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  • Themes
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    ♡ Ⓦⓔ ⓗⓔⓐⓡⓣ ⓘⓣ ⓢⓔⓐⓡⓒⓗⓔⓢ ♡ Ⓟⓘⓒⓣⓤⓡⓔⓢ ♡ Ⓣⓗⓔⓜⓔ ⓘⓓⓔⓐⓢ ♡ Ⓘⓒⓞⓝⓢ ♡ Ⓠⓤⓞⓣⓔⓢ ⓔⓣⓒ •Disclaimer: I do not own any content in this book.

  • ♡heartbreak♡
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    @ELYXIONED for the last chapter of the book! It's the main/overall point of this book, and it's really important. Please read it there♡

  • sociopath • yixing
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    ❝Yixing, you're home!❝ A kiss on the lips. Jiye loves Yixing so deeply and unconditionally like the universe in which she is only a small peck of matter. Was it his superficial charm, his feigned compassion or his poor control over himself that made her fall in love with the man who was incapable of love? She could ne...

  • Ulzzang Men
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    Ulzzang men on Instagram Ig: ulzzang_men Rank in Random #217 Other rankings: Japanese #5 Ulzzang #5

  • Lose Control [Lay]
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    "What happens when you lose control?" - Jangmi "Well, I probably won't let you sleep throughout the night." - Yixing Lee Jangmi gets to work as an assistant of Zhang Yixing, an executive director of the Zhang company.

  • Yixing X You -- Imagines + Scenarios!
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    - Cute/smutty types of imagines and scenarios of dating or being with Yixing. Please comment anything and vote! Feel free to request!❣️

  • My world (a Sulay ff)
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    Greenville high school is your average high school. There are the regular cliques that you see every day. But the most famous person is Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing is the school most know playboy. You see he didn't ask to be the playboy of the school. All he did was reject a girl because he already has his eyes on...

  • Most Beautiful Moment in Life (Short Story)
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    [R16] Completed

  • themes !
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    i'm a mess but at least these themes aren't

  • now we meet again
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    A girl is saved by a boy during a tragic accident of a cruise sinking. Years later she meets someone familiar to the brunette boy who saved her. Maybe she will reunite once again with her life saver.

  • Broken // Bughead
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    After Jughead Joins the serpents, things don't go to well for him. He isolates himself and pretends not to exist, when the one person he though wishes he wasn't there really wishes he was...

  • my book of randomness
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    just a book full of random things

  • Horrible Puns (Sulay ff)
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    Where a couple consisting of one dork making horrible puns, while the other questions why he's in love with that dork. Come join this weird love story of Kim Junmyeon and Zhang Yixing. Sulay are such dorks ================================================================================ I suck at description, sorry if...

  • Themes
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    Themes for: Covers or anything else. -Rose Gold -Golden -Beige -Purple -Pastel -Pink __________________ -Emma

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    Paige Dee was forced to move into a different house wherein she met twelve mysterious boys who were siblings. She wasn't welcomed warmly and to top it all off she was forbidden to come near the youngest member of the household --Sehun. However that did not stop her. She was stubborn enough that she still insisted on...

  • we hate kpop
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    kpop sucks, here's why.

  • kpop memes & jokes
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    These are just jokes of kpop. Please enjoy!!! *all credits to rightful owners Amazing cover by my friend who deleted wattpad ): love you Julia♡

  • ~♡Samie♡~
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    bio about me, I guess. I've seen bios on a lot of people's accounts on here. so I guess it's a thing... I'm bored so why not? meh let me know if there's something ya wanna know... tbh this has turned into more of a jurnal that others can view XD. opps. {credit to who ever drew the pic in cover.}

  • Outcast (Zhang Yixing)
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    He was known as the weirdo, loser etc. He tried to fit in he thought he was alone. Yixing suffers from depression and anorexia. He thought he had no one until she came along but not everyone gets a happy ending do they? Live the life of Zhang Yixing through a diary he wrote before he gave up see all that he lov...

    Completed   Mature
  • Growing Up Black & in the Hood
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    Just a bunch of stuff you went through as an African American child growing up (OR IF YOU GREW UP IN THE HOOD). This is not considered ESPECIALLY for black people, because there's like that small percentage of other races relating to these. But for now, I'm gonna say "Growing Up Black & in the Hood". I didn't make up...

  • The Bio
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    you might die.

  • Stranger's Spell
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    What would you do if you practically ran into your soul mate? Valerie Gallo is a shy girl from Central City, Nebraska. She keeps to herself most of the time and she can paint really well, so well she received a full ride scholarship to Hunter College half way across the United States. The college is located in the h...

  • About Me
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    its about me

  • Lay, My One and Only (Book Two)
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    They've been through a lot together. Their love is in separable. They're even engaged. They were planning for their wedding, until Karrera got a call from their manager. Just as they were about to have their wedding, now Karrera has to go on tour for almost half a year. Not only that, but a lot more drama will stir up...

  • Lay, My One and Only
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    Yixing...the most perfect person your boyfriend? WHAT? How did that happen? Your brother is Tao from EXO. He's the greatest brother in the world...which means he's the most overprotective, too. Now you're in a secret relationship with Zhang Yixing...and it's not an easy secret to maintain. A...

  • 365 Days with You. 당신과 함께 3백65일. (EXO Fanfiction)
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    An Exo Fanfiction story. " Tell me.. Is this what love is all about?.. "