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  • Resonance (SoMa Fanfic) (Book 1 of 3 in the Resonance series)
    135K 3.9K 30

    After Asura's downfall, Soul, Maka and friends don't have much to do. DWMA is not as active, but Stein still takes full seriousness in the DWMA. After a while, Maka falls for Soul, a new kishin's arrival doesn't help her case either. (I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER IN ANY WAY.) Cover by @EmeliaGreen

  • Manga Recommendations
    238K 2.5K 201

    So here's my manga "recommendations" but more or less just the list of manga that I have read. The majority is shoujo and romance so there's that. Though I'm pretty sure I won't be reviewing them all and I will be saying my own honest, simple, easy, opinion. Some of the mangas will have my opinion but will not due to...

  • Engaged to Natsu Dragneel|NALU
    72.5K 2.7K 35

    Lucy&Lisanna. When Lucy and Lisanna come back from their summer break after their third year attending Fairy Tail Fine Arts Academy, they expect to see the school's heart throb Natsu Dragneel being wicked, like he was the last time they saw him before summer. However, he doesn't he starts helping others, making the fi...

  • ✔ Book 2: Sakura's Final Chapter
    81.5K 2.4K 30

    {Sakura Haruno Fanfiction} No longer is she a Konoha kunoichi, but now an S-rank rogue. Her sacrifice leading others to believe that she is nothing, but a traitor. However, Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata still have hope she will return. The obstacles and journeys she will have to face may be life threatening and dangerous...

  • Rage (Soul eater fanfiction)
    62.4K 1.2K 6

    [COMPLETED] What started as a conversation turned into something horrid. As Maka experiences the first time Soul, her partner goes on a Rampage. His reaction, her fear, and their relationship. This could either start something new or turn things for the worst......

  • The Raven Blossom
    231K 6.6K 37

    Sasuke Uchiha is the new student at Konaha High School. He's your typical dark, brooding, mysterious, anti-social teen who doesn't care much about anyone else until he meets Sakura Haruno and her slightly different friends. Read the defining moments of Sasuke and Sakuras' high school journey full of laughs, love, and...

  • The Song of the Dragons [A Nalu FanFic][Book 1]
    317K 9.5K 50

    SEQUEL IS OUT!!! One year after Natsu left to train. One year after Fairy Tail disbanded. Magnolia was completely destroyed after the battle along with Fairy Tail disbanding. With Magnolia in the process of being built up once again we set our scene. Lucy was walking with her celestial spirit, Plue, along the curb of...

  • Just A Player Who Fell In Love With The Girl He Played With... (Nalu)
    87.4K 2.5K 10

    Natsu Dragneel, is a player who played with girls a lot. (Mostly sleeping with them)He started doing that ever since his girlfriend cheated on him and really hurt him. He met a girl named Lucy Heartfilia and he founds out that she is different from any other girl in Fairy High. They started dating but he also has his...

  • Erased
    10.1K 345 11

    Lucy woke up in a hospital bed, in a hospital room, with people she doesn't even know clustered around her. They be her friends. But she doesn't remember them-she doesn't remember anybody. Natsu, a pink haired boy with a rather spontaneous way of seeing things, claims that she ran out into the street after...

  • Celestial keys
    210K 3.5K 35

    Lucy heartfielia the celestial wizard has finally collected all 12 zodiac keys but team natsu had kicked her out one week before she found the final key. Lucy now a solo wizard is now able to use the final orgin of her power with her new found strengths and a love problem.

  • Jealously (A NaLu fanfic)
    163K 6.1K 31

    Lucy is visited by an old childhood friend, and he gets...friendly with Lucy. Natsu suspects something's up, although the blonde Mage wouldn't listen to him. Natsu knows he's hiding something, sure of it. But he didn't know it'd be this endangers him and the entire Fairy Tail guild. This troubling news throws...

  • Inuyasha and Kagome Elemental Love
    35.5K 1K 16

    Inuyasha never cared for anybody after he's been left and hurt. He transferred to Shikon high from Tama high school. But when he meets a girl who is treated the way he was, will he help her in school or will she push and brush him off like everyone else in that hell of a school?

  • Magia Academy (ON HOLD)
    249 14 3

    What happens when children are born with special abilites and powers? They can't go to regular schools without being able to have full control of their power and not destroy the world. As a result of this a school was created: Magia Academy. ~~◇~~☆~~◇~~☆~~◇~~☆~~◇~~☆~~◇~~☆~~◇~~☆~~◇~~ This is a collaboration between W...