before the accident, though. The one that left her partner dead and her to blame. Now expelled from the guard and living a life of shame, all Zara wants is to red...