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  • The Desolation (The Maze Runner)
    127K 2.6K 39

    There is a cure? The cure is in - you. The second girl the Gladers meet in the Scorch, becomes their best chance to get through the city. She might also be Newt's only chance to survive. ~ Featured in the official Wattpad Fanfic Maze Runner reading list ~

  • Collecting Signs
    1.3K 225 6

    "He was my everything. He was a breath of fresh air everywhere he went. He always told me that we would end up together. I never believed him. Until the day he got down on one knee, forever claiming me as his. He was my prince, my knight in shining armor. I never expected him to leave me alone. My heart...

    1.1K 192 10

    Gabe, Evie and Malemo are not only beautiful successful African women but classy, funny and crazy. Bound by their secrets and haunted by their pasts, they all believe in one thing; That all men are pigs!!!! However, nothing can prepare these women to meet each one's very own rich, charming, well-bred 'pig'. Join thes...

  • Under The Sea Book Club
    6.2K 321 32

    From the original support group thread, this book club was created for writers who needed a place to call home. This is a place where you can make friends, gain support, learn from experienced and non experienced writers, get feedback, and all in all become a better writer. Not only will you be able to work on your wr...

  • The Ugly Project(😝Crazy Love Series)
    7.9K 983 29

    Excerpt: - She said,"You may be beautiful, but you are an ugly person on the inside, and that's why you'll never obtain true love and friendship. People like you just because you're good looking. Guys want to get in your knickers, and girls think you would benefit them and that's the only reason you're popular." I kep...

  • Royal Pain ~ Slave to the High Royals
    711K 29K 38

    The day of the end was the start of the beginning for Violetta Simmons. She just didn't know it yet. The War of Blood changed the world forever, changed human destiny so that at the age of 16 every individual must be sold in an auction as a slave to satisfy the vampires. Violet knew that her day had arrived, but she...

  • Interstate Blues
    3.7K 387 44

    Jack Slayer is not normal, and he never will be. All his life, he's tried to ignore the horrible things he sees that no one else ever seems to. But when his oldest brother drags him and his siblings out of bed in the middle of the night for an epic road trip, there's no more pretending. Jack, his two older brothers...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tempest: The Uprising
    9.4K 667 37

    Raised in a time of peace, Dasha is confident in her ability to maintain the prosperity of her people when she finally comes to join the Royal House, but winters are cruel and the gods are harsh. Tragedy strikes the Royal family and an invader from a long forgotten land lies in waiting. Forced from her home, Dasha goe...

  • First Impression
    1K 132 12

    Tessie's life has been pretty good, living alone with her mom and older sister ; no matter how much she disagrees , it's actually way better than what awaits her. When three people suddenly decides to become part of her life , Tessie is thrown into a world she never wanted. 1)Her lovely Dad 2)Her Prince : Daniel 3)He...

  • White Stag (PERMAFROST #1)
    1.5M 78.6K 85

    Don't show fear. Don't attract attention. Don't forget who the monsters are. Those are seventeen-year-old Janneke's three rules to surviving in the Permafrost. Her family is dead, her village burned to the ground, and now she's a slave in a court of merciless goblins. Though her master, Soren, offers her a small spher...

  • Half Blood Luna #Wattys2016
    236K 7.1K 37

    Mature Content 18+ "I got up slowly and walked over to the door, unlocking it and opening it a crack. I peeked out to look at him. He was leaning against the door frame, still in nothing but his shorts. He looked sad. 'What do you want?' I sniffed. 'I want you. I don't care that you're not a full blooded werewolf. I d...

    Completed   Mature