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  • The Neko And The Human (Discontinued)
    18.7K 693 10

    Jack is a neko who is living and taking care of a young man and his girlfriend. Mark is a human who lives on his own making videos and uploading them to YouTube. When they meet Jack is childish while Mark is more mature. When Mark ends up missing Jack tries to find out what happened. Will the Jack the neko find Mark o...

  • The Beautiful Bully (Septiplier)
    73.9K 2.9K 38

    Sean/Jack is a bully victim at his new school. He is depressed and sad. Yet there is one particular bully that catches his eye. Of course he's a bully, but he's also gorgeous. His name is Mark. ----- Mark is a bully. There is a kid he bullies, his name was Sean, Mark doesn't like bullying him, but he'll get bullied...

  • Kik ↔ Septiplier ✔
    462K 20.6K 88

    "You're so cute! What is your name?!" "Um, who the hell are you?" A Septiplier fanfic. Started: June 11, 2016 Finished: Sep. 5, 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • Septiplier universe
    4.7K 151 13

    A Steven universe septiplier au Inspired by the popular crystal grumps au (Green is jacks name as a homeworld gem)

  • Fallen Angel
    39.2K 2.5K 16

    When demons took over the Earth, humans were made as their personal slaves. Humans had to do everything the demons say, even if it means that they could be killed. Some, like Markiplier, are on their last shred of hope, ready to give up. What he doesn't know is that through all the pain and torture, there's a fallen...

  • Message Sent
    694K 27K 100

    Markiplier: hey babe Jacksepticeye: um.... who are you? Markiplier: Mark? Jacksepticeye: wrong user bro Markiplier: well shit. Message Sent - completed series - 20,828 words first book in the 'message' series lowercase intended septiplier boyxboy other ships may be included such as ryan&matt (supermega) and felix&ke...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty And The Freak [Septiplier]
    42K 1.5K 22

    Pastel!Mark x Punk!Jack High School AU "I've gotten use to people calling me names and pushing me around, but it still hurts. But what hurts even more is when they hurt him. He doesn't deserve that pain, he's an angel. With his love for pastel colors, his pink hair, and his various flower crowns, he's just so pure. It...

  • The Brighter Side || Septiplier
    15.2K 832 7

    [This was my first book, the plot is trash and makes no sense compared to my other books. Just a heads up:)] Sean McLoughlin decided to go to America to move in with his best friend-and major crush-Mark Fischbach. Just a few days in to living with him, and Jack realised that it was probably a bad idea, now having str...

  • Dating a Septiplier Shipper
    32.6K 2.8K 35

    Mark: "I have waited to ask you this, but..." Mark: "will you go out with me?" Girlfriend: "But I'm not Jack McLoughlin tho." -Or- Where Mark is dating a septiplier shipper.

  • My Deepest Fear (Septiplier)
    5.3K 158 21

    My good friend Jasmine (frosted_shadows) started this story a looong time ago and when I proposed turning it into a septiplier she loved the idea and so I'm gonna write the rest but she's gonna edit it so enjoy! Mark thought his relationship was perfect. He thought that him and Aaron were meant to be! That they would...

  • High school Fiasco (SEPTIPLIER)
    94K 4.2K 75

    Highschool. What could be worse then that...? How about going to a brand new school? Put both of those together and you have Sean Mcloughlin. Or Jack as he prefers, is going to a brand new school as an exchange student coming from Ireland. Lucky for him the guy who shows him around the school just happens to become hi...

  • He helpped me in life? [SEPTIPLER]
    14.6K 535 10

    jack lives in a small village and has 2 kids that are twins and also goes to high school. Mark the kid who bullies him then finds out of jacks secret.....

  • My American Idiot ~ Septiplier
    96.7K 5.6K 32

    HighschoolAU Sean, known as Jack by his Ma, was the new guy in school after moving to America from Ireland. Everyone avoided him, even the teachers kept their distance, claiming he practically radiated trouble. In this town, everything new was seen as something dangerous and threatening. Sean tried to stay away from t...

