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  • Cold ✔
    17.4M 712K 53

    Highest Rank : #1 in Werewolf Category. When Chriselda stumbles upon the land of the Dawnfall Depths Pack to save her friend, she comes across her mate. She thought that he will run towards her, hold her in his arms and kiss her passionately. But none of these things happen. Her mate doesn't run towards her neither ho...

  • Convergent
    180K 4.3K 47

    The ending of Alligent had me in tears so I said no, no Tris is not dead. She was in a coma.... This book will rotate between the perspectives of Tobias and Tris, now the first chapter is technically Tris, so I will edit that later. Remember I DO NOT OWN THE DIVERGENT STORY OR THE CHARACTERS! Credit goes to Veronica R...

  • The mortal instruments City of Bones
    8.2K 124 3

    In this story Clara is badass and she already knows about herself becoming a shadow hunter , her mother side it's best for to what for the other shadow hunter find her before she goes out in the world and fight off demons but what clara did know was that she was about to meet a group of shadow hunters and her lover. (...

  • Divergent Movie Novel
    1.1K 18 3

    Ever thought of how the movie was like? I watched Divergent, but this might not be 100% accurate. All rights go to Veronica Roth and the movie crew. Please read and comment!

    453 10 1

  • Convergent
    221K 4K 28

    What if you sacrificed everything you love? In this alternate ending and continuation of the best-selling conclusion to the Divergent Trilogy, Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton have one last choice to make. And that choice will either restore or end them. ONE CHOICE WILL RESTORE YOU

  • Desendants
    486 8 1

    There were evil children that turn good and nice

  • Desendants- A Different Ending
    33.6K 1K 23

    Welcome to Auradon. This is a place where anything is possible. Including changing sides. But this time, its very different from the rest. Some are not what they seem. Plans can fail. Some aren't as powerful as people think. But then again, some are worse.

  • Trenda • The Maze Runner
    47.5K 925 23

    What happened after Thomas and Brenda made it to paradise? {takes place after The Death Cure} SPOILERS!!!!!

  • Adopted By The Alpha.
    109K 4.5K 26

    Aurora is 15 years old , he life was perfect until her world came crashing down on her. Her mother died and her father became abusive. Her father beats her if she talks back or even tries to defend her self. Thankfully the neighbor's and school were tired of seeing the marks she gets taken away by the Child Protective...

  • Dark Side (Dark Side Series: Book 1)
    917K 55.3K 34

    Marcy Davins has been a cat person for as long as she can remember. She doesn't like dogs, let alone wolves. But when the pelt of the Talon pack's missing Alpha shows up on her doorstep, she finds herself under investigation by the charming peacekeeper of Connecticut packs, Sheriff Caelan Harlowe. Marcy doesn't want...

  • Insurgent
    33.3K 281 1

  • Once Upon a Time Humor #1
    1.1M 48.3K 209

    BOOK 1 IN OUAT CRACK SERIES! This book is a series of Once Upon a Time Memes, Sayings and Texts Laugh till you can't breathe or even shed a tear Rated PG, Incase of language Highest Ranking Received: #176 in Random (Thanks so much guys!!) (Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the memes)