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    i can't let you move on, even though i did. (REIGNS & BELLA)

  • Mine
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    "You belong to me, April. No one can make you feel the way I do. You're mine." WARNING: Nikki G!P

  • Fifty Shades Greener (Laurmani)
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    Laurmani Fanfic based on Fifty Shades Darker. Sequel to Fifty Shades of Green. Lauren G!P

  • WWE Pickup Lines
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    Funny and dirty WWE Pickup Lines by me, enjoy. Cover: @balorbabe

  • creative team [ W W E ]
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    note to self; never write about the bosses son-in-law having an affair. another note to self; never actually have an affair with the bosses son-in-law.

  • Fifty Shades of Green (Laurmani)
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    [COMPLETED] Laurmani fanfic based on Fifty Shades of Grey Pt. 1 The more votes and comments I get the faster I'll update (G!P)

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    ❝ ANGEL ❞ i will do with you as I please, I will fuck you like a toy, I will spank you, but at the end I will protect you and cherish you, because you're my treasure -daddy

    Completed   Mature
  • One In A Milyon 4: A King's Queen (Urban Fiction)
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    In the fourth installment of the 'One in a Milyon' series, Milyon Carter faces most challenging times. While her newly wed husband, Cartier King is facing federal charges, along with Maceon Carter. No one can be trusted. As a kings queen, Milyon must overcome her heartache and grief due to the absence of her husband a...

  • WWE Photos and Gifs 3
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    Photos and Gifs {ALL WWE RELATED} cover taught by @sethsus

  • Thou Shall Not • book two
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    *Sequel to What He Doesn't Know.* "Go get in the car Joelle." I say to her as I stormed up the stairs. "You are not fucking taking my daughter away from me Naomi!" I immediately heard him shout as his footsteps follow me. "I damn sure ain't leaving her hear with you!" I shout at him as I swung open the door to my r...

  • Facts About Me
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    ✨ The world of Bri ✨

  • Girls Like Girls
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    MUTLI-SHIP; in which 4 women struggle with starting (and maintaining) a relationship. cover by: @gadots

  • WWE Photos and Gifs 2
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    Photos and Gifs {ALL WWE RELATED} cover taught by @sethsus

  • What He Doesn't Know • book one (complete) (AU)
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    Warning: Strong Mature Content. "Two more please." I said to the bartender as I as I finished off my fourth drink. "Two sir?" He asked me, "Don't you think you've had enough?" "Who's paying who here?" I slurred as I glared at him. He sighed, but nodded and went to go retrieve what I asked. 'How could I let this...

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  • Everlasting [Seth/Kaitlyn]
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    Rewrite of Two Toned Friendship.

  • Who Is The Killer? 2
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    She has lost her mind. She completely lost her mind, just because of dreaming about such a gruesome murder party. She had dreamed of attending a wealthy man's birthday, hoping to spend it with her boyfriend and friends and have such a great time. But things turn sour as she realizes that someone has been murdering eve...

  • My Happy Ending
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    Part 3 to my Abusive Affair series. brandon & camille's happy ending❤️ or so we thought.

  • Dominate Desires. (Roman Reigns)
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    Evangeline has accepted that being with Roman won't be easy. He doesn't show his love like any other man, but she's willing to learn his ways. Through hardships and trials, their new relationship will test everything she thought she knew about love and obedience. Word from author: Most of the story will be private I...

  • Abusin' Ain't Dead.
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    1 year later, Camille has graduated and is about to start college. Life was rough in Cali, but she managed. Blue still looks out for Camille and looks at her as his little sister. But will all this change when Camille founds out a heartbreaking truth. Read & Find Out ❤️

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  • Yes, Mr. McMahon.
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    Shane McMahon, the new CEO and owner of WWE after his father dies. Shane feels empty after his wife left him for the authority's top guy, Seth Rollins. His ex wife married Seth and ever since then Shane hasn't been the same. What shane does to forget about his ex wife of many years is work, work, work. Reagan Ramirez...