  • Message Delivered
    307K 11.7K 131

    Jacksepticeye: I saw your latest video Jacksepticeye: I'm still so sorry Jacksepticeye: I'm glad you found someone new. Jacksepticeye: I'm glad you're happy. Message Delivered - completed series - 22,230 words second book in the 'Message' series lowercase intended septiplier boyxboy other ships may be included such a...

    Completed   Mature
  • pride boy ( septiplier )
    43.5K 2.1K 8

    Felix invited Mark and his friends to go to a gay pride with him, his boyfriend Cry and Crys friend Jack. Mark has never met Jack but Felix is determined to set his american friend up with the irishman in hopes of them coming together and finding there soul mates. will Felix be right about Mark and Jack making an amaz...

  • Superhero Secret - Septiplier
    156K 7.7K 31

    Mark and Jack are your seemingly normal college roommates, until the nights roll around. With power that human nature can't describe, they have to dodge questions and the arched eyebrows of confusion from eachother to keep their secret safe. This story was inspired by an AU- "Two characters are roommates and are hidin...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Prince (Septiplier)
    48.7K 2.5K 14

    Prince Mark Fischbach would do anything to live as a townsperson, but how far is he willing to go? Scruffy country boy Sean would do anything to meet the prince and to get inside the palace, but at what cost?

  • My little Irish goofball
    64.8K 3.2K 43

    Wow the ship is dead but here we go.

  • Young Love
    35.6K 1.5K 11

    Jack is the new kid. He lives in a foster home and is constantly bullied. But he gets lucky in some way that I'm not gonna spoil because #spoilersarebad

  • The truth shouldn't hurt
    13.3K 444 18

    Mark is not okay. Jack wants to make him okay. Mark hates everything. Jack want to spread his love. Mark thinks the ocean is full of pity. Jack wants him to see the truth. And know that it shouldn't hurt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kik ♧ Septiplier
    212K 11.6K 57

    *completed* It all started with one message... --- Mark and Jack were both matched on Match & Chat in Kik. They only started as friends. But they soon will grow into something more. --- (There is smut along the way, not all is text based, and features Dark and Anti for a short time)

    Completed   Mature
  • Kik ≫ septiplier
    474K 25.3K 45

    "but hey you're cute" "thank you i guess?" "you're welcome ;)" "don't wink at me" ";););););)" "oh god" or where jack accidentally texts mark and decides to get to know him better, in reality, jack can't seem to get the poor boy off his mind [HIGHEST RANK: 37 in Fanfiction] ~ 9-27-16

  • «Kik» «Septiplier»
    47.3K 2.2K 24

    Please don't judge me cause im a german boy and my Englisch isnt that good but i hope you like my First Septiplier Fanfiction :3

  • Someone Like You ( septiplier)
    1.6K 72 57

    "I've never thought I would ever meet someone like you"

  • kik || septiplier [DISCONTINUED]
    54K 3K 30

    highest rank: #910 in fanfiction markimoo is typing... - PLEASE READ: Please do not read this story, it's fucking terrible. I wrote it when I was a cringey twelve year old. I don't even like Mark and Jack anymore. I hate this story with a passion and I want to kill myself every time I get emails about it, yet I can...

  • That Summer Day (A Septiplier Fanfic)
    3.6K 146 13

    Jack, he wanted to go to America after high school and check out colleges instead of being in Ireland. He wanted a fresh start, so he thought America would be the place. Mark, he graduated high school with honors. His parents expect him to be a successful person. Graduating college, having a good career, and then sett...

  • High School
    88.3K 1.8K 14

    Let's follow Mark and Jack's relationship in high school together. There is going to be bullying in here so I'm warning you now. There probably will be other ships in here

    Completed   Mature
  • Project Anti ~ Antiseptiplier
    109K 4.6K 44

    "My Master piece!, It's more perfect than Dark!" Warning! Gore, Smut, torture described in gruesome details. Special thanks to: @Sam_The_Non_Great For helping with the story!.

  • Snippets of the past
    11.9K 609 7

    Cover made by jojojojomo "Nothing is real Nothing is true Everything is false Just like all of you!" Mark screams this, over and over, covering his ears, trying to block out the shouts from the other side of the glass. He feels a hand on his shoulder, and turns around. There, staring back at him, is the man who...