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    in which Erica Parker escapes Mount Weather, and lands right in the middle of a war between peoples, finding romance along the way. "Love is not weakness, Lexa. Love is strength. The people you love give you the power to succeed, to protect them when they need it. When you stop caring, that's when you have nothing to...

  • Nightbloods ⇉ [clarke griffin]
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    ❝A Blackblood whom the spirit selects. None but the spirit can guide. None but the one chosen by the spirit can rule.❞ Kato, is what the mountain men call a 'savage' but her people call a warrior. The rare black blood running through her veins could one day put her in charge of the twelve clans but also left her in ch...

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    𝙩𝙝𝙚 100 𝙜𝙞𝙛 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨. the ground that's the dream

  • Amnesia | Bellamy Blake | hiatus.
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    → They've promised that dreams can come true but forgot to mention nightmares are dreams too. -EE. |Extended summary inside| S2

  • Arrow | Bellamy Blake | disc.
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    ❝Arden you've changed. You killed someone innocent, you don't trust anyone but yourself, you run with the wolves and you're in love with the leader of the sky people. What happened to my innocent little sister?❞Lexa frowned down upon the bloody brunette, upset about another thing she had just done. ...

  • Bellarke
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    Bellarke oneshots/ what are basically minifics.

  • AEGIS ☆ b.b
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    THE HUNDRED - he was the moon, trying so desperately to light up the dark sky. and she was the stars, trying so intensely to let him know he wasn't alone in the darkness. Bellamy Blake x oc Season 1- ??

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    Just a rant book where all I do is complain. DISCLAIMER This is literally all of my opinions. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. Thank you!

  • Born to Die » Bellamy Blake [Book One]
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    "It's like a hurricane; therefore you can't stop it, you endure it." In a post - apocalyptic world, thousands of those apart of the human race continue to reside in a space station called The Ark. A place where several different countries came together to create a place where they can all live in peace until E...

  • overdrive • bellamy blake
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    ❝give me faith and i won't leave❞ We were born in space. We were expendables, none of us really mattered; not to anyone anymore. Our home wasn't home, it was a ship of metal and dust. So when we are cast away and left to die, what reason did I have to be brave down here? Our mission was to find a new home but what if...

  • Up in Flames » Bellamy Blake [Book Two]
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    [Sequel to Born to Die] "Princess isn't going down without a fight." Olivia Ross is a completely different person than she was only months prior as a prisoner on the Ark, but now she's no longer a convict. She's on the ground, she made it to Earth. Reunited with her twin brother, Ashton, it seemed like nothing could s...